A Cosmological Perspective – 4

India’s tumultuous road to Centre-hood
Part I

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
July 2014
© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet 2014

1975 marked a formidable turning point in the life of newly-independent India. History records it as perhaps the period of greatest threat to the fledgling democratic system adopted at the time the British Raj came to an end. That apart, the new Indocentric Cosmology sees 1975 – and more particularly the Emergency declared by the then prime minister Indira Nehru Gandhi – in a different light. Certainly there were threats of a very serious nature, but these were not only of a conventional sort as the surface phenomena would cause us to believe. Beneath the surface great forces were engaged in a global struggle to arrest the forward movement of India to express, for herself and for the world, the new and unique way she is destined to introduce. The threat was precisely to send her on a path that would cement the old rather than the new. These were forces that were unsuccessful at usurpation during World War II (see A Cosmological Perspective 3). With India as an independent nation, their efforts were this time more direct.
As the third member of the Lunar Line (see The New Way, Volumes 1&2, Aeon Books, 1981 regarding the Solar and Lunar Lines), Indira Gandhi could only follow the path her birth as a part of the Line had established. Ostensibly this was an affront to democracy; however the full story was another. The Emergency, temporary as it was meant to be, served to keep the movement going forward that India was spearheading for the world, using the only means possible at that immature state of the nation’s polity, given the totality of conditions prevailing and the personality traits of the then political leaders. For the fact remains that the contours of that new way had not yet been fully formulated, much less cemented in the nation’s time fabric by the lived collective experience.
Inertia is the tool to impede that fulfilment. In other words, to arrest or thwart the forward direction by securing that secondary concerns would become all-consuming while the greater purpose or dharmic duties are subsumed by peripheral issues. This too has its value as a strategy during a certain preparatory period. What was being prepared for India was then barely in its initial stages, though to be noted is that in 1971 an acceleration had set in to bring the nation to the threshold of monumental changes for herself and for the world. While civic liberties were thwarted, the need of the hour was to combat Inertia by the means then available, as a temporary measure, the imposition of which would ultimately be to strengthen the polity in a manner consistent with the new manifestation for India: with maturity of the polity, never more would such drastic measures be required.
Much of the labour was done behind the scenes, as it were, in dimensions that the ordinary human eye cannot perceive. The forces that sought to divert India from her mission had to be dealt with by yogic means. These are not the topic of this analysis but are noted only to convey something of the deeper levels of energy organisation that effect the outer strata significantly, such as prevailed in the country in the first half of the ennead 1971-1980, which caused a state of emergency to be declared.
To this end there is a division of labour, shall we say, known to Bharat for millennia but never so meticulously planned and cared for in its unfolding and services rendered as in this 9th Manifestation. Briefly, two ‘lines’ have been operating to carry the unfolding of certain higher destiny patterns to fulfilment. In the new cosmology they are called Solar and Lunar Lines. In this discussion of the Emergency and connected matters, we are concerned only with the Lunar – that is, with the visible, external workings; occulted activities, determining as they may have been and continue to be, belong to the Line of the Sun and have been presented in detail elsewhere and need not detains us here (see The New Way, Volumes 1-3, Aeon Books). In the distant past these ‘lines’ manifested separately, as the nation’s epics inform us, with Sri Ram being of the solar and Sri Krishna appearing many years later of the lunar. They were known as dynasties in those times.
In our Age they are contiguous because the 9th Manifestation completes a linear process which is now experienced spherically: In the Age of Supermind convergences of peripheral developments take place, bringing more rapid gains because of the simultaneity now possible, such as the overlapping work of the Solar and Lunar Lines. The goal is to reach the point where so-called negative methods will no longer be required to fulfil destiny. But that goal still remains to be attained in full. However, what has been achieved since 1971 is that positive AND negative serve the purposes of the centre, of the One, and are openly seen to do so. In other words, there is only one Dharma and everything that transpires under the control of Mahakal serves its purposes.

The Gnostic Circle, master key of destiny   
I began this series late in 2013. The first three parts followed one upon the other in December of that year. But this fourth and final portion had to be set aside to await developments in the nation that would provide the effective proof of what I seek to convey. For the first three parts I presented my Map of the 12 Manifestations as a background ‘canvas’ for the analysis. Aspects of the two World Wars of the last century were analysed on that backdrop to view those painful happenings in a very different light, one that would reveal their true purpose in the global unfolding. It was shown how each War played itself out according to the harmonies displayed in the Map, influenced by the then prevailing temporal rhythms. Regarding the topic under discussion, a different map-diagram must be used to bring greater clarity to the analysis, just as the Map of 12 had done. This time it is the Gnostic Circle as background canvas (below), whose 12 o’clock point is the onset of the new year according to the universal calendar in use throughout the world. In this instance it would be 1971 (=9) from which 0/9 point we begin the cycle of 9 years, until we complete the full measure of nine years/orbits and reach the start of the cycle again.  This is done on the basis of what I call the mathematics of unity – i.e. 1971=18=9, 1972=1, and so on.
The facts to follow are necessary technical details which may not be to the liking of many readers. Nonetheless, I am obliged to spell them out, failing which this analysis cannot proceed further. Briefly, this is how the Gnostic Circle operates. There are two divisions of the 360 degree circle superimposed on each other: 9 and 12. The 9 are the planetary orbits extending from the Sun (0) to Pluto (9) in their sequential order; the latter is the division of the ecliptic into the 12 signs of the zodiac. These two divisions are found in the innermost white area; the 9 planetary orbits are closer to the centre, the 12 signs in the next. (The coloured circles thereafter are simply further divisions of same 360 degree backdrop; they are not relevant to the analysis under discussion.) The time factor is captured in the planetary orbits  –  that is, each orbit is either a year or a day or an hour, as the case may be, based on the Vedic laws of Equivalency and Correspondence. Regarding the year, one round of the circle equals 9 years/orbits; added to the first round of 9 is another making 18, then 27, 36, and so on. In each cycle of 9 the horizontal 12 are ‘experienced’, in this manner wedding Time and Space in a unique applicable paradigm.

