The Politics of Dynasty and the maturing of a nation

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology

The demise of the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-il and the appointment of his 28 year old son as successor inspires me to discuss the difference between these now-outdated politics of dynasty and the New Way Formula that was experienced in India. I have used this Formula – 9/6/3/0-1 – as an example of the new future that lies before the world, notwithstanding the fact that it too has sought to be used to further the politics of dynasty. But let us move a bit back in time to discover exactly when dynasties effectively came to an end as having any determining significance on the world stage. This was during the First World War at the close of the Age of Pisces and leading to the onset of the new Aquarian Age in 1926, our present astrological ruler.
There have been monarchies that have survived into the Aquarian Age, but they are for the most part simply figureheads in support of parliamentary democracies, mostly in the Commonwealth nations where the British model was adopted: a central (dynastic or presidential) axis with a parliamentary system of democracy as a periphery held together by this axis. India was one such nation. On 15 August 1947, Sri Aurobindo’s birthday, the nation consolidated its independent status. Three years later in 1950 the Constitution was adopted that has been the foundation of the political structure of the nation since it became a Republic. The date of the Constitution is 26/11/1949. It was, in fact, the very date of Sri Aurobindo’s return in 1963. Thus, independence in 1947 occurred on his birthday; while the date of the Constitution is that of his return. The point made seems more than clear.
Since then, and especially in an accelerated manner in the new millennium, 26/11 has acquired an iconic status equal to 9/11 in America, both events having occurred once we crossed the threshold to the new millennium. The attack in Mumbai on that date in 2008 set the tone for India. Since then other events have taken place on 26/11. The most recent one has resulted in a serious strain in USA/Pakistan relations when over two dozen Pakistan soldiers were killed in an attack by NATO troops.
It may appear on the surface that 26/11 is somehow inauspicious since it has brought certain tragic consequences. Actually the presence of 26/11 simply reveals that the Fourth Power of the Formula (0-1) is active. The question to ask is, active in what way, to serve what purpose? In point of fact what stands out prominently is that in their own way each marked decisive turning points. And that is precisely the nature of 26/11 in the new cosmology. It may be seen as a reversal point. To provide a graphic image, we may place our number scale around a circle, as the diagram below indicates. At the top there is 0-9. Moving down the sides of the circle through the numbers – i.e., 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, all equaling 9 – when we reach 4-5 the reversal takes place at the position in the circle which in the cosmology we allocate to the Fourth Power. In terms of our solar system of 0 (Sun) and 9 (planets), that position of extreme tension and reversal is the Asteroid Belt located between the orbits of the fourth planet, Mars, and the fifth, Jupiter. After reversal we move up the circle again with 5-4, 6-3, 7-2, 8-1 until we reach the 9 again. The shattered particles in the 4.5 Orbit of our System describe the nature of the Fourth Power and by consequence 26/11. For a time it may appear as a date best avoided, but that is only during this transition period when ‘shatterings’ of this nature are required in order to demolish structures that are obstructing progress. The Mumbai occurrence is a perfect example, a before-and-after, as it were. Likewise, the NATO bombing would appear to be a before-and-after as well.

Returning to the question of dynastic politics, India’s history over the past century and a half reveals the existence of a new power guiding evolution on Earth; new only in the sense that its workings are ‘measurable’ now with the Formula 9/6/3/0-1 as a sort of numeric ruler based on the Vedic method of reducing numbers to a ‘seed digit’; in this case it is a reduction of the birthdates involved. The focus of this brief analysis is on politics – particularly dynasties in politics which seem to make no sense in democratic structures. They can continue to play a role but only in some form of dictatorial system. This may appear to be a contradiction in terms in the development of Indian democracy pre- and post-independence, centred around the Nehru-Gandhi family. However, each member of that family was elected to office democratically – even its most staunch critics must admit – not imposed dictatorially.
The Nehru-Gandhi line, which in the new cosmology is called the Lunar Line, played a very different role. As I have described extensively in my major work, The New Way Volumes 1-3, it was to serve as an axis holding the nation together through the trials and tribulations it would pass through for a determined period, the time required for the polity to reach a certain maturity. The Congress single-party rule served as a stable point while the democratic process was becoming strengthened; after a specified period the polity then experienced a dramatic shift to coalition politics. Central to that ‘shift’ was the Fourth Power of the equation. It was indicated by the Formula itself, which because of its connection to the official calendar adopted by India at Independence, revealed a calendric application of ‘seed digits’, just when single party rule would cross over to coalition politics. This maturing of the polity could only be allowed once the axis 9/6/3/0-1 was firmly in place. In other words, it is Mahakala who controlled, and continues to control, the rise of a new India. Dynastic politics played no role whatsoever in the development – only cosmology. We have no name for a system wherein the Time-Spirit is seen to be overtly in control of the democratic process; failing which we call the phenomenon dynastic politics; whereas it is simply a new way, a measurable mechanism which the official calendar itself validates.
The progression up to the entry of the Fourth Power of the equation (0-1) is vertical, as in the descending line in the figure, . Upon entry of the 4th, a shift takes place from vertical to horizontal the base line of the former illustration. At that point the ‘multiple’ takes over and in terms of politics it is when coalitions come to the fore. The date when this shift was made operational was at the demise of Indira Gandhi and the entry of the fourth in the Lunar Line, Rajiv Gandhi. But at his demise, the last member of the Line, the question of any further succession does not arise. Thereafter any rise to power is based on the political prowess of all the participants in the political arena, the Gandhi family included. The heirs of any of the numerous ‘dynasties’ in Indian politics may rise to occupy prominent positions in whichever party they may be a part of, but to be borne in mind is that their rise is on their own steam as it were. Contrast this with the vertical which was imposed by Mahakala ‘from above’ though through the same legitimate democratic process. In other words, there is now a level (horizontal) playing field which in itself indicates the level of maturity the system enjoys.
Mahakala’s role was of vital importance in the beginning of the Aquarian Age. It was a time of great ‘churning’ when emerging powers were seeking to establish the new world in their image – the Nazi regime in Germany, for example, that sought to pervert the role India was destined to play by blatantly usurping certain Vedic geometric symbols. India, as the cosmologically destined centre of the New Age had to be protected from the fury of that Churning. But that the geometry usurped was Vedic indicates that India was the target.
