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"It is not through a repetition of rituals, as inspiring as they may be, or by the chanting of mantras that the connection with the Veda is maintained, rather, only the thread of Knowledge can be the direct link between India today and of the Vedic Age, precisely as the word implies - veda, knowledge.  That this potent word lies at the root of the civilisation surely indicates a unique destiny." ['Puranic Cosmology Updated,' Part 1]

New Website Launched

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new website:

It's hard to believe that only two months have passed since The Future Realisation exhibition in New Delhi. Among other things, Thea has been writing a new series of articles, The Conundrum of India's Choice of Destiny, which are being published in the Organiser magazine and are also available on our website in their full, unedited form.

The website itself has grown organically out of our experience in New Delhi and our understanding for the need to make this work more accessible to a wider public. We hope that it will become an important resource for those who vibrate to the mission of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother -- all who aspire to be conscious instruments of the Supramental Manifestation upon Earth.

We are re-issuing the Vishaal Newsletter, originally written by Thea and published by the Aeon Centre of Cosmology between the years 1985-1995, packed with in-depth applications of the New Way. The first issue is now online and we will be releasing new issues regularly. Stay tuned for much more to come.

We have also created Aeon Forum, a place where everyone can engage in dialogues beyond science and spirituality. We hope that you will join us in the important work of seeing in understanding, and evolving our collective views beyond the polarities of secular and spiritual dogma. Although the polar tension continues to increase in India and abroad, this only means that those who see the way out of the morass have a greater responsibility now than ever to light the way forward. And those of us who are just learning to see -- a greater responsibility now than ever to focus our lens of perception, to learn to see in a new way.

Included below is the Welcome Message that our director, Thea, wrote for the new website. We hope you will take the time to read it, and join us in this new and exciting phase of the work!

"Why is Aeon Centre of Cosmology putting forward its work of the past several decades in this new comprehensive format? The reason is that never like now has the national discourse in India and throughout the world become so intensely polarised. In India this polarisation revolves around a question that seems to defy solution: Is India, born as an independent nation in 1947, to revert to establishing itself on its ancient moorings, or will those be discarded in favour of the reigning principles of our 21st Century, in many ways foreign to the ancient tradition?

"This is the new India’s 67th year. However, that newness is only a small part of her history. The contours of her abiding civilisation are found in carry-overs from very ancient times. Having this dual living framework of destiny and being unique among all nations for this very reason, Aeon Centre of Cosmology is duty-bound to provide answers that can help resolve the issue of an amalgam of both ancient and new as a living force within the context of conditions on the globe today."

Link to full message at www.aeoncentre.com


The New Order is Born

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
January 2015

This is the final posting on Puranic Cosmology Updated (PCU); it has served its purpose. The time has come to create a new forum, and Aeon Centre of Cosmology is in the process of giving shape to that new voice. This development in itself reveals essential features of the new times that open before us the world over.1
Several items have helped me bring PCU to a close today, as is befitting of a platform that has served to convey the message of integrality. They may seem wildly disconnected – and yet they form a closely knitted web at the centre of which stands the New Way. These are 1) the Australian Open currently in progress, 2) President Obama’s State of the Union address this morning (21.1.2015), and 3) Kiran Bedi’s appointment as candidate for Chief Minister of Delhi; and, above all, her call for ‘a new politics’. Embracing all this has been The Future Realisation breakthroughs, ACC’s presentation in New Delhi from January 1 through 15, 2015, where on display were salient elements of the new cosmology, the overall, comprehensive embrace whereby all things are ‘made new’ when each thing is ‘put in its rightful place’. And, of course, the key that allowed the new cosmology to reach a wider public through TFR is the Mother’s vision and plan of a chamber, the new garbha griha for the new age.
In the Mother’s vision and plan we find a clear indication of how that new order is to come about. In January 1970, exactly 45 years ago from TFR/Delhi, she described the core of her vision as the symbol of the future realisation. On other occasions she spoke of a shadowless consciousness – that is, the aspirant so poised (in time and space, i.e. the measures of our world) directly beneath the rays of a midday Sun that therefore no shadows are cast. But there was far more packed into the vision and description, for indeed the image points to a number of correlated items of the New Way. In that regard we come to the perennial question: chicken or egg? Did the vision compel events to give shape to the New Way, or did the New Way shape the vision in the consciousness of the Seer? Put another way, did Being gives rise to Becoming, or does Becoming create Being, on the order of I think therefore I am?
Most would opt for the eternity of Being out of which Becoming issues, that it precedes the latter. Be that as it may, with the incorporation of Supermind the two are experienced simultaneously: they are simultaneous, not just ‘thought’ to be. Yet our senses and the structure of our physical universe strongly support the perception that only what is real exists, or only what stands on this side of the event horizon (borderline is perhaps a more appropriate label). Supermind bridges this side and that.
Eternal Being ‘exists’ on the other side but does not cease to exist (or function as support and upholder) when the border is crossed; similarly silence does not cease to exist when sound arises – it too is ‘carried over’, a message elegantly conveyed in Indian classical music by the drone/shruti that never ceases to uphold the raga. This fact is what allows for the experience of simultaneity. Certainly one of the foremost indications of the presence of the supramental Truth-Consciousness is the ability not only to perceive the simultaneity of Being and Becoming, but to live in that consciousness with its revolutionising impact on how we conduct ourselves on this side – where that simultaneity of experience is denied. From his transcendent poise Sri Aurobindo has amply elaborated the subject, thereby assisting us in reaching the accuracy that is possible at this stage of the experience. Also here to assist us is the new cosmology.