The Gnostic Circle
The Gnostic Circle, Aeon Books, 1975

 In contrast to the prevalent notion of planetary ‘influences’ regarding traditional astrology, the Gnostic Circle simply describes the role of harmony as experienced through the Earth’s evolutionary process. That is, life on Earth is tailored to these orbital harmonies which become tangible through the realisation of Oneness.
This ‘canvas’ was discovered in the mid 1970’s. The book of the same name was first published in August of 1975 (The Gnostic Circle, Aeon Books), just after the declaration of Emergency. The Gnostic Circle of the new cosmology makes it clear that at the time the Emergency was declared (1975=4), the world was passing through a section of the time-wheel corresponding to the orbits of Mars (4) and Jupiter (5), its nadir or lowest section. In the heavens what we find located between the fourth and fifth orbits is the Asteroid Belt. Since that section does not house a planet as such, it is known as the 4.5 Orbit, or the halfway point of the 9-year cycle. The Emergency was declared exactly as the world entered the Asteroid Belt (in Gnostic Time), the third such passage for the new India according to the spatial harmonies and temporal rhythms of the solar system, the patterns of which are reflected in the Gnostic Circle,
In a sense, the effect that this passage has in an individual’s life – for the Gnostic Circle is valid both individually and collectively – is to separate the wheat from the chaff. If the upward journey through the Circle is to be completed one cannot succumb to Inertia through ‘escapist’ tactics. These include techniques in spiritual practices which carry practitioners apparently out of the cosmic manifestation – in the Gnostic Circle this would be through the exit channel (the ‘void’) provided by 4.5 Orbit. The reader’s attention is drawn to its innermost structure where connecting lines between the planetary orbits are drawn; in esoteric schools the resultant diagram is known as the Enneagram. To be noted is the visual impact of the Enneagram, revealing that the pattern drawn by its lines points to the 4.5 Orbit; this is either the birth channel, or the escape route; it indicates the solemn choice the seeker is presented with during this passage. By holding material creation to be an illusion and ‘liberation’ to be ‘beyond time and space’, for instance, the remainder of one’s experience lived in time (as perforce it must be until we die) is undermined:  the concentrated energy generated in the spiritual realiser is withheld from the process that can impact evolution positively, thereby decreasing the store required for the transformation so urgently demanded if conditions on our planet are to be changed.
Other less lofty techniques are drug abuse, so rampant in societies the world over, coupled with many other psychological crutches and buffers to avoid a conscious and more responsible participation in the evolution.  After more than 2000 years of these various escapist methods, are we surprised at the depleted and ravaged condition of our planet and the rapid disappearance of her wonderfully diverse species?  These tendencies burden the human being with ‘excess baggage’ so to speak. To lighten the burden during the 4.5 passage, hardened crusts and stifling habits need to be shattered and dissolved, visually displayed by the actual Asteroid Belt. Once we have entered this magical time-wheel that is the 365-day journey of the Earth around the Sun (at the time of birth for the individual), and once we have accepted to follow the Sun and to complete the circle’s upward movement, rather than opt for the escape route, we can experience life more consciously by shedding veils that cloud the Truth-Consciousness. This heightened awareness comes through the rhythm the Sun establishes for the Earth – that is, on the power of its 9’pulsations’.
In the 1970’s scientists discovered that the luminary has a ‘pulsation’ of exactly one in every 2 hours and 40 minutes – totalling 9 in our Earth day of 24 hours – also referred to as an oscillation. That this should be such an exact measurement, on the order of a similar exactitude enabling eclipses to occur, it ought to inspire awe and even reverence in the hearts and minds of Earth’s inhabitants. However, this exactitude was not enough to encourage scientists to probe deeply into the mechanics and perhaps function of this mysterious pulsation. It seems to have been put aside and placed in the box already brimming with the conundrums left unexplained by Science.
From the perspective of the New Way, the exact 9 solar pulsations in 24 hours indicate that creatures born on Earth bear the stamp of 9 in their cells and in every dimension of their consciousness-being. This rhythm is one of our most intrinsic and essential harmonies. As individuals or as a collectivity we are destined to give it expression in an ever-increasing degree the higher up on the ladder of evolution we go. To this end the first prerequisites are the number system India gave to the world, 0 to 9, and the current universal calendar based on the Equinoxes and Solstices. The two combined and now employed across the globe indicate the advanced position we now occupy on the ladder. Along with other facts gleaned from the eternal spring of this specialised Knowledge, the indication is that India’s role in this expression is central. In the comity of nations she plays the role of the Sun, therefore setting this pulsation of 9 abroad across the globe as she moves through the cycles guided by the Time-Spirit. From this central ‘pulse’ the rest of the nations receive sustenance, provided India has taken full and conscious possession of her centre-hood.

(To be continued)


The Future Realisation Video Series

Q&A with PNB, Aurodhan Art Gallery, Pondicherry, 27 Feb 2014

Below is a list of links to The Future Realisation Exhibit Video Series, featuring footage and Q&A with Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet from the exhibition which took place 9-27 February 2014 at Aurodhan Art Gallery in Pondicherry. The exhibition was a presentation 'connecting the Supramental Gnosis of the Mother to the Vedic Age' and featured the sacred measurements given by the Mother regarding the Inner Chamber of her Temple, from 31 December 1969 to 17 January 1970. The videos discuss the significance of these sacred measures in terms of the Supramental Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the fact that these measures were not employed in the building of the Auroville Matrimandir.