This was the task set before Mahakala and facilitated by individuals who took birth in accordance with the Formula in a direct biological line, replacing royal dynasties of the past with a new model that utilises the power of the Time-Spirit in such a way that the line between physical and subtle worlds is erased¬¬¬. All these births, a total of 12 in all, including the Solar Line together with the Lunar, were arranged ‘on the other side’ so to speak. This is how ‘heaven’ is drawn down to Earth.
The birthdates are their ‘seed digit’ equivalents are as follows:

We may protest, we may howl and scream at the arrangement we have been saddled with, but we cannot deny its existence: 9/6/3/0-1 is the sacred formula that set on its way the new India for its own protection. Indeed, the system is based on the number 9 which is the number-power of the Divine Mother, whose protection as Durga is undeniable. She is also known as Bharat Mata.
The point is not to rebel against this arrangement but to understand what it has meant for the nation – and then TO MOVE ON, to move along with the Time-Spirit whose guidance carries us to discover the marvels that lie ahead. The Lunar Line of the Nehru-Gandhis had a role to play, guided by Mahakala. Now that the democratic system is secure refinements must take place, a ‘tweaking’ as it were. We are witness to just such a case in the current desire to eliminate corruption. But we may legitimately ask: If Mahakala is so much in control, whose power is undeniably helping the nation reach its pinnacle of destiny, how is it that we are saddled with this apparently incurable disease? It would seem to be a contradiction in terms. However, how this shadow of corruption came about is easily understood through the same Formula.
The new India arose on the number-power 3 (1947=3) of the Formula. The underlying goal of its application is ultimately to reach a point of integration of all its powers in order to give birth to the Soul which alone can carry the nation forward into the new future that stands not only before India but before the entire world. The principal qualities of the 3 in the equation are freedom and unity both individually and collectively. Since the 3 is the soul in evolution we learn through this that these are longings proper to the soul. Therefore they are as eternal as the soul is eternal. They drive the human being to seek their fulfilment. In times like ours when the Aquarian Wave is arousing the soul-power in people, the call of the hour is freedom as witnessed across the globe. And though it may not appear to be so on the surface, the unity conjoined to freedom can only come about when the Wave sweeps away the old and the collective arousal of soul-power imposes a forward-moving, relentless drive to install new systems in every sphere of life that can satisfy the longing for these attributes of the 3 to manifest.
Corruption as experienced in India is simply the unbridled licence that has been unleashed by the shadow of the 3, the Soul. It is again a usurpation of power. And that ‘shadow’ is commonly known as the Ego. It exists for itself, by itself, of itself, and thus corruption is the result which is simply an extreme form of egoism. It is not as the 26/11 Constitution stipulates: a system of the people, for the people, by the people.
In the present situation unity cannot manifest because of the Shadow’s policy of divide-and-rule. Indeed, as suppressors of freedom the Raj left systems in place that would further divide-and-rule. Maturity is recognised to have occurred when in full awareness those out-dated structures are dismantled. The struggle to introduce an efficient law to deal with that corruption of the soul-power in order to eliminate corruption is a collective attempt to be rid of the Shadow (of the past).
The soul integrates, the ego divides. That is its function as a protective device until a certain maturity is reached. Applied to the political system, the very fact that this Aquarian Wave is sweeping across the nation at this time indicates that maturity has been reached and a certain cleansing process can now begin without damaging the basic fundaments that the Constitution stipulates. The current response – soul to soul – that has been awakened in the population is the best proof of the existence of the Aquarian Wave that is moving across the globe, affecting nations according to their needs of the moment. In India the time has come to tweak the system and eliminate its worst disease, because maturity has been reached that can withstand the pressure when seeking to do so. It is a strengthening mechanism and in no way destructive of the system Mahakala has firmly set in place in a carefully monitored and guided process, unique in the world.
The most fascinating aspect of the Aquarian Wave as experienced in India today is that the people will force a system to be set in place of laws that can allow the nation to fulfil that singular destiny. If politics is perceived by the populace as the breeding ground of corruption, then the uniqueness of this movement is that it is forcing the political class to legislate against itself. That requires undeniable maturity.


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The End of Relativity

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
Tamil Nadu, South India
15 December 2011

This morning’s news, carried on channels throughout the world, is that Time magazine has nominated ‘the Protestor’ as Person of the Year. For followers of this blog it may not be easily understood how this happening can be connected to the end of the speed of light as the distinguishing paradigm of our contemporary world, but it is so. The two happenings are indeed connected even as they are simultaneous, as I intend to explain. Interestingly, the means to make the connection will be through my updated Vedic Myth The Magical Carousel (1970), a symbolic odyssey through the zodiac. I will present extracts from the tale, followed by extensive commentaries on its symbolism (1979) to illustrate the point. Since this tale was written in early 1970, and its Commentaries nine years later, the text I present bears a decided prophetic quality. This is not unusual because based as it is on the zodiac, through this key of knowledge humanity has been provided with, what I call, a Map of Evolution; each step of the way in our collective act of Becoming can be known beforehand. This is the grace we, as human inhabitants of planet Earth, are blessed with. As I have pointed out in the course of the updating I have been engaged in on this blog, this knowledge is not at all new. It has been with us from beyond the boundaries of our historical period, and will remain with us while there is a human incarnation with an individual Soul, the repository of all knowledge.
In Chapter IX the experiences of Sagittarius are described, the main protagonists of the story leave that realm by attaining precisely a speed that exceeds that of light. They are sent on their journey with these words ringing in their ears by Heropodus Heronimus, the Teacher of the Foundation for Higher Knowledge of Sagittarius:

‘You are about to discover the last three realms, the regions very few consciously reach. Remember Heropodus Heronimus and all his teachings, for in those realms this knowledge is used. Good-bye my little ones, good-bye…
‘They gallop off at great speed, crossing the violet and fuchsia coloured land, for the Centaur [of Sagittarius] makes every effort to fulfil his mission properly and to bring the children to their destination on time. He travels so swiftly they seem to go even faster than sound and light, and at a certain moment the very space around them disappears, they are almost unaware of moving at all and seem to have entered a point right within themselves.’ (TMC, p. 102, Aeon Books)

From this moment onward the children enter a realm (‘right within themselves’) where they experience what our civilisation is experiencing now, as it moves beyond a relativism that has conditioned everything we have created since the beginning of the last century. The impasse we, as a collective global society, have reached is described in the tale and its Commentaries that follow. The new citizen, the world traveller on the path that unites us all, is one who is no longer satisfied with that relativism and its destructive character. The movement of the masses throughout the world, as I explained in an earlier blog post is described in TMC as a tornado that sweeps across the Earth eliminating everything that stands in the way of the manifestation of a new world, a new society, a consciousness of unity:

An update is required in presenting this essay [The Seeds of Undermining] to readers of this blog. In 1986 Aeon Trust was formed to provide support to Aeon Centre of Cosmology. We had secured a small portion of land to begin building the Centre, where we continue our work to this day. In doing so I had to deal with every aspect of the Government, the Bureaucracy, as well as the police. My experience provoked this essay.
