Puranic Cosmology Updated 10

7 April 2010

In this section I propose to discuss just what occurs when ‘the 9 becomes the 10’, as noted in Update 9. This analysis will confirm the most important feature of the old cosmology – i.e., its prophetic capacity. To update the old way, to factualise, to render concrete what may be considered abstract and elusive to the layperson, the best means is to take the Circle once again and locate the 9 and the 10 therein [see diagram Update 9], this time focussing exclusively on the 12-part division into four quarters. This would be the more exoteric division which we can easily relate to given our division of the year into 12 months and further into four quarters with their respective Equinoxes and Solstices. Of primary importance are two: Mahavishuva (March Equinox) and Makar Sankranti (December Solstice). The latter, for India, is certainly the happening that merits the most careful attention of all, as I have pointed out in the course of this series.
While the March Equinox is essential to establish correctly because it is the ayanamsha or zero point of the year and hence sets the tone for the entire sequence to follow according to the true Vedic measure, the Makar Sankranti for India is the most important of the four in that it opens for us the sacred tenth-month ‘door’ – that victory sign/month Capricorn, India’s own astrological ruler. Is it therefore any wonder that Makar Sankranti continues to be celebrated throughout the land each year, though none truly appreciate its Vedic significance which, lamentably, is fading out of the collective memory at great speed when each year it suffers a further ‘slippage of time’?
However, essential to note is that the subcontinent has reached a certain ecliptic boundary now that this sacred sankranti has reached the 23 degree/day of ‘slippage’, as is presently the case. This boundary is set by the Earth herself in her annual rotation of the Sun on the ecliptic plane. Given her harmonies vis-à-vis the luminary, the Earth dips beneath this plane through half the year southward, and the other half northward, as if it were rotated on a skewer or axis with the two Solstices at either end. The maximum ‘allowed’, given her position within the System and the harmony set for her by the Sun, can only be to an angle of 23, her actual axial tilt in degrees – which is the amount of time slippage Hindus experience by following the current calendar of observances and horoscopy. It is cemented in the collective consciousness by the celebration of the Makar Sankranti exactly 23 degrees/days after synchronisation with the shortest day of the year.
This factor of a 23-day slippage and the boundary establishing a 23-degree/day limit, beyond which lies collapse, are not connected. On the surface that 23 days happens to be the slippage from the December Solstice, which coincides with the tilt in degrees of the Earth’s axis to the rims of the Tropics, is purely coincidental – at least on the surface. The 23-day late celebration of the Makar Sankranti has no relation at all to the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn at 23 degrees latitude. Nonetheless, the calculations for the present Hindu calendar according to the sidereal system (Nirayana), though unrelated has carried us to the brink of the Abyss of Time. The Nirayana system bases its rectification of the ayanamshas the pundits employ for temples and individuals on the very distant constellations, with no relation at all to the Tropical Zodiac of the Veda; and yet, how interesting that at the very time the Avatar appears, the two coincide in the measure of 23. Even more interesting, this same number of degrees determines the position of the border with Pakistan according to the new cosmology [see The Partition of India, www.aeongroup.com]. All things false seem to fall under the spell of 23! Beyond this point – that is, if rectification does not take place involving this most essential aspect of the Dharma – the civilisation in toto is plummeted into the cosmic Abyss of Time, from where retrieval is near impossible. Time is needed for it to emerge from the Cosmic Sea where the Veda is securely hidden to then begin another cycle many thousand years into the future.
The effects of this abysmal situation are visible all around us. Apart from the decrepit condition of the land itself, subjected to an almost total disregard for its ecology or even just basic cleanliness and hygiene which are clear indications of the impending collapse, as never before Bharat faces hostile forces closing in upon her from all sides. The lethal destructive power available to these forces is unprecedented. Armed with such weaponry tremendous destruction can be accomplished by just a few. This is accompanied by a global crisis affecting all areas of existence, as noted in Update 9. All four quarters of the Circle are subjected to a ‘compression’ the likes of which have never been experienced before.
The ‘method to the madness’ of the Hostiles is only one: to halt the forward march of evolution to reach its rightful apotheosis of integrality and oneness. Pari passu with the stresses felt on the four parts of collective existence, essential in this destructive process is the elimination of the Centre that is the subcontinent, the ‘centre that holds’, because while it survives the Earth is saved, evolution is saved, the new world is a certainty. It all hinges on the Centre of the Earth. If that collapses the Earth is carried into the Abyss of Time and all the labour of the Dasavataras is brought to nought.