These videos will also be posted on Sri Aurobindo Ashram Cover-Up Exposed Facebook page as well as The Future Realisation Facebook page.


The Future Realisation exhibit - A Video Introduction

An extraordinary video discussing


In January of 1970 the Mother, who, together with Sri Aurobindo, opened the way for the supramental Truth-Consciousness to become established in the Earth’s evolutionary matrix, made the most significant breakthrough of the age. She entered the solar world and saw there a chamber which in sacred architecture encapsulated the entire process of supramentalisation for both individual and collectivity. As never before recorded in the annals of the sacred sciences, the Mother then drew up a plan of the chamber with very precise measurements for its construction in our world of time and space. This left an indelible imprint: the chamber’s exact contours and geometry can never be erased from the matrix after her act of measuring.

In the video Aeon Centre of Cosmology offers, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, its director, discusses for the first time the machinations that for 44 years succeeded in hiding from the public the most extraordinary accomplishment ever recorded in the sacred sciences. In her introductory comments to Aeon Centre’s new series entitled, The Future Realisation, she reveals all the details of this sordid cover-up.

The Mother’s original plan with its gnostic content was recently presented at Aurodhan Art Gallery in Pondicherry (9-27 February 2014), in an exhibition of the same name. Attendees were astonished to learn for the first time of the Mother’s accomplishment, and, moreover, that it had been hidden so successfully for decades.

Why was this cover-up done? Because in the highest tradition of the sacred arts, the Mother had ‘written’ in the chamber’s measurements the details of the continuity of the Supramental Line and the fulfilment of Sri Aurobindo’s mission. His followers, those to whom this knowledge would matter the most, must never know the truth.

We invite all who understand the value of the Supramental Manifestation for the Earth to follow this series and to assist in whatever way deemed appropriate to right this unconscionable wrong. The supramental Solar Line continues, in spite of all attempts by vested interests to hide this fact.


An exhibit of the Mother's superlative vision of sacred architectural form in Pondicherry, Southern India, February 2014


A Cosmological Perspective - 3

The time-bound necessity of War

[Link to Part 1 or Part 2]

 Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
18 December 2013

It is reasonable to question how another conflagration of global proportions could have occurred so close on the heels of the Great War, which ought to have brought an end to the choice of war for all times to come. It is reasonable to believe that the horrors of the First World War were such as to have left imprints on the collective psyche rendering impossible such options. And yet, the Second World War, in the cosmological perspective, was as inevitable as the First, though it obeyed a very different agenda. The former was a process of withdrawing energies to serve a cosmic purpose, when the time for dissolution had arrived; the Second World War obeyed laws attendant on a creative thrust that was to sustain the forward drive into the Aquarian Age.
I pointed out that 12 years had transpired from the beginning of the First World War to the onset of the Age of Aquarius in 1926. Similarly, 12 years after civilisation had crossed the border between the first two Ages of the 9th Manifestation an equal number of 12 would pass and we would find ourselves in the throes of yet another global conflict of even greater proportions.
Readers will calculate that the War started in 1939 and not 1938 – or 13 years from the time-border and not 12. However, an event occurred in early 1938 that made not only inevitable the new war but it also determined the shape it would take. This is not the place to provide facts to support this statement, except to state that a gap was left in the time-fabric of the flow of the Ages that was akin to an invitation to forces of different persuasions to fill. The mechanics of the operation are mathematical; I have provided these details again and again over the years – primarily in The New Way, Volumes 1-3. Here I wish to state only that the 1938 event opened the possibility of a very different Earth – a NEW Earth, to borrow the scriptural phrase (‘A new Heaven and a new Earth’). Not to be overlooked, however, is the fact that together with the new Earth there was the eagerly anticipated new Heaven. I know of no other branch of higher knowledge except the truth-conscious Supermind of our times that has been able to explain the meaning of a new Heaven – factually, applicably – because in the assessment of all philosophies and spiritual paths, ‘heaven’ would mean the spiritual realm removed from the material which, in their opinion, is unchanging, static and eternal, and therefore could not be ‘made new’. These are the qualities that they feel distinguish spirituality from ‘all that moves’ which would therefore be impermanent and hence of questionable value in any higher process of self-perfection. Permanence versus impermanence became fixed on a pole of tension at the onset of the 9th Manifestation that could never be reconciled. To do so would require the new cosmology of Supermind.