It is August of 2011 and what I wrote in 1989 is relevant and in fact prophetic when read in the context of what is transpiring throughout the world today. There is what I have called an Aquarian Wave sweeping across the entire world (see The Magical Carousel, Chapter 11, Aeon Books). This ‘wave’ is effecting almost every country in the world, each one responds in the way required for that particular country. We see in the Arab world how the Aquarian Wave has produced movements for democracy (the ‘Arab Spring’) because that is what those countries require. It is, in a sense, a neutral wave: the results of its influence are what each nation requires. Therefore, it is entirely in keeping with the times which demand TRUE FREEDOM. Nothing is imposed from OUTSIDE. The Wave stirs the people within as required in each case. There is no uniform imposition of one ideology or another. It is thus an influence that works from within by this unique process. It is true non-violence.
In America the Wave affects economics, because that is the ‘pulse’ of the American nation [witness the Occupy Wall Street Movement] . In India, as we see being played out today in a stunning fashion, the Wave produces the reaction, also FROM WITHIN, to fight the cancer that is corruption, as the essay below deals with. Yes indeed, the parasite has become the tree, as I wrote 22 years ago. The issue at hand everywhere is to force systems to be set in place – by the people – which can best serve the interests in each country of the people governments must serve.

There is no retreat from this collective operation because the force at work is a phenomenon from a plane that the human being can have access to only in altered states of consciousness. However, the goal of the ‘wave’ sweeping across the world as we witness is precisely to bring that consciousness of unity into our lived experience and to have it form the basis of the new society the people are demanding. In view of the singular importance of what is transpiring and the decisive role the people are playing at this time, we must recognise that in spite of the dire circumstances surrounding us, especially those of us who live in the subcontinent, we are indeed blessed to be alive at this potent moment in the history of our planet.
The Commentaries to TMC were written nine years after its composition. Chapter X of this contemporary Vedic Myth reveals the nature of the world we are entering – nay, helping to create – after the successful leap from Relativity to Absolutism. It is this leap that introduces an entirely new way of being for which our world has been made ready, though we are still in the transitional phase and before us stand two alternatives: Creation or Destruction. As the tale describes, it is the Time-Spirit that holds the key to a safe passage out of the destructive world of Relativity and into the unknown territory that lies ahead. Further, it needs to be stated emphatically: There will be no solutions found to preserve aspects of the old world that are in the last throes of death. Nothing created out of Relativity can solve these problems. Hence the despair that is increasingly gripping our collective consciousness when no nation on Earth, no government, no theories, none of the current intellectual luminaries we flock to provide the answers that can halt the decline.
However, the Aquarian Wave has a goal, a purpose. It arouses the hearts of the people and by their relentless and courageous efforts the new way will become established on their fiat. Here are the final paragraphs explaining the symbolism of Sagittarius in the Commentaries to Chapter IX of The Magical Carousel and the question of relativity, so prominent in the contemporary discourse:

According to the vast movement of evolution as recorded in the Precession of the Equinoxes in terms of thousands upon thousands of Earth years, we are now at the ninth level of development, or a stage where a great leap forward is being made and a new race is to rise and take its place on Earth. The principal characteristic of this race is a consciousness of truth, of unity – that is, a race that has gone beyond Mind, that is no longer under the rule of the mental consciousness. In terms of modern science, this new appearance can be described as a race living in the consciousness of absolute truth not relativism. Relativity is the supreme heights of Mind. As a race we must now cross the border of the ninth level and experience what lies beyond relativity: we must plunge into the dimension of Truth. Therefore this ninth chapter is an extremely important one in the story, because it indicates the dharma of the entire evolution of consciousness on Earth, as consciously lived in the human being. The human race stands poised at the very borderline, and it faces either salvation or destruction. Either it comes to the experience beyond Relativity, or the fruits of that fragmentary knowing will produce the very weapons for its annihilation. But the plunge is a difficult one because the experience is new. We do not know what lies beyond the border, what our condition will actually be if we ‘exceed the speed of light’, what dimension we shall thus plunge into.

And then this updated Vedic myth continues and the children enter the next land, Capricorn and the discovery of what exactly that ‘plunge’ will bring. The Commentaries continue:

With nine signs traversed in our odyssey we stand with Val and Pom-pom at the threshold of the last quarter of the zodiac, the realm of unity of being. From this vantage-point it is possible to look upon the evolution of consciousness on Earth in all its diverse manifestations up to the present and perceive thereby the future that faces the human race. Capricorn is the abyss and the mountain peak; at the same time it is the sign of the Golden Age, the mythical recurring aeon during which time the Gods are said to walk upon the Earth. Present-day humanity stands before the abyss of Capricorn and is being made ready to plunge into the depths, in order to rise high from therein on the wings of a new consciousness of truth. When the moment of the plunge occurs, its most anguishing aspect is the loss of a central point of perception, a fixed and stable core from where the infinite and eternal light is wholly perceived and serves as a beacon in the forward moving evolutionary drive, be this on the individual or collective level.
The new physics of today has left the human being in a grave predicament which has shaken the foundations of his life, as well as his role in society and the collective consciousness of the society itself of which he is a part. No precise measurement is possible in the actual state of the science and physicists can only speak in terms of ‘probabilities’. But the fundamental factor that has emerged from this renewed branch of science is that measurement can no longer be complete without the active incorporation of the observer. Yet with variations in the observational vantage-point, a fixed measure is impossible. This experience is characteristic of our present-day existence wherein everything is correct yet at the same time false. Any view-point is true, from the standpoint of the one holding the vision; whereas from another angle of perception, the former one can be entirely invalid.
This state of affairs arises because the observer, while being revealed today as an essential part in the 'measuring' process, has not found his own centre or core, wherein he can locate his individual constant, by means of which he can arrive at the absolute truth and plunge through the illusion of relativity.
