Contraction, the Zero and the Speed of Consciousness - Part III

12:07 PM

I should have known that such a seeing would extend itself to perception after perception. The latest is perhaps the best of all.
We always marvel at the perfect harmony of our solar system, particularly displayed in the phenomenon of eclipses. But we must always remember that the 9 functions there as well – the cycle revolves around 18. The space phenomenon simply displays then the harmony of Time from the other side – whole tones transcribed here.
The exquisite harmony of our universe has no non-speculative explanation. We invoke ‘God’ to settle the matter, which explains nothing. It is all far more ‘material’. We must only re-focus our lens to carry us into essentials and not take refuge in speculations and abstractions.
The universe is what it is because the creative upholding Womb is what it is. Therefore our solar system, for example, can only carry that essentiality into the extension of Itself in space. When we stand in awe of the harmony that surrounds us, we are standing in awe of the face of God. The materialist and the spiritualist will argue the issue forever and the twain shall never meet. Both are right – yet, both are wrong. They have, neither of them, gone deep enough. The cosmologist believes that in the depth of space he will find the answer. Thus he penetrates ever deeper into the past – moving thereby farther and farther away from that portal through which he can gain entrance to the secret chamber of his own soul and touch the essence of Harmony.
Of course the upholder of Intelligent Design must sustain that only a Godlike intelligence would create the perfection we see about us. Out of that equivalence, however, he must exclude the human being because his imperfections are anything but Godlike.
It is all far more ‘mechanical’: whole tones of contraction – the contraction of the original triadic building blocks – become the universe. Holding within that compacted seed,  the essence of Harmony, when expansion takes over only that triadic harmony can become the material universe.
There is no division – cut and dry; there is only reversal of the 0 to the One which is the fourth principle of integration. Indeed, without that 0 to 1 there is no universe, nothing binding and integrating.

[8.1.2013, at the time of posting: It is to be noted that an extension of this avataric formula, which ends in 0 to 1 and is such a significant part of the process of material manifestation, lies at the basis of all computer science and technology. A similar example of application of the avataric formula would be the structure of Carnatic music. I had written in my journal (7.4.2012) that the ragas can be infinite because of the triadic compaction, on the other side, in the Zero. But this is not entirely accurate. The collection of ragas encapsulates the LAWS of universal manifestation which are determined beyond the threshold of the One, to be ‘extended’ on this side of the material demarcation. That is, the ragas will, in their totality, necessarily be multiples of 3, 6, or 9, according to the measure of our solar system at any given point in the precessional movement of the equinoxes – i.e., the passage of the astrological manifestation/ages. Presently they are 72 it appears, 6 x 12 (or 9x8), indicating an incomplete formulation as yet. The raga structure provides the cosmological foundation directly from the Zero/compaction as experienced on the other side. When the System expands it is reflected in the laws which provide the foundation for expansion in the material universe of 9. Therefore, the drone/Shruti is the single-most important element in classical music, without which order, cosmos could not exist ‘on this side’. And hence, the embellishment/ improvisation on any raga is equally an exercise in supreme order or cosmos – never chaos. There is no other music found anywhere on the globe today that so faithfully transcribes the entire philosophical/cosmological perceptions of the Ancients as the classical music of India. By this simple, single element – the drone – that perception has been encapsulated and HONOURED across the Ages.]


  1. Hi Thea,

    I recently have been reading through the articles you have posted over the last year or so and one thing keeps coming to mind - the work of Nassim Haramein. He is a physicist that has developed a Unified Field Theory, which includes many of the things you have been writing about, such as simultaneous expansion and contraction.

    Nassim says that there is a point/singularity/black hole at the center of all objects at different relative fractal scales - there is a black hole at the center of the galaxy, at the center of the sun, the earth, the atom, etc. He describes the structure of space itself as having a specific geometry - which he came to understand by studying sacred geometry. He dispenses with certain ideas such as dark matter, and the strong force, as something scientists made up because of fundamental flaws in physics.

    There is much more, and I thought that it might help you in your understanding, or at the very least be of interest. Nassim has has only recently begun to become well known and has had to battle a lot of naysayers from mainstream physics.

    You can stream the introductory video to his theory here: http://vimeo.com/38288818

    Nassim presents in a down to earth, easy to understand, and entertaining style.

    Love your work!