The All-Inclusive Foundation
Until now we have known only contemporary scientific cosmology. It is the fountainhead of all science today, no matter what discipline. This brand of cosmology deals only with events on this side of the border; hence it is thoroughly engaged in dissecting the structure of our world in its act of Becoming, of evolving, of expanding, while ignoring Being. And it is this discipline that pretends to be the way of salvation from ignorance, backwardness, bigotry and superstition. Consequently, the religious, political, and economic polarisation we find in societies can be attributed to this dispute: science on one side and matters of the spirit, in whatever guise, on the other. This polarisation is tearing societies across the globe to pieces. At the same time, its benefit is to make the insufficiencies inherent in both positions obvious even to the most obdurate champions of either side. And this exposure to help humanity see is likely to increase.
However, this perception is helpful only if we have a foundation that serves as a canvas/backdrop onto which things can be put in their right place, on the basis of which the lens of perception can become focussed. That canvas is what allows us to view the several items mentioned above not only within a fabric of oneness, but also to indicate where we stand in knitting together the whole world.
In this exercise Number comes to our aid. It must be stated that the canvas is required in order to allow Number to speak to us in a new language, itself the outcome of the New Way. Without this formulation there would be little hope of reaching the goal of a new world order. That canvas is the Gnostic Circle, one of the key features of the new cosmology. With its aid let us take the items mentioned to illustrate the process.

How would President Obama’s speech have anything to do with tennis? On the surface nothing at all. But through the Gnostic Circle we see that both resonate to the same number 3, an angle of the central triangle (orange colour). And Kiran Bedi’s new politics in the mix? She is the latest addition to Indian politics, whose main platform as she enters the electoral fray is a workable new politics, not confrontational but collaborative. We can easily find a correlation between Bedi and Obama as he presented his agenda this morning, seeking a consensus across party lines. Will either succeed in introducing this novelty into what has always been a platform of confrontation, except in times of war? 
The tools of the new cosmology help us realise that the time has come for the new order to take over from the old. India and America share a common destiny, an axial binding. The number power joining the two is 3 – the Daughter Principle in metaphysics, as well as the number-umbrella of the present stage of the descending Solar Line of 9, 6, 3, a number sequence that I call the axis of the new India (see The New Way, Volume 1, Aeon Books, 1981). Thus, various elements have joined in our very times to play out what Being holds in ‘seed-form’ on the other side of the Border.
As explained in the course of the numerous postings on PCU over the years, particularly the descriptions of the new scientific paradigm, Being contains triadic quanta in a descending compression of the formula 9/6/3/0, each triad of which encompasses a particular aspect of the Absolute that contributes to the constitution of our world in evolution on this side of the border. In that dimension (for want of a better word) there is no relativism. We are there faced with Absolute Truth, whole tones as it were, unknown to our 21st century civilisation; not only unknown but fiercely combated. Absolutism, as far as science of the relative is concerned, belongs to the domain of religion – i.e., superstition: it cannot be ‘proven’ therefore it does not exist. The avenues for that proof are the disciplines of the science we know today, entirely limited to the cage it has constructed for itself over the past millennium. Its ability to measure and thereby to prove or disprove a theory is entirely dependent on the relative mathematics and physics of contemporary society. But reality is much larger, all-embracing. The new cosmology provides the tools whereby we can measure both sides of the border; above all, whereby we can understand the simultaneity of both – the true description of Reality.
The triadic quanta 9, 6, 3, are measured on this side of the border by our measures of time and space which are the Absolute’s eternity and infinity transposed into our physical universe: the Absolute’s eternity is our time; its infinity is our space, by densification we could say. Further, each triad is measured in the universal calendar via the Mathematics of Unity, known in India as reduction to seed digits. This methodology allows us to link Number on both sides of the horizon. By the intensity of its completeness, the last triadic compaction compels the birth of the One from the 0-Womb; and thus is our physical world of space born. Thereafter Time propels the contents of the Zero-Womb-Seed to the extension of Itself in our material dimension – with no separation between the two; that is, never leaving a void but bearing the seamless continuity of an upholding plenum. The new India has provided the world with the precise display of just how this play-out is arranged, and on the basis of the metaphysical principles each quantum embraces, we can gauge how far evolution has carried us forward in this extension process; and we are able to fill in the details that provide the answers we need for the formation of the new world order that is emerging. Most importantly, we learn of the indispensable addition of diversity (expressed in the sequential series of numbers on this side of the Border) for the full reality and experience of diversity in unity; certainly not only the motto of India but the very nature of the entire world and the evolutionary process.