When Val and Pom-pom break through the barriers of inertia and exceed the speed of light, they plunge into an inner abyss; they experience the great reversal in consciousness and enter a dimension found 'right within themselves'. It is this major plunge that the physicist of today must make, and that symbolises the leap of the entire collective consciousness. The observer is indeed the key piece in the process of measuring, for the only means to correctly perceive and understand the external phenomena is by finding this within the core of oneself, within one's soul.
Thus Val and Pom-pom are instantly transported into the dimension of the human soul, the tiny point of infinite mass and zero motion, the kingdom 'no bigger than a thumb' of Upanishadic tradition. When the consciousness exceeds the limiting speed of our material universe, the material manifestation is not thereby obliterated; rather a deeper aspect of itself is experienced and within the womb of matter a reversal takes place and one experiences the unity of macrocosm and microcosm, by a plunge into the tiny spark of inherent light, the point that contains the all, - nay, that is the All. This is the dramatic experience that makes it possible for the individual to reach the border separating the land of the relative from that of the absolute. In Capricorn we come face to face with the Absolute in manifestation, - that is, the point and the circumference, the unity and the multiplicity. Hence the Mountain before which the children stand, symbol of the Absolute in manifestation, is both the macrocosm and the microcosm: it is the entire mass of the universe, and at the same time it is their very bodies. Each human frame is equal to the total universal mass; the human being is indeed made in God's image.
To arrive at the stable core, where the true constant of creation is found, an arduous journey awaits the children. In order to secure this divine Measure the individual observer, be this the scientist, the spiritualist, the yogi, or whoever, must find his own divine Measure. He must reach the point of his own inner truth, his own absolute law. When he does so a new seed of consciousness is planted, or is unveiled. This is on the individual as well as on the collective level. First it takes place individually, an experience confined to the avatars, as Hindu tradition calls them; but then this experience is passed on to others, until finally a new race is formed and takes place among the evolving civilisations of the Earth.
The discovery of one's inner truth, of one's stable core, is a true initiation. It requires great strength, for the moment of the plunge is the time when one stands face to face with the unknown, before the great abyss of consciousness. This is the moment of total abolition of the ego, the emergence of a true individuality completely fused and harmonized with the personality. Thus Capricorn stands opposite to Cancer on the wheel, and these two poles are the axis representing the height of achievement the human race is destined to reach on Earth. Therefore Capricorn is the Cosmic Midday, the highest position of the Sun, luminous symbol of absolute truth in the manifestation. To reach this height the depths must be experienced and integrated. Thus the pictograph of Capricorn precisely indicates these two levels of existence, the mountain goat with the tail of a fish. The one journeys with unflinching endurance to the summit, while the other bathes in the deep waters of the ponderous and mysterious abyss. The Goat, however is not detached from the Earth, from Matter, in his rise to the peak. Capricorn is an Earth sign and hence has affinity with Matter. This is fundamentally important to note because we learn herein that the way to the discovery of the absolute truth is through life in this material universe.
In this light we enter a very profound area of thought, brought before us vividly in the simple images of this children's odyssey. The observer will notice that all the indications in the zodiac show that the way of integral realisation and achievement of the loftiest goals is found in the universe, on Earth, and ultimately in the very body. There is no heaven beyond that cannot be experienced here and likewise there is no hell other than the obscure regions of consciousness which the human being fails to illumine during his lifetime on Earth. This is his sin, and it is the only sin. Capricorn is the total manifestation of the Supreme. This totality is both heaven and hell. But these become harmonised and the light and dark perfectly balanced to form a sublime play of power and knowledge in consciousness, when the initiation of Capricorn is experienced. Thus the children are carried to the threshold of the channel through which they may reach the mountain peak. To their surprise it is a door leading into the mountain itself. They must plunge into their inner depths and discover or unveil their own darkness if they would reach the luminous summit. In order to make this greater plunge, or to experience the initiation of Capricorn, a preliminary forging of the two complementary poles of being is indispensable. In our story this preliminary accomplishment is indicated by the fact that both children together must turn the key that opens the massive door. The soul power is alive and active in them, after their successful passage through Scorpio, where the powerful vital force was transmuted and liberated; after passage through Sagittarius, wherein the knowledge was received that makes the initiation a conscious act, wholly necessary in order that the summit be reached.
Indeed, this is the key factor of our journey through the last quarter of the zodiac. The passage is now a conscious one, and becomes evermore luminous with the march of time.
It must be fully evident on the basis of these commentaries that no real understanding of the zodiac is possible without a perception of its unity. The zodiac is a symbol, in its complete form, of the human consciousness. But as this is equal to the All, made in God's image, so to speak, we also find in the zodiac the answer to many enigmas about our universe. These, as well as the mysteries of human consciousness, can only be unraveled on the basis of a unity of vision of a sense of wholeness, of integrality. Thus when we delve into the deeper significance of Capricorn, we immediately touch other signs. We find that intimately linked with Capricorn is Scorpio. The vital energy liberated in this latter is really only fully conquered or positively utilised in Capricorn. The liberation served as the fuel for carrying the children through the barriers of inertia (Sagittarius) and into the inner depths (Capricorn). But in Capricorn the play of this energy in the subtle dimensions of the human consciousness must be discovered, for this recondite play, when carried out unconsciously – that is, when the shadows are not perceived – serves to disperse the energy. The great victory over death in Scorpio placed a formidable amount of accumulated energy at the disposal of our tiny travellers, by means of which they could journey faster than the speed of light and break through to another dimension. But once in that dimension there is the surprise discovery that the great breakthrough of Sagittarius brought Val and Pom-pom only to the border of the kingdom of unity. The crude accumulated energy of Scorpio, somewhat refined in Sagittarius, must now be utilized for the rise 'within the mountain', - that is, the core of themselves. Herein they experience the more sophisticated deviations of the energy; in this greater refining process a power is released which is itself the force that carries them forward and upward. That is, that force, which was to be their undoing in Scorpio, is used as the power for the rise in Capricorn. Thus it is that in Capricorn the dark as well as the light combine to join the human consciousness to the summits, to bring about a marriage of heaven and earth.