India as Centre-Soul

From 1926 onward India would be the focus of both the new Earth and the new Heaven, though unknown to all. If one were to exclude the descent of the Supramental Knowledge, with all that it entails, we would have to believe that whatever was planned for India by way of centreship for the 9th Manifestation has failed. On the surface India presents a grim picture. She is burdened not just by over a billion people but more significantly by the weight of a history that dates back thousands of years and has been carried over into the present in an unbroken line; and for a very specific purpose, I might add. Contrast this with the United States of America, a nation that from its earliest years disengaged itself from the past – a situation that has allowed America to act largely free of historical baggage which might have impeded a certain agility to allow the nation to play a special role destiny had arranged for the two World Wars. America moves forward in a largely weightless condition, with few encumbrances, and therefore finds herself in a better position for renewal almost endlessly. India, on the other hand, carries not only her own burden but the accumulated problems of the entire 9th Manifestation.
Centreship is not to be envied. It is only a civilisation nurtured on the special quality of wisdom found in a text such as the Bhagavad Gita that can sustain a burden such as India carries. The verses quoted in Part 2 of this series describe the onerous task ahead and her cosmic responsibilities – that is, in this Age India has to come to terms with the workings of the Time-Spirit as described in those verses as far back as the 8th Manifestation, prematurely displayed before the tender-hearted Arjun on the battlefield of the war to end all wars. The Gita serves us today, when entering into the heart of the 9th Manifestation, as a prophecy of things to come. But it is a burden rendered far less burdensome when the cosmic key to those workings is in hand, just as the Gita indicates in the revelations of the methodology of the Time-Spirit.
Unfortunately, the same usurping forces that sought to fill the gap left wide open in 1938 have been operating in India – quite successfully, it must be added; these are powers gifted in the art of simulation. It took a world war to counter a usurpation that, if left unchecked, would have not only dislodged India from her central place in the new Age but would have ultimately brought an end to evolution on Earth entirely.
There are Scriptures the world over that tell the tale of great battles which we interpret as a struggle between the forces of Good and Evil. Invariably the Good prevails and Evil is destroyed. But the war in question does not fit neatly into this categorisation; the forces at play and the finality of this war are far more complex and require a synthetic vision to grasp the full implications. The early years of the Aquarian Age were vitally important because we had entered Vishnu’s Age of Preservation – that is, the time for the descent from the solar world of his emanations. This descent occurs every 6000 years approximately – or from one Age of Preservation to the next (yuge-yuge, the Gita tells us). These special periods are highlighted in the Map of 12 by the crosswise axes pointing to the four zodiacal signs of Preservation – called Fixed Quality in astrological lore. They are often depicted in Sphinx iconography to preserve the knowledge of their zodiacal importance, or bearing a certain message such as the Sphinx at Giza.
The specific task of this particular Age of Vishnu would be to implant on Earth the things of the solar world, the superior light of a solar essence. This is the supramental Truth-Consciousness which not only makes all things new on Earth, but discloses the anticipated ‘new heaven’ as well. In this context I have written that the term ‘spiritual’ can no longer be applied to the perceptions of Reality the truth-conscious Supermind provides. In this dispensation ‘heaven’ is also made new, a faithful and fulfilling companion of ‘the new Earth’. However, I must repeat, for this to take shape a more all-encompassing and integrated cosmic vision had to manifest in India – precisely because she has been drawn out of that luminous Knowledge and into the darkness of unknowing, just as the world was led astray by the same usurpers in the beginning of this new Age.
Usurpation is the keyword. The strategy is to use accepted symbols of higher goals based on the sacred sciences. We recognise the tactic without any difficulty regarding Nazism; but how many really question why those sacred Vedic symbols became the emblem of that entire movement? We must now question: How is it that Hitler came to adopt the Swastika as his signature among all the symbols at his disposal to choose from? Nazism was rooted in Christian soil, not Indian; and yet, not only was the Swastika adopted but the usurpation extended to the overall goal of his movement: the establishment of a superior race, the Aryan. This choice touched the heart and soul of the Veda and made the label ‘coincidence’ unacceptable: the only Aryan worth mentioning is the victorious Warrior of the Rig Veda – the world’s oldest Scripture. Some researchers seek to link these prominent selections to Nordic folklore. On the surface this may have been the case, but more often than not the falsifying agenda is carried out through unknowing subjects, unmindful of the real intention.
Here again we are faced with a ‘gap’ due to unknowing, similar to the opening left in the time-fabric by the event of 1938: a cloud hangs over the significance of the Rig Veda. To date there is no consensus on the real meaning of its enigmatic verses. That unknowing, that unconsciousness permitted not only Hitler to usurp the Aryan as symbol of the superior race he intended to establish in Germany, but Indologists joined in the chorus, some of those of most repute from Germany itself. They not only fanned false ambitions by their interpretations of the Rig Veda, they also contributed to a persistent North-South divide on the subcontinent.
The point I am making is to recognise how precariously the Earth was poised on the brink of a sombre abyss at the border of the new Age, due entirely to ignorance – of a cosmic status – indeed, the Cosmic Ignorance that must give way to the Cosmic Truth of the Vedic Age. And India stood then, and continues to stand, at the heart of it all.
Interestingly, both movements, the German and the Indian, involve cosmological issues, recognised or not. Germany usurped the cosmic symbols sacred to India for millennia; but in a sense India had forfeited the right to any exclusivity when she lost the key to the Knowledge embraced by the symbols, when it became, in Sri Aurobindo’s words, simply the ‘body devoid of soul’. The Swastika is entirely cosmic and Earth-centred. Its four arms divide the circle into four quarters just as the ecliptic is divided for the Earth in four parts based on the Equinoxes and the Solstices. But here is the rub, India has ceased to value the role the Equinoxes and Solstices play for Earth inhabitants. The calendar adopted for Hindus disregards them entirely and instead projects the ecliptic Zero Point – entirely dependent for its location in time on the 21-22 March Equinox – far into space, into the constellational sphere where there are no Equinoxes and Solstices. And yet, this is the single most important aspect of the Swastika to consider if the sense and purpose of its soul is to be unveiled in the symbol. As used in Ganesh iconography, the four arms point squarely to the Cardinal Points and hence to the Equinoxes and Solstices, though by usurpation the symbol no longer honours the soul it contains.
The added appendages to the four arms of the Swastika indicate by their positioning – left or right – the direction of the movement, clockwise or counter-clockwise. A widely held belief is that Hitler reversed the symbol and therefore it became ‘evil’. This is not correct and is simply missing the forest for the trees. The Swastika can ‘move’ in both directions, but counter- clockwise pertains to the yearly motion of 365 days as determined by the rotation of the Earth and movement through the zodiac eastward; the other indicates the larger 25,920-year movement of the Ages which, due to the Precession, gives rise to a clockwise progression through the signs, as the Map of 12 Manifestations indicates. Wikipedia states:

‘Left-facing’ and ‘right-facing’ are used mostly consistently referring to the upper arm of an upright swastika facing either to the viewer's left (卍) or right (卐). The other two descriptions are ambiguous as it is unclear whether they refer to the arms as leading or being dragged or whether their bending is viewed outward or inward. However, ‘clockwise’ usually refers to the ‘right-facing’ swastika. The terms are used inconsistently in modern times, which is confusing and may obfuscate an important point, that the rotation of the swastika may have symbolic relevance, although ancient vedic scripts describe the symbolic relevance of clock motion and counter clock motion. Less ambiguous terms might be ‘clockwise-pointing’ and ‘counterclockwise-pointing’. (Emphasis mine).