The Binding Power of Number
Recently I wrote a piece for PCU entitled The Embrace at Last. It dealt with what were by then (10.2.2014) the clear signs of a long-sought rapprochement between the United States of America and India. Written in 1974, I quoted from The Gnostic Circle of this necessity in order for the reign of Truth to begin. It was also explained how the USA and India resonate to the 3 number-power. These details need not detain us here; suffice to state that events since then have made it possible to declare that indeed the time has come.
In his State of the Union address, President Obama appeared as if he had experienced a new birth as a leader. I recall how badly he was faring in his last term and how certain his defeat in the last electoral contest seemed (2012). But the tide was dramatically turned in his favour in the final days of the campaign by Nature herself in the guise of hurricane Sandy. Clearly Obama had something else to do. Thereafter, Prime Minister Modi came along to draw out the best in him; he seemed to gather as much energy from Modi’s USA tour as the prime minister himself. Critical foreign policy changes followed, long-standing alliances began to totter and a new America has emerged on the world stage. For all practical purposes a close partnership on the axis formed with India, foreseen so many decades ago as being the sign of the foundation of a new world order, has begun to bear fruit. In the present context it necessarily means a re-organisation of nations to allow for a harmonious comity to come forward and lead the way into the new Age of Supermind that calls for a more universal, non-parochial consciousness. In this the United States of America is in advance of India, the latter only having emerged from colonial rule comparatively recently. There is still baggage to be discarded for India to embrace the world.
Finally, how can tennis possibly fit into all of this?
Across the globe the status of sports invariably indicates the pulse of a nation: this is because the planet said to ‘rule’ sports is Mars. The vital pulse that Mars brings to the planetary family can be gauged in its strength by the status of sports. Mars also rules war, as well as attributes such as passion, intensity, drive, determination and the conquering capacity, the bringer of victory; not only in war but in any enterprise requiring that quality. We see this in the candidate for chief ministership of Delhi in a suggestive manner: In answer to a question she referred to sports activities having led her to enter the police service – both governed by Mars. In tennis she demonstrated the same drive and conquering ability as she displayed later in the police force insofar as she was the first woman to enter the Indian Police Service. Now she can turn that same capacity to politics. In fact, if the transformation of society could be focussed on one single element at this stage of our collective development it would be Mars. There will be a lot more to explain in this regard in the months and years ahead because this is the beginning of a final showdown, shall we say, of the passage to a higher expression of Mars, which until now has been a unifying force mainly in times of war. Violence in all spheres of life may finally be tempered by the higher attributes of Mars. It is not a question of eliminating those aberrations but of transforming them, of channelling the negative to positive expressions of the same component of the human consciousness; no doubt this is what Bedi intends by the ‘new politics’.
India’s sports record since independence has been dismal on the whole, given the size of her population and an undeniable proof of latent talents. I have dealt with this topic to some extent in a recent article posted on PCU, Growing Pains.
The linking feature in all that tennis embodies involves the 3 number-power once again, the third principle of the essential formula of Reality expressing Transcendent, Universal/Cosmic, and Individual/Soul. Within this structure tennis provides a field to assess individual application with a global flavour; this is because while tennis is certainly an individual sport for the public, at the same time it is international, being perhaps the most appreciated televised sport along with football, the latter corresponding to 6 in the triangle and not 3, being a team and not an individual sport.2
The international character of tennis is special as an observational field in a compact display (the tournament) because the character not only of the individual but of that individual within the whole can be easily detected. The player offers an insight into character and strengths or weaknesses of the nation of birth, even though players move about the world for training or competition. They seem always to retain their national identity, not merely restricted to citizenship but to the type of energy and their approach to the game. In a word, tennis as an observational field reflects diversity in unity when studied within the Canvas.
More importantly, the Mars factor can be closely observed in players and the role that undermining plays in the ability to fend off suggestions in the midst of the game that deplete the player of the energy required to ‘conquer’, ending in the fact that the player, more often than not, defeats him- or herself. Champions of the game display the capacity to silence those suggestions, so evident in the final moments of a game; one can note this in the player’s body language and a variety of other displays that television allows us to observe close at hand. We observe what the inner fibre of a champion is, especially when we follow the entire tournament. Courage is the outstanding characteristic when Mars is prominent in a natal horoscope. This is displayed in sports and war. Both fields have the capacity to unite the masses.
All of this is captured in the 3 angle, within the context of all the components of the Gnostic Circle; above all we learn that the individual is an essential item in the expression of harmony, perhaps the most outstanding aspect of evolution on Earth. Harmony is the Earth’s very own contribution to the Sun’s planetary family, requiring as it does a convergence of matured elements for the purpose.
In this way following a tournament can be a rewarding experience, as it has been today accompanied by Obama’s speech and Bedi’s exhortation for a ‘new politics’. When the first grand slam of the season began down under, I saw more clearly than ever how truly ‘the symbol of the future realisation’ shows us the way to reach that supreme goal: the solar ray casts no shadows. In other words, there is no tilt left or right of the axial ray. The poise required is upright beneath the Ray, perfectly poised in time and space without any need to deny their role in the manifestation of Truth, as all spiritual paths have done. Rather, the Mother reveals in this new symbology that it is precisely via these Earth measures that the realisation comes into being. The symbol’s display of shadowlessness makes it evident that the deviousness of corruption and self-interests that have plagued politics and almost every field of human endeavour find no place in the new dispensation. That condition applies to all levels of society and all of its expressions, even those we believe to be beyond these recognisably base instincts such as philanthropies, charities, human rights campaigns, etc. To be shadowless even in pursuit of the good is one of the most difficult and highest achievements possible.

The Master Key
As a further example of the synthesising capacity of the new cosmology, India’s ruler is Capricorn/Makar, the Cardinal Pole known in astrology as Cosmic Midday – precisely when no shadows are cast. Her physical body (space measure) describes the ancient Capricorn hieroglyph . This correspondence cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence, the way science is wont to do more often than not when faced with the inexplicable. I bring this up for two reasons. One is the error Prime Minister Modi made in addressing the international business community in Mumbai on 16 January last. In an otherwise fine speech the point I made earlier in a letter to him was ignored, it seems, concerning Ganga’s plight (June of 2013) and the message the sacred river was conveying. I have been trying for the past twenty years to drive the point home. He stated in English, italics mine:

‘Friends, Makar Sankranti was celebrated on 14 January. It is an important festival. It is the beginning of Uttarayan, which is considered to be a punya kaal (auspicious time). The Lohri festival also coincides with it. On this day the sun begins its journey north. This marks the transition from winter to spring…’.

The Prime Minister and the whole of the Hindu Samaj would find no error in the above statement, though surely the astronomical flaw should be evident. But it is not, and therein lies the problem, especially since the sign’s hieroglyph describes the actual physical body of the undivided nation, making accuracy especially important in all matters involving this ‘auspicious time’. Capricorn of the tropical zodiac cannot be separated from the shortest day of the year, the December Solstice which is the legitimate uttarayana, the north Cardinal Pole. This is sacrosanct in all higher studies of cosmic harmonies throughout the world; but only in India, with Capricorn as her astrological ruler, have the two been separated, therefore making the aberration especially damaging.
The prime minister fell in with the Nirayana astrologers and the fundamentalists of science that have succeeded in convincing even upholders of the cosmic harmony that the two must be separated. He has followed suit, though still clinging to what makes the true Makar Solstice (22 December) auspicious and sacred among all the months of the year: the moment of increasing light, or, as the prime minister put it, when the transition from winter to spring occurs, with the Sun’s light beginning to increase. But how do we experience this increase on Earth? It is by the days becoming longer from uttarayana onward – or, specifically, the winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere.
Scientists claim that astronomical calculations prove Capricorn/Makar is ‘no longer there’ (i.e. coinciding with the Solstice); or as Al Biruni wrote centuries ago in India, his book of travels, ‘it [the zodiac] has moved on’. According to him and a number of post-Vedic astrologers and astronomers, the zodiacal sign has shifted and moved away from the Solstice, ‘The solstice (December) has kept its place but the constellations have migrated, just the very opposite of what Viraha had fancied,’ India, II. Over the centuries Al Biruni’s influence has finally borne fruit when the entire nation now believes, and science steps in to ‘prove’, that Makar is no longer connected to the Solstice, the shortest day of the year and the only time we can scientifically claim that the light begins to return.