Capricorn is the exaltation of Mars. It is therefore the sign of Victory. But, what is this victory exactly? The Magical Carousel gives us very clear indications. However, these bring us into conflict with various fields of human knowledge, not only in the scientific world but the spiritual as well. The Magical Carousel expresses a different experience of the Supreme Reality in that it specifically emphasises the part the body plays in the process of redemption, and at the same time it stresses the reality of our material universe and how the victory is to be won in material creation and not elsewhere, whatever that elsewhere may be. The truth we seek to embody is attained not by an escape into the void or the detached heavens but rather in the heart of creation. Hence in Capricorn, the sign of the absolute truth in manifestation, we discover that the portals to this kingdom are reached by a plunge into rather than away from creation. To reach the loftiest summit, to attain the integral goal, the condition of matter cannot be ignored; it must, on the contrary, serve us as the vehicle upon which we attain a state of consciousness that can reveal the way to become a living embodiment of Truth. All the known paths for the development of higher states of consciousness offer a different method as well as another goal. Even Tantra, while utilising the 'lower' manifestations, does so in order to attain liberation from them and ultimately to secure release from re-birth and a complete mergence in the Divine Consciousness. There is no method found in the Tantric doctrine for transforming life on Earth or in the material universe. This world is always, even for the Tantric, one of ignorance, an inferior manifestation' though he does concede that it is the body of the Divine Mother and as such a part of the true Reality. The Mother in this case is the means to reach salvation; but she is not that goal itself. Whereas The Magical Carousel reveals that the summit is the Supreme Mother, in our story called Omanisol. It is her Truth that the children must bring 'back to Earth', must establish there. And she is found at the core of material creation. The initiation of Val and Pom-pom in Capricorn is therefore the discovery of the absolute law of each created thing, or the experience of the Mother, who is the divine Measure. The only means to achieve this realisation is to plunge into the inner recesses, to uncover the hidden light in the more obscure recesses of consciousness, to release the power locked therein and on this elan to be transported to the peak where they may stand beneath the luminous rays of the cosmic midday Sun, in the omnipotent and omniscient presence of Omanisol.
In The Magical Carousel, Omanisol of the mountain peak dominates the whole of creation, each aspect of which is epitomised in one of the twelve signs. The same image was given some two thousand years ago by St. John the divine, in his Revelation, Chapter 12, – the woman on the mountain with the crown of twelve stars (Capricorn) around her head, and the Moon (Cancer) at her feet.
Present-day spirituality stops at the level of Scorpio and Sagittarius. It suffers from the divisive effects of the consciousness of relativity. Indeed, to many spiritualists today the new physics has confirmed the belief that creation is an illusion and the only true experience of reality is to be had when the hard crust of creation is broken through and the consciousness plunges into the Void, or the heavens attained beyond death. In The Magical Carousel, however, quite the opposite is revealed, for the true breakthrough does not have the effect of carrying one out of this universe but simply more deeply into it. The laws of relativity stand for the limiting aspects of consciousness. These are precisely the barriers that must be cast down. When the children experience the formulas of the new occult physics in their own consciousness, they do not find themselves out of creation. Rather they plunge to the core. There they discover the physical laws of a new consciousness and the truth of Matter.
All modern research into the structure of the atom has not revealed the mysteries of the core of the particle, the mechanism by which the energy arises. This is true also of larger dimensions, those pertaining to the structure of galaxies and clusters of stars. How exactly does the energy arise in the core of a galaxy? or in the heart of a sun? When Val and Pom-pom go beyond relativity they come face to face with the elements that can furnish the answer to these questions. They discover the inner mechanism of the energy machine, the controller of all created things, from the infinitesimal atom to the infinitely large galaxy.
Libra is the sign of the experience of the Void, in that the depths are ignored, the plunge too premature. But in Libra, exaltation of Saturn, the children felt the majestic swing of the pendulum. There was the preliminary awareness of a hidden mechanism that maintains a superb balance in the universe, as well as in the human being. In the next Cardinal sign after Libra, however, the children discover the hidden core and the mysterious mechanism. Libra is the exaltation of Saturn; but in Saturn’s own sign, Capricorn, he stands revealed before Val and Pom-pom in his full form.
Saturn represents the cosmic principle of Contraction, which manifests in the material universe in the form of gravity. The universe is somehow held together by this force, but the extent to which this is true and the full scope of the gravitational or contracting force in our universe is not known as yet. Thus the future of our universe is also ignored, because the limit to the expansion of the universe depends on the force of gravity, and gravity in universal dimensions depends upon the total mass of the universe, which determines its measure of inertia. The true quantity of this universal mass in unknown.
When Val and Pom-pom enter Capricorn, the land of the planet of contraction, they stand before the Mountain that symbolises the total mass of the universe. They meet herein the embodiment of the principle of Contraction, or the laws of inertia and gravitation.
This is the Divine Mother, the Supreme Shakti, or Power, the body of the Absolute. It is this force that holds the universe together, that crystallises the elements, from minute atom to colossal galaxy, – indeed, the entire universe itself. And this is the power of Time. The mechanism that controls the play of energy is Time itself; the energy that is the core is the energy of Time.
Now we approach the deepest level of The Magical Carousel, because this energy of Time and the inner mechanism of the core of Matter is also the seat of absolute Truth, or the absolute law of each created thing. Every particle of creation has its absolute law, its own constant, or its divine measure. The limitations of relativity can only be exceeded when the heart of each created thing is reached, when Truth is therein unveiled. And this is Destiny.
Thus, Capricorn stands for all these things. Knowledge of destiny, be this of an individual, of a solar system, of a galaxy, or of the universe itself is only knowledge of this absolute law. This is the true purpose of astrology: to reveal the inherent law of all these dimensions. To use the art for the prediction of the smaller details of life is an incomplete adaptation and can never give really satisfying results, for this is not the true purpose of astrology, its own inherent truth or dharma. The smaller details of life belong to the realm of relativity. They are valid and purposeful and can find their place in the wide vision of one’s existence only when the basic and absolute truth is revealed, when the constant in the core is discovered.
The personification of Time who the children meet in the inner chamber of the mountain, in the heart of mass, reveals the absolute law of themselves, and by virtue of this he is able to speak to them of the thousand and one events of their lives. When he asks them ‘Who are you’, he rejects their answer when they say: ‘Val, Pom-pom’. ‘That’s not your identity’, he replies. Indeed, Capricorn stands opposite to Cancer on the wheel. In Cancer their names were important, their small personalities, the external aspect of their nature and life. But in Capricorn their inherent dharma alone is significant, from which stable source all relative details are rendered meaningful and not otherwise.