Vedic key is mention of motion. But when attainment of the Beyond became the purpose of all spirituality in India, then indeed ‘motion’, directly connected to material creation, was to be dismissed as having less relevance. The writers of Wikipedia seem to be following the trend.
To summarise, the essential point of the Swastika is the division of the zodiacal (ecliptic) circle into four quarters. The dividing lines would extend to the 0 degrees of the four Cardinal Points, the uppermost being 0 degree Capricorn – Uttarayana of Hindu tradition, the most auspicious time of the year in the annual progression; regarding the passage of the zodiacal ages, it would be the Golden Age of Capricorn, or Satya Yuga. However, this is all merely rhetorical now; in practice, the symbol has lost its meaning.
I will set aside the question of right or left-spinning Swastika for the purposes of this analysis of the Second World War and the role of the Nazi movement. The chosen symbol would be either the year of 365 days or the cosmic year of 25,920 years. Given the intent of the forces working through Hitler, it would seem to be the latter since had he succeeded the reign of the Shadow would have extended well into the remaining years of the Age.

In view of the above, even more interesting regarding the Nazi usurpation is the zodiacal signs the Nazi emblem pointed to: the Ages of Vishnu, during which period the innermost truth of each of the 12 Manifestations would become cemented in the Earth’s evolutionary matrix by the appearance of one of the Avatars corresponding to a particular Manifestation, each with a specific task to complete for the evolution. Given the usurpation and the Nazi ambition of not only world sovereignty but domination over the entire evolutionary process for all times to come, it is therefore not surprising that the chosen insignia should indicate those precise Ages, unlike other Swastikas of ancient and modern times that point upright. Disabling the Avatar, not permitting him to fulfil his mission, obfuscating his true credentials as established by the Cosmic Truth so that confusion would reign in India over this aspect of Vedic Knowledge – veritably the backbone of Hinduism – would be the sinister, hidden objective of the inspirational powers working through the Nazi movement.


The arms of the Nazi Swastika
to coincide with Vishnu’s Ages in the Map of 12 Manifestations

Since India has lost the cosmic connection due to the loss of Knowledge in these sacred matters – which includes above all the correct calendar in use for astrological and temple purposes – she can be seen as having sent out an ‘invitation’ to all and sundry: ‘Interpret as you will, I abdicate!’ But the destined centre-soul of the Earth does not have this option, however appealing it may be. Wilful ignorance in such a situation merely draws more weight to the already heavy burden of the Ages she carries – specifically, the darkness India drew to herself during passage through the Age of Pisces. Most important of all, since it stands at the heart of many conflicts across the globe, is the question of an orthodox exclusivism. India took on the burden of exclusivism, a mindset totally unknown to Vedic civilisation. For India of Vedic heritage, the weight of this credo is almost unbearable. Perhaps for this reason the Puranas (prophetically, zodiacally) describe how the Vedas were submerged in the Piscean cosmic sea where, they tell us, these sacred-most texts were hidden for their protection during the time of Matsyavatar, the Avatar of the Fishes – that is, the Age of Pisces in recurring cycles through the Manifestations. This time we are emerging from the Sea with the truth-conscious Supramental Gnosis in hand given the fact that this particular Age of Pisces sets in motion the last round in the cycle of 12 covering 77,760 years – an indication in itself that the 9th Avatar completed his mission successfully and the descent from the solar world has been arranged in such a way as to ‘cover all bases’ (those Cardinal and otherwise) to oust the usurpers once and for all.
Two ancient/modern symbols were central in the Second World War – the Seal of Solomon and the Swastika. The former, apart from Judaism, is sacred to Kartikeya, Shiva’s firstborn son; the latter to Ganesh, his second born – a ‘coincidence’ for sure but not for that any less worthy of mention.

My intention in presenting this unusual treatment of the Second World War is first of all to offer an integrated overview by drawing a direct connection between the two wars of the last century through the 1926 borderline dividing the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius. To better understand why ‘forces’ arose so vehemently right from the onset of the new Age to secure the right instruments in furtherance of their goal of usurpation, we must realise that there has never been a dramatic severance between the two Ages. What we were left with when Dissolution was completed is a distilled residue from the Piscean era. This is on the order of a carry-over, without which there could be no unified perception, no multiplicity in unity, the heart and soul of evolution on Earth. Consequently, the forces that operated with seeming impunity during Pisces were successful in assuring that the darkness they fostered would be implanted in the soil of the new Age, carried over in condensed form across the border into Aquarius. The Second World War was a result of that ferment. It stands that if unity and integration, along with freedom, are the keywords of the Aquarian Age, there can be no stark divide obliterating everything that had transpired previously, however negative; in some way it must leave its mark because it was a necessary ingredient for the conquests in this Age of Supermind. The issue is to understand the sense and purpose of the methodology. In this light, if we analyse the present condition of our world fearlessly, that deeper insight will help us navigate through what lies ahead more trustingly and confident of victory.
The Second World War was a consolidated effort, working through imperialist powers lusting for a place on the fading map of colonised nations, to perpetuate that divisive and demeaning agenda, to secure an indelible footprint that would determine the course of evolution for many years to come. The persistent ‘hot spots’ on the international stage are the result of that ‘residue’. To help counter the objective of divisive forces, the new Age introduced a more mature version of the League of Nations. And thus the United Nations arose from the detritus of the War and still stands in our midst because it was borne along by the creative Spirit of the new Times.