Thus is superstition born. No one questions this contention. No one dares to question what has now become the ‘authoritative’ word even in matters sacred where science can never be the final authority. Science has declared that Capricorn is ‘no longer there’. And lamentably the vested interests of pundits have reaped the benefits in the many available panchangas by proffering, each one, a different calculation (called ‘correction’) as to when that elusive and shifting dial reaches Capricorn, somewhere out there in the constellations, beyond the solar system and for all practical purposes irrelevant to our experiences on Earth. Since each one comes up with different calculations, because there can be no accuracy in the way science is approaching the matter, this ‘uniqueness’ assures sales.3
No one ponders over the fact that the only measure that never shifts and that therefore can be truly scientific, requiring no correction, is the Earth’s own and unique contribution to the System, her balancing Cardinal Poles marking off, with easily calculable accuracy, the Equinoxes and Solstices. These do not exist in the constellational sphere astronomers have imposed on Nirayana post-Vedic Pundits, though any deep study reveals that the Cardinal Poles are fundamental for an accurate cosmic connection, so central to the Dharma. Every Hindu temple supports me in this statement.

The cage of physicality disconnected from ‘the other side’
Let us penetrate more deeply into this vexatious issue and discover why this so? Why do astronomers prefer the constellations rather than the time-tested fourfold Equinoxes and Solstices, markers of our seasons? If we wish to be charitable, the simple reason could be that the constellations consist of stars which can be seen with the naked eye for the most part; they satisfy far more the demand for tangibility than the tropical zodiac with its ‘arbitrary’ division of the ecliptic plane into 12 parts – hardly arbitrary when we consider that the 12 are Aditi’s sons, but this ‘seeing’ requires an opening to the soul’s light rather than just the physical. After all, scientists would argue, ‘there is nothing there’, a plane yes, but empty and unable to justify the ancient call for the ecliptic plane to be divided into 12 ‘steady and unshifting’ parts. Contemporary science, so tightly closeted in the cage of physicality, has disregarded perhaps the single-most distinguishing feature of life on Earth – nights and days of equal and unequal measure – and opted for projecting the measuring Eye out to the distant stars where there are no such balancing pillars, with no other argument to support this uniquely Indian aberration than its monopoly over Measure. They brush over the fact that the pictographs of the zodiac which they project onto the clusters of stars do not provide a neat 30 degrees for the benefit of calculating the months they cover connected to the months of the universal calendar; their respective degrees vary wildly. The constellations are larger and smaller and therefore the connection cannot be done satisfactorily, without fudging as it were. And this provides another insight into the sacred arts: it is measure that matters and the lived experience – that is, the days and nights balanced firmly on the four pillars of the Cardinal Points. This is described accurately in the Rig Veda as the ‘circle that shakes not’. Why have astrologers succumbed to this illogical imposition without even a whimper?4 
Thus both, astronomers and Nirayana post-Vedic astrologers, perhaps unknowingly, serve vested interests, the signature of the old way, the world that is imploding due to the tilt this side and that (of the midday solar Ray that casts no shadows). That the extreme edge of this tilt has been reached is revealed by the cosmic harmony itself when scrutinised in depth because the shift according to Indian scientists and pundits has carried Makar/Capricorn 23 days away from the December Solstice to the 14-15th of January (the discrepancy between 14 or 15 January is because pundits of the north and south differ in their calculations by sometimes 24 hours and more!). The 23-degree tilt of the Earth’s axis to either side of the Equatorial plane is the farthest degree possible, at which time the Solstices north or south occur. At that precise moment indeed, as the Prime Minister noted, the ‘light’ begins to return – i.e. from shortest day the Earth moves toward the longest at the next Solstice in end June. Before that she reaches the equilibrium of Mahavishuva, the 21st March Equinox, initiating spring in the northern hemisphere. The perception of light beginning to increase and therefore making Capricorn/Makar so special for India was entirely correct; but then the Prime Minister got it wrong when he made the mistake of equating that 23-day late festival with the shortest day of the year or uttarayana, the highest point when the Sun casts no shadows – Cosmic Midday. This is the burden astronomers have saddled the civilisation with, by not respecting the boundary between the sacred and the profane where they belong by virtue of their own self-inflicted limitations.
In my reading of the situation, with sufficient corroborating evidence, this fact of a 23-degree/day ‘slippage of time’ imposed by Indian astronomers, coinciding with the 23-degree limit north or south of the Equator that carries the nation 23 days away from the true Makar/Swar gateway, describes the abyss upon which we stand as a civilisation: one ‘step’ more and we ‘plunge’. (See my The Partition of India on PCU where the effects of this mis-measure are explained in detail.) In ‘the symbol of the future realisation’ the tilt is brought into balance directly beneath the ray of the true Makar/Capricorn Midday Sun. To attain that goal science/astronomers would have to admit that they have been misleading the nation by measuring in the wrong circle. What is the likelihood of that coming to pass?
Finally, the Capricorn symbol-map is the item of single most importance in the new cosmology that made all the discoveries regarding India possible, including the USA/India axis which can be ‘read’ in the cosmic harmony provided that the Earth’s own measures of time and space are accepted and respected. Then only is the new cosmology made applicable.

1 Aeon Forum, Dialogues beyond Science and Spirituality. [This Forum/Website currently under construction.]
2  I exclude cricket in this assessment since its appeal is limited to the commonwealth nations and has not managed to step beyond that framework; that it is India’s main sport, never allowing others to come to the fore tells us much about the distance to cover in this especially important field where the Mars energy is such a vital ingredient in the transformative process.
3  See Appendix.
4  See Appendix.