When the Old Man’s revelations are over he asks them: ‘Now do you know who you are and what your duty is?’ and the children ‘agree to their true identity’. It is important to note the choice of words in this fragment of dialogue. Again I must state that it was an unconscious selection. At the time I wrote The Magical Carousel I was not aware of the necessity to emphasise the revelation of Capricorn as related to ’duty’. This surely was an odd choice in English. Its selection can only be clear when we realise that it is the translation of the Sanskrit word dharma, which means duty, absolute law, inherent truth, among other things. Thus the Hindu equivalent of Saturn – the Old Man in our story – is Yama, the god of Death, also known as the god or king of Dharma, and Kala, the Spirit of Time. He is none other than Shiva. The word Yama, comes from the root word meaning control. All of these are perfectly expressed in this tenth chapter of The Magical Carousel, for in the core of mass the mechanism is found that controls the manifestation. It is, however, the point of supreme stability. In this hidden core we seem to reach the realm of impenetrable stillness and immutable silence. Even the clock partakes of this supreme stability, for it ticks yet it shows no outer signs of any movement. It controls by virtue of Stability. It is hence immobile and at the same time the upholder of a great mobility, the controller of the play of energy. In the core we behold the point of unity of the contracting forces, – the seat of their origin.
This experience of supreme immobility coupled with the paradox of the ticking of the clock has a tremendous affect on the children. It is an overwhelming experience. It is the true condition of Being, in Hindu terminology called Sat.
When they find themselves thrust in the mountain’s inner chamber, or in the heart of mass, Val and Pom-pom experience the most difficult and dangerous part of the initiatic process. The visions they witnessed, which produced the very force that carried them to the centre of the mountain and into the chamber of absolute law, revealed to them the impossibility of continuing their journey without having thoroughly forged a unity of being. The lady of the mountain is a counterpart of the Queen of Night. However, the latter appeared before the children in a far more superficial display of the disunified multiple facets of personality. Her disguises were not directly related among themselves nor to the children. They were not made to discover through them any particular aspect of their nature, unknown to them prior to her display. The Queen of Night is the embodiment of the Nature Principle; whereas the lady of the mountain is the revelation of the multiple, complex and sophisticated regions of the personality which serve to deplete the energy when they have not as yet found their central, stable core of source.
When these facets of their inner dimensions have been revealed, the force generated by the visions carries them into the core-chamber, and the experience of the most demanding part of initiation. There, in an area thoroughly isolated and cut off from any outside force, left utterly alone and deprived of all contact with other beings, the children must die to the relative, in order that they may have the vision, and the subsequent lived experience it gives rise to, of the absolute truth.
After the ‘exhaustion’ process is complete, they become aware of a hole in the centre of the chamber, ’which seems to have been there all the while’. Indeed, the core is always there, it is only our blindness, our occupation with the relative and illusory, that hides it from us. And when the Old Man appears in the chamber with the mysterious clock, he asks them the same question the Queen of Night had asked in Cancer, the sign opposite to Capricorn. But the Queen of Night was satisfied with a name. The Spirit of Time, on the other hand, demands to know their true identity, and from that he reveals the true dharma, or the individual absolute law.
There are innumerable dimensions to the experience the children undergo in this land; they pertain to the individual, to his society, as well as to the condition of existence in the universe itself, the true nature of the universal manifestation, that is. The core that is discovered by Val and Pom-pom is the seat of their own true law; yet at the same time it is the core of every created thing, or of every crystallised body in the universe. Any crystallisation of mass implies the existence of this core, the seat of that body’s dharma. In a nutshell, this is the significance of Saturn. It is the planet of crystallisation and contraction. The absolute law of a body is what determines its individual structure; and in this lies the key to destiny. When this region is found the overwhelming experience that has the power to carry one to the brink of rational existence is the precision of the manifestation. In our story this is conveyed by the incessant, relentless ticking sound, heard at the most pregnant moment of the experience. When Val and Pom-pom are caught in the throes of the most complete sense of aloneness and abandonment, through the desolate silence a ticking is heard which is the origin of the realisation of control and precision of the experience they are undergoing. It is this sound that pushes them through the barriers of consciousness and forces them to break through the resistances that veil from them the existence of the core. In Capricorn we find that there is no place for probabilities, for ‘accidents’, for unexpected surprises, and in our world of imprecision and apparent freedom, a preciseness of this nature is intolerable and appears wholly unreal.
The careful observer can note in this aspect of the odyssey a relation between Leo and Capricorn. Both signs are concerned with destiny, in a sense, insofar as both signs have a direct relation with the Sun, – Leo by being the sign ruled by the Sun, and Capricorn be being the sign of Cosmic Midday, or the Sun’s highest position. But Leo is in the lower hemisphere and therefore still in the realm of a half-light. We find therein that accidents can happen, as witnessed in the unhappy plight of the King of Day, whose ‘play’ was disturbed due to some unfortunate and unexpected happening. In Leo there is nothing of the precision we find in Capricorn; we have always a sensation in that land of ‘anything goes’, of unending improvisation, – sometimes felicitous, sometimes entirely distressing. Nonetheless, whatever the nature of the improvisation, it is always a means of stimulation for perpetuating the illusion of free play; and consequently the imprecision and improvisation tend to extend the rule of the Ignorance through a ceaseless pursuit of pleasure and artificial or external stimulation, symbolized in the varied, rich and ingenious entertainments in the King’s yearly banquet.
However, in Capricorn all improvisation and probables vanish, and with their disappearance, with the realisation of the illusion of free play such conditions give rise to, the desperate moment comes when one must face the true nature of freedom in the manifestation and must realize that the act of creation and the movement of evolution is a controlled one and follows strict laws. Being trapped in the inner chamber obliges the children to die to the world of external stimuli, of relatives, of probabilities, of chance, and to stand before the true nature of universal existence without the crutches offered by the illusion of free choice, of free will and self-determination.