(To be continued)


A Cosmological Perspective - 2

The time-bound necessity of War 
Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
11 December 2013

The Aquarian Age entered with a bang – quite literally. The era of air/space exploration was introduced with the first successful launch of a liquid-fuelled rocket on 16 March 1926. In just five days, on the Equinox of 21-22 March of that year, evolution passed from the water sign Pisces into the air/space sign Aquarius.
The period immediately following the First World War adds weight to my thesis concerning the atmosphere of Dissolution that surrounded the events leading to the passage. To prove the point, we may take just one example, certainly the most important of all the developments following the conflagration: the founding of the League of Nations. It was widely believed at the time that a forum such as the League would go a long way in eliminating the causes that might lead to war; but the League was doomed from the outset because it was built on unstable foundations as if on sand. Under the circumstances, it seems to have been intended to serve simply as precursor of the things to come, given the fact that the sands of the Piscean hour glass were running thin: anything built with a focus on the future in those shifting conditions was destined to collapse. The old world had to give way to the new, this much was clear; but before that could conclusively occur, another global conflagration would be required under very different compulsions and harbouring an entirely different agenda, sinister in the extreme and no less important than the First World War.
As for the causes of the Great War, there is a robust exchange of ideas on the subject in progress, given the fact that its centenary approaches. Certainly the need to come to terms with its real causes is long overdue, if we are to avoid a war our ignorance seems to have brought about. In contrast, a civilisation may be said to have reached a measure of maturity when it can assess its role and participation in evolution in a far more all-inclusive manner and with a greater awareness than the less mature. For instance, the long-anticipated Planetary Society can be recognised by an ability to assess its contribution to the march of evolution in more realistic terms, worthy of a society unburdened by the limitations the collective ego imposes. In such a light the current exercises appear inconclusive regarding the events just prior to the onset of the new Age. They appear shallow and trapped in the ebb and flow of surface phenomena alone.
However, each thing in its own time. It is only in this new Age that greater clarity can emerge based on an assessment of the totality of circumstances converging on any point at any given time. An all-inclusive understanding of this sort can offer an insight into the real causes not only of war but of everything we collectively experience on Earth; only then would the necessity of War become truly obsolete. To illustrate, in Chapter 11 of the Bhagavad-Gita, India’s most treasured Scripture, we are shown the plight of a representative individual (Arjun, friend and pupil of Sri Krishna) who seeks this comprehensiveness prematurely, before an organic and timely progress has occurred. The warrior Arjun asks his mentor Sri Krishna, the 8th Avatar in Vishnu’s line of 10, to reveal his true and complete sacred Form. Obligingly, Krishna concedes. What follows is the vision of the World-Spirit:

9-14. …Having thus spoken, O King, the Master of the great Yoga. Hari, showed to Partha His supreme Form. It is that of the infinite Godhead whose faces are everywhere and in whom are all the wonders of existence, who multiplies unendingly all the many marvellous revelations of His being, a world-wide Divinity seeing with innumerable eyes, speaking from innumerable mouths, armed for battle with numberless divine uplifted weapons, glorious with divine ornaments of beauty, robed in heavenly raiment of deity, lovely with garlands of divine flowers, fragrant with divine perfumes. Such is the light of this body of God as if a thousand suns had risen at once in heaven. The whole world multitudinously divided and yet unified is visible in the body of the God of Gods. Arjuna sees him (God magnificent and beautiful and terrible, the Lord of souls who has manifested in the glory and greatness of his spirit this wild and monstrous and orderly and wonderful and sweet and terrible world) and overcome with marvel and joy and fear he bows down and adores with words of awe and with clasped hands the tremendous vision.
15. Arjuna said: I see all the gods in Thy body, O God, and different companies of beings, Brahma the creating Lord seated in the Lotus, and the Rishis and the race of the divine Serpents.
19. I behold Thee without end or middle or beginning, of infinite force, of numberless arms, Thy eyes are suns and moons, Thou hast a face of blazing fire and Thou art ever burning up the whole universe with the flame of Thy energy.
20. The whole space between earth and heaven is occupied by Thee alone, when is seen this Thy fierce and astounding form, the three worlds are all in pain and suffer, O Thou mighty Spirit.
23. Seeing Thy great form of many mouths and eyes, O Mighty-armed, of many arms, thighs and feet and bellies, terrible with many teeth, the world and its nations are shaken and in anguish, as also am I.
24. I see Thee, touching heaven, blazing, of many hues, with opened mouths and enormous burning eyes, troubled and in pain is the soul within me and I find no peace or gladness.
25. As I look upon Thy mouths terrible with many tusks of destruction. Thy faces like the fires of Death and Time, I lose sense of the directions and find no peace. Turn Thy heart to grace, O God of gods! refuge of all the worlds!
29. As a swarm of moths with ever-increasing speed fall to their destruction into a fire that some one has kindled, so now the nations with ever-increasing speed are entering into Thy jaws of doom.
30. Thou lickest the regions all around with Thy tongues and Thou art swallowing up all the nations in Thy mouths of burning; all the world is filled with the blaze of Thy energies; fierce and terrible are Thy lustres and they burn us, O Vishnu.
31. Declare to me who Thou art that wearest this form of fierceness. Salutation to Thee, O Thou great Godhead, turn Thy heart to grace. I would know who Thou art who wast from the beginning, for I know not the will of Thy workings.
32. The Blessed Lord said: I am the Time-Spirit, destroyer of the world, arisen huge-statured for the destruction of the nations. Even without thee all these warriors shall be not, who are ranked in the opposing armies.
33. Therefore arise, get thee glory, conquer thy enemies and enjoy an opulent kingdom. By me and none other already even are they slain, do thou become the occasion only, O Savyasachin.
34. Slay, by me who are slain, Drona, Bhishma, Jayad-ratha, Kama and other heroic fighters; be not pained and troubled. Fight, thou shalt conquer the adversary in the battle.
35. …Having heard these words of Keshava, Kiriti (Arjuna), with clasped hands and trembling, saluted again and spoke to Krishna in a faltering voice very much terrified and bowing down.
45. I have seen what never was seen before and I rejoice, but my mind is troubled with fear. O Godhead, show me that other form of Thine; turn Thy heart to grace, O Thou Lord of the gods, O Thou abode of this universe.
46. I would see Thee even as before crowned and with Thy mace and discus. Assume Thy four-armed shape, O thousand-armed, O Form universal.
47. The Blessed Lord said: This that thou now seest by my favour, O Arjuna, is my supreme shape, my form of luminous energy, the universal, the infinite, the original which none but thou amongst men has yet seen. I have shown it by my self-Yoga.
49. Thou shouldst envisage this tremendous vision without pain, without confusion of mind, without any sinking of the members. Cast away fear and let thy heart rejoice, behold again this other form of mine.
50. …Vasudeva, having thus spoken to Arjuna, again manifested his normal (Narayana) image; the Mahatman again assuming the desired form of grace and love and sweetness consoled the terrified one.
51. Arjuna said: Beholding again Thy gentle human form, O Janardana, my heart is filled with delight and I am restored to my own nature.
52-54. The Blessed Lord said: The greater Form that thou hast seen is only for the rare highest souls. The gods themselves ever desire to look upon it. Nor can I be seen as thou hast seen Me by Veda or austerities or gifts or sacrifice, it can be seen, known, entered into only by that bhakti which regards, adores and loves Me alone in all things.
55. Be a doer of my works, accept Me as the supreme being and object, become my bhakta, be free from attachment and without enmity to all existences; for such a man comes to Me, O Pandava.  (Sri Aurobindo’s translation)