When the Rig Veda explicitly states ‘the circle is one’, this means that there is indeed only one circle: the ecliptic plane of our solar system that sets the measure throughout, and not the greater sphere of the heavens, simply because that equinoctial plane is as if the dial of a clock. The larger cosmic face (heavenly sphere) in this case becomes the face of the clock divided into 12, just as the face of the ecliptic – where the planets travel including the Earth – is also divided into 12, as well as our clocks on Earth. All-important is the dial in movement over these faces – the one face/circle; and that dial is propelled by the Time-Spirit, poised squarely on Earth at the centre of it all, working through the instrumentation of the Vishnu Line of Ten – his very own Emanations, to provide the required accuracy in Time and Space. I present here a diagram that will help understand the differences and the confusion that presently exist.

In this composite design the innermost circle (Tropical) is divided into four – the Cardinal Points. Capricorn/Makar is the highest whose 0 degree is indicated by the Cardinal cross, or the beginning of the sign; in time this is 21-22 December each year. The next circle (Sidereal) is the current astronomical/Nirayana astrology calculation as to where that cross would fall if Makar is supposed to BEGIN only on 15th of January – i.e., 23 days/degrees into Capricorn/Makar. This shows the distance away from the actual Solstice.  The outermost circle (Constellations) presents the zodiac of astronomers, comprised of the 12 pictographs imaginatively constructed into that sphere – on the order of the child’s game of connecting the dots! And this is accurate science?

In current Indian astrology the constellation/sidereal sphere becomes relevant as a backdrop for certain stars (nakshatras), though today the latter is given entirely too much importance in Nirayana post-Vedic astrology. That sphere, disregarding the stars and considering it only as a ‘canvas’ onto which the zodiac is projected, pretends to be the very same 360-degree circle divided by 30 degrees for an equal 12, just as the ecliptic plane is divided. Onto or into that circle the background motion of the ecliptic plane is projected; the movement/dial is called the Precession of the Equinoxes, again highlighting the relevance of the equinoxes and solstices. It needs to be repeated time and again (with the hope that someday the message will get through), there are no equinoxes and solstices in the constellations. The movement that calls forth the passage of the astrological ages (yugas), indicates for Earth inhabitants where the societies and civilisations we create stand in the vaster movement of the Ages. Given the aberration and consequent mis-measure, India has no means of accurately locating her civilisation’s position within the larger cosmic cycles. The result is necessarily only chaos in an area where accuracy is paramount and clarity comes only with the true Vedic Divine Measure provided by the Line of Ten.

Finally, projection onto the extended sphere by the dial/plane is only pertinent to the movement of the astrological ages and cannot be used to construct the horoscope of the individual, or even of rituals on Earth. For the latter the tropical zodiac is the means to deal with individual incarnations properly. Unfortunately, mis-measure using the wrong circle, as illustrated, has created confusion where none need exist, and has been the result of astrology being considered a pseudo-science. There can be no claim to science with the current practices; at the same time, scientific methodology as we understand it today cannot be applied to this most sacred of the 64 Arts, mother of all the rest and the one responsible for connecting what transpires on Earth to the cosmic surround in an applicable manner, as demonstrated in the cosmology of the New Way.

The Gita makes the role of the Vishnu dasavataras abundantly clear when Lord Krishna states, I come yuge-yuge. This ascertainment of his role in the quest for accuracy is more than clear: it is his primary task, for reasons described throughout the postings of Puranic Cosmology Updated. This is how we redeem the Earth (in mythology it would be described as a battle between good and evil, the latter standing at the threshold of taking possession of the planet). Redemption (or the victory of the Gods) is accomplished by the descent of the Emanations of the Time-Spirit honouring her measure, her contribution to the harmony of the Solar System. This redemption is not done by a miraculous appearance interjected from beyond our measures of time and space, or a Second Coming on the order of an appearance in the heavens, descending as a figure of light with flaming sword in hand, as comforting as the image may be. It is the Earth herself that is ‘redeemed’ when she is no longer thought to be a hell to flee from but rather a sublime contributor to the harmony of the cosmos, thereby making the 9th Avatar’s prophecy of a life Divine on Earth that much more realisable.

For this reason PCU has been centred largely on clearing the cobwebs away that cover what I have called the backbone of the Sanatana Dharma – i.e. its Axis. Interestingly, and to prove the consistency – that is, why there is confusion in the issue of the Avatar, as well as in making the correct cosmic connection – it is be because the two go hand-in-hand. We can only recognise who the true Emanation might be when we ascertain his ‘cosmic credentials’, and those are discernible only when the correct circle is utilised for the calculations that alone can reveal those credentials. Of most essential importance is the correct location of Makar Sankranti. Vested interests (alias, asuric hostile forces) can, for a time, hide the greatest truth the Earth has ever known – but only for a time.


What Is Lacking in National Discourse?

Organiser - India's Sanatana Dharma

Link HERE to read the full article in Organiser.
Excerpts: 'India has managed to preserve that foundational base and carry it forward into the 21st Century. In spite of all the vicissitudes, the fumblings, the missteps and falls, the base is preserved and requires simply the act of resuscitating the body that lies dormant beneath the veils of the ages – not dead as all once-great ancient civilisations are, but merely in a slumber while waiting for the appropriate time for resuscitation. That moment began early in the last century; it has been a long process, the culmination of which is being reached in our very own times.'

'In June of 2013, the divine Ganga conveyed the message that time is running out. She broke through seemingly ironclad barriers, crashing over whatever stood in her way as she delivered the message that no resistance would be brooked: the time for change has come; no longer can society continue paying mere lip service to the Goddess. ... The Future Realisation, an offering of Aeon Centre of Cosmology at Mati Ghar of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, in early January 2015, is an exhibition that joins in conveying Ganga’s message.' [emphasis added]

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The Perennial Dispute: Is Astrology Science or Superstition?

