A Cosmological Perspective


The time-bound necessity of War

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
December 2013

Certain events of enormous historical significance are analysed in this series within a cosmological framework. These are the two World Wars of the last century; and on the subcontinent, the declaration of Emergency (1975) which has coloured the Indian polity ever since. The objective in choosing these apparently disconnected events is for the fact that they provide an opportunity to apply certain formulas of the new cosmology as expressed in two separate diagrams that are major keys of knowledge to help us understand the workings of the Time-Spirit in the evolutionary mechanism.

To begin, I will present a summary of the underlying premise of this analysis. There is a backdrop for events transpiring on Earth which, though ignored, is on the order of a cosmological constant that serves not only as pace setter, but also provides a key to a deeper comprehension of those events. Without this constant a thorough comprehension of the causes of certain happenings is lacking. Foremost is the fact that this backdrop is the element that integrates perception. Our assessments lack the quality of integration – however much we may believe the contrary – that comes with the cosmological perspective, based as it necessarily is on a vision of the Whole and Parts within the Whole. We may believe that historical, political, social or economic analyses are adequate to help us gain a more all-inclusive understanding of our world, but when the new cosmology is revealed the former assessments, which at one time appeared adequate to explain those happenings, in this new light are seen to be shallow. Above all, they lack not only integrality but also a sense of purpose. We participate in an evolutionary process the beginning and end of which we are ignorant.
For this series I have chosen two events as models to demonstrate that every happening on Earth is part of a comprehensive whole. That ‘whole’ is pre-existent. It is a pattern formed by the elements that constitute our solar system, with its ecliptic divided into 12 zodiacal signs/months spread across our 365-day year, and populated by a family of 9 planets that together provide the ‘pulse’ of the Earth, of nations, of individuals. This would be the overall pattern describing the field in which evolution transpires. We have the pattern/field in static form, as it were, but by adding dynamics – or Time as the motor of evolution – we journey through that special field adding each year, each day, each hour the parts required to give expression here on Earth to the harmony provided by the 9 and 12 of our solar system. In this way, by a far more conscious involvement, we begin to set in place a planetary society, the aspiration of enlightened souls across the ages. The time for actualising this ideal is upon us, for it expresses the heart and soul of the content of our current Age of Aquarius.
By adding dynamism via the time factor, one item above all is demanded. We begin with a circle which is the ecliptic where the Earth and other members of the Sun’s planetary family travel. The task before us is to locate the exact entry point into this gigantic cosmic timepiece, its 0 degree; without a precise knowledge that can unveil the Zero Point, as Earth beings we would wander aimlessly in the vast cosmic sea, tossed hither and thither as if compass-less – for indeed that is the situation we find ourselves in at this crossroads of destiny, as participants in total ignorance of both the static and dynamic nature of the cosmos in which we abide. Taking birth on Earth at this particular stage of the journey is significant in that only in our present Age can we become fully aware of this grand harmony we help to express.
To illustrate, I have chosen as the first example the two world wars of the 20th Century; taken together they will not only help to unveil the contours of the field/circle of Earth’s evolutionary trajectory, but in choosing this example the vital importance of locating the correct Zero Point is demonstrated; without that precision the exceptional importance of the World Wars in the history of the planet is not fully appreciated – that is, the role they played or their function in the cosmic scheme. Further, with these two world-changing events we have confirmation of the date I have given for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius – 1926. This analysis will prove the correctness of my calculations.

War as cosmic necessity

The causes of the First World War are less clear than those of the second, and this very fact gives us a clue to the character of that devastating conflict and the role it played in evolution. Without 1926 as the Zero Point of the Aquarian Age, little could be conclusively gleaned of the purpose of World War 1. We do accept certain facts that stand beyond dispute, as, for example, the trigger of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination. But once on its way, the War’s defining characteristic must necessarily be its first-ever global reach: For the first time the major nations straddling the entire globe became engaged in the conflict. It is in this context that the War can be properly assessed; this must per force colour our perception of a conflict that decimated an entire generation.  Seen in a certain light, of all the conflicts the world has known, this, the first with international involvement, appears one of the most noble, as this analysis will establish.
To fully understand what exactly forced this world-wide engagement it is necessary to explain certain aspects of our time experience – namely, past, present and future. These also have to be taken as a composite whole. We experience the flow linearly, a straight arrow from past through present to future, as well we must if we are to be true to our presence on planet Earth. But there is a thread passing through the sequence. It means that the future pulls the events of the present to itself – establishing thereby a secure course and direction. In this way our journey through evolution is not at all aimless and chaotic: the Field this play moves through confers order, cosmos at all times. The only problem is that though actual participants, we are blind to the mechanism as it transpires.
This process holds for individuals as well, with the added proviso that the position an individual occupies within the structure, based on his or her level of development, establishes whether or not that pull forward is direct and single-bodied or a lunging forward into myriad directions or potentials; that is to say, whether or not chance has a role to play. The operation must be viewed as a vertical pole rooted in the horizontal Field that is the same for all creatures and for the entire solar system. For the purposes of this study, the vertical is best viewed as a ladder. The individual component experiences Time from a determined rung on this vertical ladder while the base remains the same. The higher one moves, the wider the perspective and the more comprehensive the understanding of life on Earth.
However, regarding the passage from astrological age to age, chance plays no determining role. This is proven by the two world wars of the last century – a century that brought to a close an entire millennium, making way for a new one. The First World War thus served to close the Age of Pisces (234 BCE to 1926 CE). Given this special placement (in time) the principle characteristic of that devastating global experience is readily seen as a process of dissolution. The First World War can rightly be termed the first conscious experience of cosmic dissolution, with the objective of ridding the world consciousness of any encumbrances that might overburden civilisation to the point of being unable to move forward, relieved of appendages that once served a specific purpose but which, if left in place, would be a useless baggage in the new age that was to open before humanity in just a handful of years.