As a representative entity, clearly the inability of Arjun, mighty warrior that he was, to accept the cosmic formula on its own terms indicated that the world was not yet ready for the wider perspective; in fact, it is said in the Puranas that the Great God of Time (Mahakala) stands above all the Gods, just as Arjun had learned from the supreme vision he was granted. A perceptive capacity capable of withstanding such a mighty vision would require the arrival of the 9th Avatar and the advancements the 9th Manifestation would bring, approximately 6000 years from the time of the Mahabharat War – more importantly the acceleration we experience in our present times. This wider perspective is introduced when the goal of evolution can be revealed, as well as the path leading to fulfilment.
It is not possible to disclose the ineluctable Control of the Time-Spirit as presented to Arjun, in the midst of a catastrophe such as the First World War, while we are as yet unable to understand those recondite workings. It would be an unspeakable cruelty to do so. Therefore, the body of supramental knowledge as revealed in this new Age is a complete package, as it were; it discloses not only the goal but the logic of the steps leading to that apotheosis, all within the embrace of the Spirit of the Age whose instruments Earth beings have always been in this fulfilment, albeit in ignorance of their indispensable contribution. That unknowing is destined to be lifted in this new Age of Aquarius.
Without a doubt the human species is pinned down by the yoke of mortality. Death is sovereign and has been for many millennia; but this was not always the case. The Earth has housed a race of Immortals time and again; in fact, our mortality may cover only the briefest history – in cosmic terms. There are surviving testaments to the existence of advanced beings in a distant past such as indicated, for example, by the Sphinx at Giza. This most famous of all extant monuments of antiquity is no mystery at all, as most believe, when assessed within the cosmic Map of the 12 Manifestations which I presented in Part 1 of this series.
The Sphinx is composed of two symbols taken directly from the zodiac: Lion and Man. These would be the two astrological ages of its symbolism: Leo and Aquarius. The first indicates the Age during which the colossus was built – i.e. approximately 12,000 years ago, confirmed