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
22.12.2014 (the true Makar Sankranti)

Science or superstition? This could be the introductory query on what The Future Realisation (TFR) exhibition consists of, to be held in Delhi at Mati Ghar of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, from 1st January 2015. To further clarify, it is an applied cosmology to distinguish it from that of the physical sciences which is largely theoretical and in many cases speculative. In addition, the public is likely to confuse the contents of TFR with astrology as it is practiced in India today. Therefore, a clarification needs to be made at the outset. TFR displays the entirely new Indo-Centric Cosmology; there is a certain language commonality between astrology and this new cosmology; but the similarity ends there. This new approach to the sacred sciences uplifts astrology to a higher level; while not dismissing it; in the process TFR reveals unknown aspects of the art.
Periodically the debate arises in the national discourse: Is astrology science or superstition? To illustrate, on 9.12.2014, an article appeared in The Hindu editorial page ‘Tampering with Scientific Temper’, by Peter Ronald deSouza. While The Future Realisation is not centred on astrology as such, it does adequately answer this question because of the language – the Zodiac – common to both. In India an astrologer is approached almost exclusively for predicting a person’s future; or else for ritualistic purposes, to ascertain the most auspicious timing for events. But this is only a small part of its true purpose, which is a body of higher knowledge for initiates – now, unfortunately, lost in India. Nonetheless, this process called the Journey in the Rig Veda continues to be the mainstay of all the systems and traditions that lay claim to this single inspirational source, even though most of the hymns remain a mystery.
In ancient times the zodiac, astrology’s basic alphabet, conveyed a body of higher knowledge; hence it formed part of the sacred sciences not only in India but in all the Mystery Schools of the ancient world. Forecasting the future was only a small aspect of the practice, though an important and necessary ingredient insofar as astrology is a study of Time which comprises past, present and future: the unity of Time, in the Vedic Age called trikaladrishti – or the vision of the three times. As an element of higher knowledge its threefold aspect cannot be ignored. But the sanctity of the art resided in the fact that its main purpose was to foster a perception based on unity. And this was to provide a basis for the whole field of life, to ultimately reach a harmonious fulfilment.

Vishnu Trivikrama in Time, not Space
Today this is not at all the purpose of the study of Time, in astrology or otherwise. As an example we may take perhaps the most famous of all myths found in the Rig Veda, Vishnu Trivikrama. The common interpretation, purely speculative, is that the three strides are spatial measurements albeit moving across dimensions; whereas the myth is very specific: the key to the correct interpretation lies in Time – more specifically, these Vishnu verses convey correctly when his Avatars will take birth on Earth, particularly the last three, the 7th, the 8th and 9th, or his three strides. This is an example of the knowledge that was lost when pundits lost the cosmic connection, foundation of everything the Sanatana Dharma is based on. This time factor is embedded in the circumscribing cosmic harmony and for this reason much of the ancient scriptures are not understood. Sri Aurobindo wrote in the early part of the last century, 

‘…It is because we do not understand the Vedas that three-fourths of the Upanishads are a sealed book to us. Even of the little we think we can understand, much has been insecurely grasped and superficially comprehended… For want of this key profound scholars have fumbled and for want of this guidance great thinkers gone astray…’

‘Religious movements have come and gone or left their mark but after all and through all the Veda remains to us our Rock of the Ages, our eternal foundation… The Upanishads, mighty as they are, only aspire to bring out, arrange philosophically in the language of later thinking and crown with the supreme name of Brahman the eternal knowledge enshrined in the Vedas. Yet for some two thousand years at least no Indian has really understood the Vedas.’ (India’s Rebirth, emphasis mine.)

The Philosophy of Astrology
To return to the question, Is astrology superstition or science? The answer lies in the manner we approach the art; we may call it the philosophy of astrology. We do not expect a person unschooled in physics to pass judgment on relativity or quantum physics. But for some strange reason we accept that a physicist, for example, is expected to be qualified to pass judgment on a sacred art, though he has never been schooled in the subject. And by ‘schooled’ I mean the purification process a true astrologer must pass through before any of the more arcane knowledge is revealed. This is often referred to as an initiation. When that intense discipline is undergone, usually covering many more years than the amount put into obtaining a degree in physics, the adept is able to penetrate the mysteries and come upon answers that science has never been able to provide.
The reason is simple enough where the sacred sciences are concerned: The foundation of a true astrologer/cosmologist is a consciousness of unity. Its establishment is the very first step – and it is the longest and hardest. Once attained it becomes the anchor or axis for the seer; he or she can then extend beyond from that innermost centre to expound on the grandeur seen from that tiniest point, ‘no bigger than a thumb’, as the Upanishad describes the individual soul. But this begs for some clarification because the term is not easily understood.
‘Unity’ in the context of a sage or seer of the true Vedic sort involves the ability to expand one’s consciousness to embrace this side and that – i.e., beyond the event horizon of contemporary physics. This is unity for the Rishi: the ability to move across thresholds that science cannot penetrate. This barrier is admittedly out of bounds for the scientist because we know that the mathematical foundation of all contemporary sciences breaks down at that threshold; whereas, the seer crosses over the ‘horizon’ as no scientist can do, precisely because he or she is graced with a perceptive capacity that permits the construction of a bridge between here and there.
That is the true unity-consciousness, differentiating it as we must from the common understanding: i.e., a consciousness that sees ‘the unity between all things’. To be precise, on this side of the demarcation that experience is more accurately known as Oneness. The sage sees this ‘oneness’ upon which basis he or she can say: We are THAT. We are all One in an indivisible unity.