Essentially this is the vital importance of the Capricorn Solstice. It alone offers entry into the ‘world’ where 9 can ‘become 10’, where realignment can take place, where the Axis is forged. But most important of all, it is where reversal occurs that brings Swar to Earth. When that happens the Sanatana Dharma is renewed on the true Vedic basis; for it must be borne in mind that the subcontinent is burdened with the residue accrued across the Age of Pisces by the whole Earth, all of which translates into a slippage of time of 23 degrees/days, bringing the Earth to the brink of the Abyss of Time. The Centre is the cauldron where that residue is accumulated, for which reason the proper axial balance, stemming from the centre of the equal-bodied cross, cannot be attained. A ‘dark age’, a Kaliyuga is one where the residue is such that it pulls the axis off-centre to such a degree that only darkness prevails, only ignorance and falsehood seem to reign supreme. Then the Avatar appears for only he can dispel the darkness and rescue the Veda from the depths of the Cosmic Sea.
The Makar Sankranti holds the key because of the 23 degree tilt of the Earth’s own axis and the dip above and below the plane of the ecliptic to the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn that our planet experiences twice yearly at each Solstice. But it is the Capricorn Solstice that bears the most relevance because it occurs exactly 9 months after Mahavishuva in March, for which reason the ancient texts such as the Brihad Samhita provide formulas for the calculations of these two alone, March Equinox and December Solstice. It is as if the ‘seed’ planted at the start of the year, its zero point, were gestated like a foetus for nine months to reach birth at the December Solstice. And for this reason the Cow is the greatest Vedic symbol of all because in Sanskrit gau means both ‘cow’ and ‘ray of the Sun’. More importantly, in the exercise of the symbol being the thing symbolised, gestation for the Cow is also nine months. The Cow is sacred because the 9 is sacred.

In esoteric/initiatic tradition Capricorn is the point of Cosmic Midday where the Sun is aligned directly overhead and therefore casts no shadows. It is the duty of the Avatar to correct the off-centre axial tilt in time, accomplishment of which constitutes the 10th month victory of the Veda. This correction initially can only be done by the Vishnu Avatar as typified in the Churning Myth with its perfect alignment, for which both dark and light contribute equally; but Mt Meru (Bharat) stands directly beneath the Great God Perumal, as he is known in South India, and the tilt is overcome by his grace.
This action takes place only in the 9th Manifestation which initiates the final round of 25,920 years of the full 77,760. It appears to be a cosmic conspiracy that in this 9th (consisting of 6480 Earth years) the ecliptic borderline is reached with its tilt-measure of 23 degrees/days nailing the Hindu Samaj to this off-centre cross this aberration signifies in real terms. However, we must admit that if the Hostiles had not imposed the tilt-measure, the 9th/10th Avatar would not be needed. What then the purpose of all the Myths and Vedas?
Thus, the Measure of 9 surfaces again in this crucial area of our study to update the Puranic cosmology. What was planted as ‘seed’ at the year’s zero point is gestated across 9 months to be born at the December Solstice of the annual rotation as well as the Precession of the Equinoxes of many thousands of years. But this is no ordinary birth. The true nature of what transpires after this singular convergent birthing is that the door of the kingdom of Swar is opened before the individual, the community and the civilisation, by which means ‘birth’ in harmony with Earth Time brings forth that ‘seed’, this time further materialised, densified, to withstand the rigours of the transition into the physical plane where its emergence and subsequent growth is assured because Time is the power of an irreversible gestation; and it is only in our material universe of 9 that Time is measurable and irreversible. This new-born is no ordinary creature. This Child is the New Creation – indestructible, invincible, luminous and eternal because Time is its ally and its protector. There may well be other universes in other dimensions, but only in ours where the 0/9 is our scale that Being and Becoming allow us to participate consciously in the birth of a new world – a new Heaven and a new Earth, as described in the Veda.
Such is the greatness of the Vedic Way, and the Puranic Age that has preserved this most sacred ritual for the world. Murugan, the Puranas tell us, as a mere child conquers the mightiest asura; because we learn from the Shiva Purana that it is Shiva Himself who stands before Tarak in the form of His son. And none can control, manipulate or subdue the power of this Great God of Time.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Aeon Centre of Cosmology

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