now by geologists as the only acceptable period for its construction, given the distinct weathering patterns they have discovered. The second, the Man half of the figure, would be the Age of Aquarius, or the Friend of the zodiac – our own times. The axis formed by these two signs that stand in opposition to each other, as the Map indicates, hold the secret to the fulfilment the zodiac itself prophesies for human evolution. Notably, the ‘secret’ would be unravelled in this Aquarian Age, whose beginning in 1926 marked the exact year that the desert sands of Egypt were finally removed from the Sphinx, and have never more been allowed to return. Similarly, the secret Knowledge of the zodiac stands disclosed in this Age for the entire world to appreciate. The time of elitist Mystery Schools has passed. If we would save the world we must, as an integrated collective body, be able to sustain with equanimity the vision of the Time-Spirit, creator and destroyer of the worlds.
At this point we must consider the two epics India has given to the world, whose contents are described with great precision by the astrological signs that form each of the 12 Manifestations of the Map above. I have described the correspondence elsewhere in my published works and need not repeat the exercise. (Readers who are interested can consult Secrets of the Earth (2009), and Kashmir and the Convergence of Time, Space and Destiny (2004) Aeon Books.)
Briefly, Sri Ram’s appearance as the 7th Avatar of Vishnu left the Ramayana for posterity, the contents of which are established by the zodiacal signs comprising the 7th Manifestation. Similarly, as the 8th Avatar of the 8th Manifestation, the contents of Sri Krishna’s epic, the Mahabharat, are explained by all the zodiacal signs that fall within the 8th Manifestation. India recognised the value of the ‘canvas’ I am presenting in this series as the backdrop on which the evolution on Earth is played out. I would go so far as to state that it is more than likely that this ‘canvas’ is the product of an exemplary vision of one of her ancient Rishis; it most likely travelled from India to the rest of the world, to return in this period of the 9th Avatar for an even deeper understanding of the wisdom it contains. The Bhagavad-Gita, which I quoted from extensively above, is the heart and soul of the Mahabharat.  It proves the point I am making.
The Mahabharat War was the mother of all wars, the war to end all wars. This simply means that during the 8th Avatar’s appearance approximately 6000 years ago, the elements worked on in the evolution of the species are those that if left unresolved would lead to an Earth centred only on these devastating conflicts, leading finally to the total destruction of the planet. As a summing up of the situation, we have the two World Wars of the last century. The function of the first was to remove encumbrances and transform destruction to dissolution, as previously discussed. The role of the Second World War will be discussed in Part 3 of this series. But in closing, it needs to be noted that the 9th Avatar’s epic for this 9th Manifestation differs entirely from the 7th and 8th. There is no place for war in his epic. Rather, the focus is entirely on displacing Death as the sovereign of the species, as well as the role of Love in that conquest. The epic is centred on the ability of the Goddess Savitri who by a superior logic – the signature of the Supermind, it needs to be stated – conquers Death. Finally, as the Earth Goddess par excellence, she gains the cherished boon from the Supreme to return to Earth, bringing the message of oneness, of love.
India’s role in this exercise of transformation is a decreed fact. It is only the centre-soul of the planet that can serve in this manner for reasons entirely cosmological. What is to come, success or failure, is determined by the choices she makes.

Vera Brittan has poignantly expressed her own experience of the Great War and the near despair of the inhabitants of Europe in her classic autobiography Testament of Youth. In the final summarising chapters she writes,

‘…How much there was to be done for this suffering Europe, this stricken humanity; we could not even, if we would, leave it to its agony and live in the past! To find some guiding principle of action, some philosophy of life, some constructive hope upon whose wings this crippled age might swing forward into a fairer future – that at least remained and always would remain, for us who had experienced in our own souls those incalculable depths into which Germany had fallen.
‘…Perhaps, after all, the best that we who were left could do was to refuse to forget, and to teach our successors what we remembered in the hope that they, when their own day came, would have more power to change the state of the world than this bankrupt, shattered generation. If only, somehow, the nobility which in us had turned towards destruction could be used in them for creation, if the courage which we had dedicated to war could be employed, by them, on behalf of peace, then the future might indeed see the redemption of man instead of his further descent into chaos.’ (Testament of Youth, p.645-6)

Indeed, the issue at hand is a very different experience of destruction, as the author pines for – that is, its replacement by Dissolution which implies that telling Control.
Destruction results in a tabula rasa where the movement appears to revert to a zero base. We begin again the lengthy process of establishing a higher perceptive capacity which, because of the severe limitations inherent in a method that employs the ego as an axial tool of advancement, must move more slowly through the corridors of Time. In just the 2000 years of this 9th Manifestation the truth of this statement is proven: when Dissolution replaced Destruction, in large measure due to the First World War, the progress humanity has known since then has been astonishingly rapid by any yardstick. Not only has civilisation taken rapid strides in science and technology, but also and more importantly, with the advent of Vishnu’s 9th and 10th of the Avataric Descent, an entirely new dimension of spiritual awareness and experience has opened before us, rendering obsolete the very term ‘spiritual’ that we believe were the highest peaks scaled by the human mental species during the last Age –  static and unchanging, the one truth for all times to come. Today, so remarkably different is the perception of Reality opened before us that we can no longer call it spiritual. Supramental is the proper term because it best reveals the character of the new capacity which places it above Mind, until now the faculty that has coloured all our perceptions and experiences of Truth; and in the absence of Supermind per force the ego had to be employed in place of the soul as the pivot of consciousness. When at least a section of humanity can consciously follow the movements of the Time-Spirit and by that conscious participation allow for a dissolving of all that stands in the way of the highest goals set for this planet, the Earth will become the home of a very different species.
Supermind introduces the Truth-Consciousness which allows evolution to be a progression in full awareness of our indispensable role in the process. No longer is the human being an unconscious pawn in the hands of a power or powers unknown and unknowable. The times have changed – this much is more than clear. The acceleration of the progression is made apparent by the speeded-up integration of the Earth leading to the experience of Oneness and the establishing of a Planetary Society.
The sense of Oneness is taking possession of humanity at a breathtaking pace. This acceleration was made possible by the sacrificial conflagration of the First World War, for which reason I have stated that it was the most noble of all Wars. It removed each and every encumbrance that could act as dead weight to impede the heightened pace of the new Age ahead.

(To be continued)

* India stands greatly handicapped in the appreciation of the choices before her in that she has cast aside the wisdom of the Ancients and played into the hands of lesser forces: she has discarded the zodiacal wisdom by disregarding the correct Zero Point entry into the wheel to allow her to find her place in the cosmic Canvas, which would then reveal that she is the centre-soul of the Earth. As it is she stands behind the rest of the world by a measure of 23 days that makes any true understanding of her destiny, based on the cosmic Canvas, impossible. As a collective experience Hindus, who form at least 80% of the population, stand cut off from the rest of the world by the adoption of an un-Vedic calendar which effectively dislodges India from her role as centre-soul, all the while proclaiming that the ‘cosmic connection’ stands intact! The strategy is superb because it is a usurpation that pretends to be ‘Vedic’ while all along it carries India farther and farther away from taking possession of her true Centreship and any real and applicable connection with the Vedic Age.