Beyond Relativity, the call of the hour
The factor that allows the sage to possess a unity-consciousness and bridge the subtle and the physical is the discovery of the true function of gravity, whatever the name or the description given to the experience in earlier times. We know that the stumbling-block the physicist faces today in the discovery of a Theory of Everything (TOE) is precisely gravity. Understandably, because gravity is that very bridge. Gravity is the cosmic property that bridges the subtle and the physical. It is the carry over from the other side to this; hence to understand its true nature the physicist must employ a different mathematics, a system that is intrinsically unifying. In the new cosmology this system is called the Mathematics of Unity; in Vedic Mathematics it is reducing a number to its ‘seed digit’, as in the following: 2014: 2+0+1+4=7. Thus 7 is the year’s seed digit.
But to be borne in mind is that this truly Vedic realisation does not form a part of the modern schools of Yoga, or even of the schools of philosophy that have arisen after the time of the Buddha.
This answers another question in the national discourse: Why impose Vedic Mathematics in school curricula today, when we have much more ‘advanced’ systems and, above all, the omniscient computer? It is because one of the most important elements in this ‘obsolete’ system is the focus on ‘seed digits’? On the ‘other side’ whole tones are the key to the mysteries discovered there. That is the mathematics that can be employed to understand how gravity operates, how it bridges the subtle and material – and therefore the role of Time because the contraction of gravity is actually Time on the other side of the event horizon. TFR reveals with precision how the revelation of a simple formula, 9/6/3/0-1, can prove the connectivity between the subtle and material through the application of the formula in a series of twelve births that on this side, according to the birth dates of these twelve individuals, display the control of Mahakala who himself bridges the subtle and physical; that is, TFR reveals that our material dimension is the extension of the One. On the other side, Time is contracted in quanta of triads expressed in the formula as 9/6/3/0. But when the Zero is reached in the descending compression, by the intensity of this compaction, the Zero-Womb of fullness gives birth to the One. Thereafter the flow is sequential – 1 to 2 to 3, and so forth. This very message was given by Aurobindoavatar from the beginning of his joint mission with the Mother in the central square of his own symbol, called the Lotus of the Avatar, with the formula 9, 6, 3 in its petals and leaves. 

In an applicable, non-speculative manner this reveals that the understanding of the nature of our world is expressed in this formula, countering, or rather completing Relativity Theory: 

3 dimensions of Time (the triadic compacting quanta),
the 4th dimension of which is the point of space 

From that compacted bija-point – in sound-vibration it is the primordial Om – the physical manifestation evolves sequentially; thereafter, relativity theory steps in, but because of the disconnection physics does not have a foundation in absoluteness, as enjoyed in the Vedic Age, and only relativity lies at the root of whatever our 20th Century has given rise to: wonders of technology, yes, but also the most destructive weapons ever devised by man, an impossibility in the next step of evolution. But if we know the contents of that sacred Seed, we can know where evolution is taking us. That, in a nutshell, is the purpose of The Future Realisation: to explore that tiniest particle containing the divine Purpose that carries us to the next stage of evolution.
From the first breath at the moment of birth, that compacted Seed (from the other side) is integrated with the entire solar system – that is, the individual at his or her very birth is drawn into the cosmic harmony and is able to learn through the horoscope what part is to be played in the course of the sequential extension thereafter. No science or technology can perform this feat for individuals born on this planet – but of course the issue is that astrologers themselves of the contemporary brand have no understanding of the sacred nature of their art. They are not excluded from the assessment Sri Aurobindo made above (p.2). On the contrary, they are the most responsible for the decline because it is their duty to carry the message of this sanctity to the masses. Through the Hindu calendar, for example, those masses are led astray from this highest truth. Sri Aurobindo explains the mechanism we are discussing, of cosmic directions – vertical/contraction, horizontal/expansion – in terms of yoga in this way: 

‘There are in fact two systems simultaneously active in the organisation of the being and its parts: one is concentric, a series of rings or sheaths with the psychic at the centre; another is vertical, an ascension and descent, like a flight of steps, a series of superimposed planes with the supermind-overmind as the crucial nodus of the transition beyond the human into the Divine.’ 

In this paragraph Sri Aurobindo has described not only the vertical and horizontal ‘directions’, the destiny pattern of every individual, but a pure example of the control of Mahakala is the fact that TFR will be displayed in Mati Ghar at the IGNCA to physically express the same inward turn – three galleries, the innermost being that ‘psychic centre’ of his description. In TFR that ‘circle’ contains the Core of the Mother’s original plan with precise measurements given by her. 

Sri Aurobindo continues, 

‘First, there must be a conversion inwards, a going within to find the inmost psychic being, and bring it out to the front, disclosing at the same time the inner mind, inner vital, inner physical parts of the nature. Next, there must be an ascension, a series of conversions upwards and a turning down to convert the lower parts.’ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, the eternal aphorism
The convergence of the circumscribing data of the cosmic harmony as captured in the natal horoscope presents a super-photograph of the vastest dimensions to the astrologer-seer, as if it were the individual’s own private 0-1 experience – the reversal from vertical-contraction to horizontal-expansion, or extension in measurable planetary time. This is the key to the birth process lived by every creature that inhabits planet Earth.
Reading a horoscope is the same: penetration into the Seed of one’s individual compaction of Time in the space ‘no bigger than a thumb’. From birth that seed-essence begins its extension in and of Time. Therefore those triadic quanta in the Seed, or the content of the soul, are actually lived on this side where conscious awareness is possible, where evolution takes place. The meaning is that each individual incarnation is the image of THAT; and through each soul a seed of That is embodied here when birth occurs on this side of the horizon. Our lives, every second we breathe is the Transcendent experiencing the evolution of Itself in this material universe, on this most favoured of all the planets because its position in the third orbit of the System allows the Law of Three to function, to do what it was created for: it permits the individual to realise That as the sustenance of life and to understand that the purpose of birth is nothing other than to manifest the ultimate, maximum expression of the contents of the Seed on this side of the Horizon. The privilege birth offers is the fact that awareness is a property only of this material dimension, as well as growth into the divine Image. The coming race of gnostic beings differs from mortals of Martanda’s creation because they take birth in full knowledge of their divinity, their divine essence, and consciously participate with the Supreme to give the purest expression in matter to the highest Light in this universe whose number is 9.
After all, what is superstition? It is when the light is absent, when, as Sri Aurobindo wrote in the last century, ‘…the body remained but the soul of knowledge had fled from its coverings’. The aim of TFR is to offer a portion of that Light to illumine the path ahead and, above all else, to eliminate superstition – not by throwing the baby out with the bath water, but by introducing a higher synthesising quotient that elevates what has been covered in veils over the ages to the experience of a new Harmony. It is the new principle the Avatar introduced by his tapasya: the truth-conscious Supermind.

