Introduction to the essay 'The Seeds of Undermining'

An update is required in presenting this essay to readers of this blog. In 1986 Aeon Trust was formed to provide support to Aeon Centre of Cosmology. We had secured a small portion of land to begin building the Centre, where we continue our work to this day. In doing so I had to deal with every aspect of the Government, the Bureaucracy, as well as the police. My experience provoked this essay.
It is August of 2011 and what I wrote in 1989 is relevant and in fact prophetic when read in the context of what is transpiring throughout the world today. There is what I have called an Aquarian Wave sweeping across the entire world (see The Magical Carousel, Chapter 11, Aeon Books). This ‘wave’ is effecting almost every country in the world, each one responds in the way required for that particular country. We see in the Arab world how the Aquarian Wave has produced movements for democracy (the ‘Arab Spring’) because that is what those countries require. It is, in a sense, a neutral wave: the results of its influence are what each nation requires. Therefore, it is entirely in keeping with the times which demand TRUE FREEDOM. Nothing is imposed from OUTSIDE. The Wave stirs the people within as required in each case. There is no uniform imposition of one ideology or another. It is thus an influence that works from within by this unique process. It is true non-violence.
In America the Wave affects economics, because that is the ‘pulse’ of the American nation. In India, as we see being played out today in a stunning fashion, the Wave produces the reaction, also FROM WITHIN, to fight the cancer that is corruption, as the essay below deals with. Yes indeed, the parasite has become the tree, as I wrote 22 years ago. The issue at hand everywhere is to force systems to be set in place – by the people – which can best serve the interests in each country of the people governments must serve.
To follow the movements of this new Power moving across the world, it is necessary to be able to perceive the ‘pulse’ of the nation, culture or civilisation involved; in so doing it is possible to understand why each country reacts to the Wave in a specific and unique way. I have stated that the pulse of America largely involves economics. Both India and America have a similar ‘pulse’ or ‘cosmic note’. But America is a new nation, while India has an ancient past that is still the primary influence even over its contemporary society and the birth of a new India in 1947. Thus, India of today must be analysed in conjunction with those ancient roots. Therefore, it will not react to the Wave in the same manner as America does; the effects go much deeper. Involved is also the number-power 3 for both, but in India’s case what is indicated is the Soul, both individual and collective.
Therefore corruption is the issue in India today, causing an unprecedented people’s movement across the land, because the soul’s opposite is the ego. Corruption reveals a perversion of the soul: an intense ego-centrism prevails and drives the human being to care only for himself in disregard to the rest of society. Thus, the nation’s strongest point is perverted to become its opposite and to weaken the nation.
This is what is changing throughout the world. In the Arab nations, surprisingly and perhaps for the first time in decades, the uprisings have nothing to do with religion. This is truly demonstrative of the Aquarian Age as I prophetically described in Chapter 11 of The Magical Carousel in March of 1970. Indeed, the Voice of the People is heard. And Vishnu’s Will stirs the hearts of the people directly.
I am also including an earlier Note pointing to the changes that had by then taken place at the time of publication – for example, the fall of the Soviet Union. This cosmology is indeed the new astrology for the new age. It is not based on prediction. It is rather a super-logic due to the effects of the descent of Supermind, as described in minute detail by Sri Aurobindo. It is an ability to ‘see’ in a new way, to see in understanding, to see in oneness and interconnectedness.
The key to everything that is happening is an integration of Being with Becoming, an integration that constitutes the heart and soul of the Truth-Conscious Supermind.

Aeon Centre of Cosmology,

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