Those elusive ‘cosmic directions’

To better understand the mechanism, it must be explained that there are two ‘directions’ simultaneously in operation in the cosmos. Evolution is subject to these directions which are experienced as pressures influencing world events according to the strength or weakness of either of the two at any given point on the evolutionary scale. These are Contraction and Expansion, or Vertical (contraction) and Horizontal (expansion). The effect is that until a certain maturity is reached in the progression of human consciousness through the Ages, the Vertical that operates through gravity is experienced as Inertia because it is out of balance with its counterpart. The duller the perceptive capacity of individual or collectivity, the greater the arresting force of Inertia, in which case great shocks or upheavals are required to counter the force of Contraction/gravity so as to free the forward thrust of the Time-Spirit. Such was the situation prevailing at the time of the First World War. The call of the hour was a rapid and decisive advancement into the new Age, during which period great strides would be taken in all spheres of life. The colossal loss of human life and property and the destruction of entire cities, with international consequences, gives an indication of the powerful hold of Inertia that had to be broken.
The borderline (in time) was 1926; as stated, the new age just ahead was exerting its power to counter the pull of Inertia. Encumbrances serve the iron hold of Inertia; they play this role for individuals and for a civilisation in the expression of its destiny. Their usefulness is precisely to keep the movement within a specified time frame; but once the moment arrives for a shift, those once-useful attachments have to be shed. The First World War served this noble purpose.
However, to be noted before continuing is that only when oneness and integrality enter the conscious experience of humanity, even in reduced proportions, can dissolution replace destruction. That is, the process then offers a level of maturity that allows for a transformation of this order to occur. The dismantling then acquires a very different configuration. A certain hitherto unperceived control over the operation springs to the forefront; at which point only a willed blindness could cloud perception, bringing to mind the prophecy of a wise Sufi sage, ‘At this time, if real change is not brought about…then there is a very real danger that the earth will revert to a state of primordial chaos. It could be, if enough work is not done at the highest level soon, that we will see the end of civilisation in our lifetime. Already we have seen such deterioration that it is questionable just how much can be done.’
And further he states, ‘But it is those who have reached the knowledge of their essential unity with God who will forge the way and build a new world. Before this new world can be brought into being, however, it is said that there are to be two confrontations. The first confrontation will be between those who know and those who do not want to know, and the second between those who know and those who will have to know.’1
To begin the process as revealed in the two World Wars, the Earth must indeed present an integrated image of herself: the full contours of her body must come within the determining experience of life on Earth, which in and of itself indicates the more enhanced capacity of the human being to appreciate the new times we are experiencing. Indeed, the last century closing the Age of Pisces and opening up to the Aquarian Age served to integrate the globe as well as to provide the early impetus for the explorations the Aquarian Age would demand – i.e., space travel. It is not so much that the explorations presently undertaken in space are truly new age and worthy of the demands ahead; they are merely the first stirrings. Before long they will appear to us as stone-age pursuits when the true space age dawns.
The full body of this third planet was explored and uncovered by sea during the Age of Pisces, a sign of the Water element. With that task completed under the influence of the Water element, the emphasis shifted in the new Age of Aquarius: the emphasis is now on the Air element to which Aquarius belongs, and hence the focus on air travel and space exploration.
For now the aspect that is most important to note is not exactly space travel but civilisation’s indomitable thirst to extend boundaries in whatever sphere and in all areas of existence. This is part of the cosmic formula planet Earth adheres to because the passage through the zodiacal ages falls within the embrace of one of the 12 Manifestations. The map below graphically explains our location in the flow of the astrological ages.
We are in the 9th Manifestation, as the arrow demonstrates, the whole of which belongs to the 9th sign Sagittarius, noted precisely for its compulsion to extend and exceed boundaries. This more expanded influence colours the three ages that comprise each Manifestation. At our present station these are Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn, moving backward through the wheel due to the Precession of the Equinox that establishes the direction of the rotation over thousands of years. The location on this time wheel we are analysing is the first and second Ages of the 9th – that is, the passage from Pisces across the border into Aquarius where we are presently positioned.

The Map of 12 Manifestations
[Click on Image for a better view]


Foremost to understand is that there is a Spatial geography and a geography of Time. In this Age of Aquarius our location within the latter has been disclosed, a revelation reserved only for a civilisation that has matured to the point of being in a position to appreciate its significance. We are, in fact, 87 years into the Age of Aquarius, the whole of which consists of 2160 years. The First World War began 12 years before the crossing (1914) and bore the full impact of Dissolution: an entirely new world stood beyond the border and the Spirit of the Age set about quickly to rid civilisation of the many encumbrances that might impede the Aquarian expression that lay just ahead. For instance, one of the main casualties of that War of Dissolution was the monarchical (and feudal) forms of governance, largely based on family dynasties. Contrarily, the new world set the tone for a different type of governance – democracies and similar processes in which the people are engaged. The compulsions of the Piscean Age with its penchant for monarchies, was being dissolved as the Age was nearing its end. Central to the process and perhaps most important of all, it must be added in conclusion, was the focus on the until-then accepted right to colonise and exploit. Once into the Age of Aquarius, the existence of colonies was destined to end.

1 The Last Barrier, Reshad Field, Harper and Row, USA, 1976.

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