The 9th Manifestation: Prophecy of the Navagrahas
The Hindu temple as I have stated time and again is the repository of a lost knowledge on the subcontinent. It was conceptualised to preserve the ancient wisdom through a long period of humiliating darkness. In this 9th Manifestation we are destined to emerge from that darkness, never more to suffer regression. It is the special quality of this Manifestation because being the 9th it means that like a foetus in gestation for the past 77,760 years, the Divine Child is finally born. It means that the era of 3 x 3 has finally arrived. Everything we have known until now, even our most luminous seeings and spiritual attainments, will appear unreal and will pale into insignificance with the descent of this Gnostic Light.
Regarding the triadic quanta and astrology, here is an example of how superstition, or so it is thought by many, is simply the lack of knowledge because of a condition of incompletion. At the entrance to every Hindu temple we find the Navagrahas. This is one of science’s most conclusive ‘proofs’ that astrology is not a science. And why? Simply because the temple inculcates in each and every worshipper that 3 x 3 = 9 must be the focus, or we could say, the secret support behind the worship, the imprinting that must never be lost sight of. Science claims that this item is proof of the lack of scientific knowledge because astrologers do not know that Rahu and Ketu are not planets. Including them in the triadic presentation is tantamount to the greatest ignorance in their eyes. 

 Navagraha of Hindu Temples 

The truth is that the supreme value of the Navagrahas is to keep the divine Measure alive and uppermost in the devotee’s mind, coupled with a sense of belonging to the solar system: the Law of Three and the 9 are the key to the universe, as also believed by the great inventor and scientist, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943): ‘If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, 9, then you would have a key to the Universe.’
The importance of keeping the measure alive is in attendance of the solar system to the eye of the observer reaching its own maturity where the Law of Three and the divine Measure of 9 can be integrated into the lived experience of inhabitants of Earth. That maturity was attained in the last century just at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius in 1926. Shortly thereafter, in 1930 completion was reached and the system then expanded to 9 (the planets) and 0 (the Sun). Thus the Navagrahas are the foretelling of the Divine Measure that our solar system would attain centuries ahead, indicating the same expansion for the human species that would then be able to appreciate the greater harmony open to the perceiving eye of humanity. For this to occur the discovery of the Zero was of paramount importance because the count goes from 0 to 9; and this too India has given to the world. But how many in India and elsewhere could have imagined the future that simple unpretentious Naught held in its bosom? Originally configured as the Dot or Point, it was fullness – purnata – and not the shunya of today. This development from Point to the empty Circle tells the history of the decline better than all words.
Recently a parliamentarian stated that astrology was the greatest science. He was ridiculed. But every historian knows that astrology was for long considered the Mother of all Science. And according to what is written here, how can we claim that it is mere superstition? Where is the contemporary scientific discipline that can bridge the other side and this? But of course if science remains entrenched in the now stale and exhausted atheist mindset it seeks to impose on students under the guise of the ‘scientific temperament’, the very postulation is meaningless. For these entrenched fundamentalists there is actually no ‘other side’. Then the question to ask is why do they admit that their methodology breaks down at the event horizon if there is nothing other than what we can see and touch on this end of the spectrum?
Astrology and the new cosmology deal with Time. It is not a question of the influence of planets (another stick to beat the astrologer with since no such ‘influence’ has ever been detected). Time expresses itself in this solar system through orbits. It is a harmony of orbits that ‘influences’. And they work in triads. This is another indication of the tremendously important stage we have reached as a species: this system we belong to, our ‘extended family’, has finally reached the maturity indicated in the Measure of 9. Until that moment arrived in the last century when Pluto joined the holy family of our solar system, we could never hope to banish superstition forever. But of course there are those in the scientific community who insist on downgrading Pluto to the status of a non-planet. This issue is of no concern. Orbits, triads of 3, this is the only issue, the real issue that informs us we are on the threshold of a very great change. And India stands at the centre of it all. Blessed are her sages that have kept the tradition alive and managed to inculcate, emblazon the 9 into the consciousness of seekers across the ages in attendance of this sublime moment.

Science must abdicate before a higher truth
The exhibition offered to the Delhi public should be visited primarily by scientists, those who hold the entrenched belief that astrology, a relative of this new cosmology, is mere superstition and must be erased from the memory of the nation at all costs. While The Future Realisation is not a display of astrology as such, I repeat, we share a common language. I throw down the gauntlet to members of the scientific community to visit the exhibition and then to participate in a debate on 5 January at 5 PM, on the evidence on display that ought to challenge the mind of anyone believing to have a truly scientific temper. We would like a debate on how various points of this sacred cosmology would be answered by the scientist – or dismissed – such as the connected series of twelve births spread across a century fulfilling with exactitude the formula 9/6/3/0-1. Most will want to brush off the evidence on display as mere coincidence; however, this becomes untenable when that evidence is so voluminous as to render the label ludicrous. Hiding behind this worn-out excuse will only further erode its credibility.
The point being made is that to pass a proper scientific judgement on this new Indo-centric cosmology as displayed in The Future Realisation, the scientist has to be thoroughly familiar with its basic tenets. First and foremost he or she would have to dismiss preconceptions and approach the material on face value, so to speak. The methodology and formulations of contemporary science must be set aside. This is a system beyond both science and spirituality.
On 24.5.1962, the Mother discussed her experiences, then in the germinating stage, related to this very topic. What the Mother was waiting for before she could adequately describe her experiences is the key – the lived experience: 

‘It is something we are searching for. Perhaps not merely searching for, but building.
‘We are being used so that we may participate in the manifestation of that which is as yet inconceivable for everyone, because it is not yet there. It is an expression that is yet to come…’
‘…These positions, the spiritual and the “materialist”, if one may call it so, that are believed to be exclusive…are insufficient, not only because they do not admit each other, but because even admitting the two and uniting the two does not suffice to solve the problem. There is something else – a third thing which is not the result of these two, but something that is to be discovered, which will probably open the door to the total Knowledge.
‘…And as for saying what it is, the other one, the true position? It is so much beyond all intellectual states that I am unable to formulate it.
‘But the formula will come, I know. But it will come in a series of lived experiences that I have not had yet.