The man of today cannot have this experience as he is presently constituted. He cannot enter the inner chamber of the mountain or the deepest recesses of himself, where dark and light are experienced as equal parts of the Divine Consciousness. He cannot have the experience of a harmonisation of these elements, because to do so he must perforce die to his illusory existence and find his true nature, in the world, in creation, and not beyond. Everything rebels in modern man against this realisation; hence it is that Heropodus Heronimus tells the children that they are about to discover ‘the regions very few consciously reach’. Indeed how many are there who would exceed the speed of light and face an obliteration of their relative selves in order to experience contraction into the point, or the core of themselves, the dimension wherein they might come face to face with their absolute law of being? In that dimension the seat of perfection is met, a perfection that is displayed at each moment, at each point in the universe. The Old Man is therefore able to reveal the flow of the entire manifestation of Val and Pom-pom, from the moment a crystallisation took place of their individualised consciousness, through to the culmination of that experience in that particular individualised form. The dimension of Truth we enter in this land is the realm where the perfect Measure is discovered. Indeed this is based on the individual observer, as the new physics states. But physics is caught in the dilemma of imprecision, of probabilities, only because the observer observing and measuring the phenomena has not discovered his own true measure, his own stable constant, by which he may leave the sphere of the relative and the probable and observe the play of energy always from the poise of Truth, of stable absolute being. In this discovery in the soul-core, the unity of the seat of inertia and gravitation is the secret to the soul’s immortality and the indestructible nature of mass.
The consciousness of relativity is easily provable today, and we may witness it on ever so many levels. For example, an incident observed by a dozen people will be re-told in a dozen different manners, offering a dozen different conclusions. The same people in the act of interrelating will also fail to find a unifying factor among themselves, and their dealings with each other will invariably be characterised by conflict due to the lack of a coherent vision of the true inner law of each person. Each will be relating to another from the position of externals, of relative truths of being; none will be acting from the poise of the central core and seat of individual truth. Thus there will be no stability in the interrelationship, no unity, no harmony and eternal growth in the true light. All relationship at present is carried out on the basis of half-truths which grant no assurance of permanency. But the individual today has become accustomed to this state of affairs. Indeed, he believes that there is no other way possible and that the salvation he seeks for himself and his society must come on the basis of an extension of the ideals that have led him to this condition, that the new order he seeks can only be established by somehow finding a harmony in this cacophony of human insufficiencies. He clings to this vision because the other, the true poise which he senses must exist – since the very universe he inhabits is a constant proof of the existence of this absolute truth – seems to carry the impression of an inevitable loss of freedom, of free will, of spontaneous existence. Such a concept of absolute truth based on the realisation of the inherent dharma of each individual, appears dull and devoid of variety. However, herein lies the greatest illusion of all, because only with the experience and realisation of the individual absolute truth can there come into being the truly free society, the true expression of collective unity in diversity. This realisation offered in Capricorn does not annihilate the individual truth; rather it allows this truth, hitherto unmanifest and lost in the shadows of relative existence, to come forth and join with other such points of true existence in order to form a really harmonious society.
The diversity of present-day society is the display of the Queen of Night, a somewhat purposeless masquerade of disconnected, disunified appearances. These lead to the discovery of the name – small ‘n’ – not the Name, or the discovery of the inherent law of the individual. This is the human being’s true identity, on the basis of which he can discern his or her dharma, or destiny.
The quest for such a realisation was evident in Einstein during the second half of his life, when he sought ceaselessly for a unified field theory. He could not accept the theories of quantum physicists which presented a universe functioning on the basis of ‘accidents’, of probables and uncertainties. Einstein knew there was a perfection and a precision in the universe, however he could not reconcile this intuition with the nature of the human being. Thus if physics pointed to the indispensable part of the observer in the process of measuring, the fallible and imperfect condition of the observer would exclude a priori any true perfection and unifying principle, given the human being’s present state. However, Einstein was not aware of the mystical truth that man is indeed created in God’s image. The perfect laws of the universe are also his own laws, which he can discover if he finds the seat of his inherent dharma and the true constant by means of which he can measure phenomena from the stable core.
Einstein thus always sought to disconnect his concept of divinity (under whatever guise) from the human being. God manifested in the vast universal harmonies, but this was not necessarily evident in man. In consequence the unity of creation escaped him. The conscious observer can only perceive the divine Measure when he has found this in himself; hence all ancient wisdom taught that one who would know the universal laws must first find them in himself (‘Know thyself’ answers the Oracle at Delphi). The zodiac also reveals this process, because the sign of external universal laws, so to speak, follows the inner plunge of Capricorn. In Aquarius the children discover the formulas of cosmic existence, the outer laws. But in Capricorn the realization of the inherent truth of each individual is the real initiation whereby the process of a total transformation is begun. Capricorn is the first sign of the final triad, a triad that pertains to the integral realisation, wherein a true synthesis comes into being on the basis of a harmony of physical, vital and mental powers, each of which has been sublimated, revealing thus their higher aspects. The higher vital, higher mind, and ultimately the new physical consciousness collaborate in the final quarter to bring into manifestation a consciousness of unity.
Being of the Earth element, Capricorn is directly related to the physical, and as it stands opposite to Cancer on the wheel, the sign of the living cell, it is evident that a higher dimension of the human cell can be discovered in the initiation Capricorn grants to the seeker. This is fully borne out in our odyssey, for the mountain Val and Pom-pom enter is both the universal mass and the body mass. Hence entering the mountain’s inner chamber, its most secret recess, is like plunging into a single cell. But the cell of Capricorn is a higher manifestation, rightly speaking. It is a cell of immortal potential. That is, the Capricorn initiation uncovers the immortal properties of the human cell, or the means by which this highest of conditions to be realised on Earth can be achieved. Thus the inner chamber, while representing a cell, is, however, the subtle structure of the living particle, its subtle energy foundation. The Magical Carousel offers the observer the answers to the questions concerning the biological clock science persistently seeks at present.
It is now known that living organisms bear somewhere in their structure a sort of clock which by some mysterious mechanism regulates their activities, especially in connection with solar and lunar rhythms. Irrespective of changed conditions into which these organisms are placed, somehow, because of this elusive mechanism, they fulfil these rhythms and manage to keep themselves attuned to the cosmic harmonies. This harmony is not affected by isolation of any sort, thus revealing conclusively that the clock, if it exists, is inherent in the organism. Various experiments have been made, such as removing a particular gland in the organism in the hopes that the clock might be located therein and thus isolated. However, these experiments have not proven entirely successful, and it is now a widely accepted premise that the elusive clock exists in each cell and not simply in a particular organ of the body. But as yet no one has discovered this mechanism in the cell.
In the inner chamber of the mountain, after the resistance is overcome by the children to the absolute nature of Truth, they become aware of a hole in the centre of the room that appears to always have been there. In that ever present yet elusive hole the mysterious time machine is found, the controller of matter as well as the source of an immortal energy. Likewise, when a consciousness of Truth is attained, the elusive biological clock will be found, in the same simple manner, as if it had always been just ‘under our noses’.
