What Is Lacking in National Discourse?

Organiser - India's Sanatana Dharma

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Excerpts: 'India has managed to preserve that foundational base and carry it forward into the 21st Century. In spite of all the vicissitudes, the fumblings, the missteps and falls, the base is preserved and requires simply the act of resuscitating the body that lies dormant beneath the veils of the ages – not dead as all once-great ancient civilisations are, but merely in a slumber while waiting for the appropriate time for resuscitation. That moment began early in the last century; it has been a long process, the culmination of which is being reached in our very own times.'

'In June of 2013, the divine Ganga conveyed the message that time is running out. She broke through seemingly ironclad barriers, crashing over whatever stood in her way as she delivered the message that no resistance would be brooked: the time for change has come; no longer can society continue paying mere lip service to the Goddess. ... The Future Realisation, an offering of Aeon Centre of Cosmology at Mati Ghar of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, in early January 2015, is an exhibition that joins in conveying Ganga’s message.' [emphasis added]

Link HERE for more information on The Future Realisation - New Delhi (1-5 January 2015).


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