The energy of Time is found at the core of each particle and cell. It is the precise controller, and by virtue of its immobile mobility, this energy is the most potent power-source of our material universe. Indeed, in the core where the source of Time is found, we encounter true power. The individual destiny is determined by this core-energy, in each cell, for the crystallisation of a body is brought about by the action of this subtle force and in the form of created things the patterns of destiny are contained. Thus destiny can never be fully known unless the true structure of matter is known; and in the human being the individual destiny cannot be fully comprehended unless the mysteries of the cell are thoroughly unravelled.
The soul is the crystallising agent that sets the patterns of destiny in each living organism, in each cell. Thus when the children are initiated into the mysteries of life and the secret mechanism by which the play of energy is precisely controlled, the Old Man gives each of them a golden globe, symbol of the crystallisation power of the soul. The Magical Carousel reveals therefore that Soul and Time are complementary powers. It is through the mechanism of Time that the soul’s action in the universe is carried out. In particular we learn that for material existence and evolution therein, the soul is a fundamental piece. Hence it is directly wed to matter, and to speak of a soul realisation implies that the quest incorporates the body, – of the universe as well as the individual.
In consequence, once these globes are given to the children, with the symbols inside that indicate the soul’s connection with Time, the way is opened for the children to know Omanisol, the divine Mother, the representative of the Absolute in manifestation. She is the incarnate body of the Absolute. She is the entire mass of the universe. The force of contraction is her contribution to the play of energy in the universe; thus mass and its resultant measure of inertia determines the gravitational pull, and in discovering the amount of mass in the universe science hopes to find out whether the universe is closed, open, expanding to total dissolution, or whether it will one day collapse and contract into a point.
Omanisol is a continuation of the mountain; she is the very mountain. And in the mountain, in the heart of mass, in her inner chamber, Time sits, the mechanism, the energy that controls the entire manifestation. Thus it is that in Sanskrit the word Kali (a name of the Divine Mother) is derived from the root kala, or Time. She is the power of Time, and the Kaliyuga ‘measurement’, 432,000, is the radius of the Sun in miles, or the system of measurement based on the number 12.
The golden globes are the symbols of these profound truths of material creation. They remain with the children in their journey through the remaining signs; there is no other unifying object, for in this last triad a synthesis is uncovered which is indicated by the very fact that these single objects are the symbols of a whole process spread out over three signs. Within the globes themselves all the elements are found that reveal the nature and method of integral growth. And in the globes all the symbol-elements of knowledge are contained, just as in the soul all knowledge can be found in an eternal, unending process of discovery.
While the children stand before Omanisol, experiencing the vastness of her domain, her very self, a mighty whirlwind of power appears on the horizon. This is the outer manifestation of the energy generated in the core of the mountain. It is an extension in the subtle sphere of the energy-essence of Omanisol, the divine Consciousness-Force of the mountain-mass. Mass is here converted into energy before our eyes in our zodiacal odyssey, but the orderly organisation of this energy in the form of a mighty tornado represents the force of evolution in action. This is no unconscious power. On the contrary, it is the manifestation of the highest consciousness. Omanisol dominates this play, for the force of evolution is generated in her very body. The tornado that appears on the horizon is thus energy, while the mountain is mass. Einstein’s formula of mass converted into energy on the basis of the constant, the speed of light, is a lived experience for Val and Pom-pom. But their realisation does not produce a force of senseless destruction; rather it serves to add power to the forward, positive march of evolution. Having penetrated the realm of absolute Truth, the children find themselves instruments of an orderly and harmonious play of power; and since the evolutionary force is the power of Omanisol, with whom they have become indentified in consciousness through their initiation in the mountain’s inner recesses, they find in the mighty drive a tremendous sense of protection, because the power of change, of ceaseless movement is the nature of Omanisol herself. Thus they are assured her protection, even when faced with the rise of a colossal force of apparent destruction.
The material universe is, as it were, the womb of the divine Mother, – in our story called Omanisol. The creation, preservation, dissolution of the universe is all a play within her being, each one a different mode of her consciousness-force in manifestation. The conversion of a portion of her body-mass into force-energy is an eternal action: the Mother is always ‘sacrificing’ a portion of herself, converting a part of her material being into the energy that is the driving force of the evolutionary movement. In the core of the stars this conversion takes place, and when one sun is extinguished in this supreme act of emission, this total act of self-giving, another arises in her womb and the play of transmutation of consciousness-force continues, on and on into infinity, into eternity. She has sons of both light and darkness; she has luminous spheres of light, like the sun of our solar system, and she has ominous pools of darkness, the black holes science is now aware of. The former serve as channels for a supreme emission of pure energy into our world, while the latter absorb matter and serve as intense accumulators of mass, for the purpose of a future process of conversion. To discover the secrets of the material universe we inhabit is to know the Mother, for the cosmos is her consciousness-force at play, and the galaxies and endless clusters of stars are but cells in her infinite body.
In Capricorn we discover the Mother of universal dimension. In the sign opposite, Cancer, we encountered her lesser self, if it is possible to speak in terms of lesser and greater. The tender and loving Queen of Night is the Mother in her personal aspect. As such she furnishes her creatures with an ego-shell when they leave her realm, for this is the means she uses to protect them in their sojourn on Earth as a part of the evolutionary journey. This ego-shell serves to isolate each creature and close him in a sphere of limited awareness, a consciousness centred purely on the smaller aspects of life, incapable of identifying with the vast principles of universal existence.
However, in Capricorn Omanisol offers an entirely different protection to the children. She initiates them into the most profound secrets of her being. And in such an initiation she forges in their consciousness the elements that serve as their protection. The knowledge they acquire in the process of initiation is the power that protects the children. It is itself reflective of the conversion of mass into energy, for higher knowledge is a material substance and in the human consciousness the transmutation brought about in this process of initiation results in a power. This is the initiation in the inner chamber, the core of the Mother’s womb.
In Cancer the ego is the protection. In Capricorn the transmutation of knowledge into power is the force of protection, and while the Queen of Night protects by isolation, Omanisol throws her creatures into the very drive of evolution, into the mighty tornado itself, for the new consciousness they have acquired does not come into existence by a process of division, isolation and separation; rather it thrives on identification with the all, on unity of being, and her children can move freely through the corridors of the fullest existence without fear of any sort. No harm can come to them because all elements in creation, even those that would be harmful, are a part of Omanisol herself.