Updating the Vedic Altar – 6

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
October 1, 2011

A day for a year is a Vedic aphorism that is widely used in the West for forecasting. In India, despite the nation’s Vedic pedigree, it has largely been forgotten. To my knowledge no Indian astrologer uses the system of progressing the horoscope, as it is called, based on this aphorism, though it has proven to be an accurate method of prediction.
It is unlikely that in the Vedic Age this aphorism was used to forecast events in a person’s life. Predicting the future was not of central interest – though it needs to be stated that any attempt to eschew astrology’s predictive capacity as being un-Vedic in a fundamentalist attitude is flawed from the outset. Astrology is a science of Time. There is no present without a past, and no future disconnected from the present. The three ‘times’ are essential to the science. Having stated that, the aphorism ‘a day for a year’, has other applications. It, better than any other, reveals the importance of equivalency and correspondence in the Vedic system. In its application for an individual, as the experience of astrologers outside of India has proven, it is an excellent method of forecasting the future on the basis that a day after birth, for example, is equivalent to the first year of life for the individual in question. A ‘progressed’ horoscope if drawn up for the fifth day after birth would be equivalent to the fifth year of life, the twentieth for the twentieth year, and so on, into infinity if need be. For this reason predicting a person’s death would require intuition more than anything else because this method is a seamless progression. There is no cut-off moment. What is seen, however, are stresses in the course of life and some can ultimately cause death when they are more intense than the individual is capable of sustaining.
However, the aphorism has wider implications. Indeed, in the Mother’s chamber one day for a year forms the Vedic key to the knowledge conveyed via the Geometry of Time. In Part 5, I pointed out that the central solar ray, the axis of the chamber, consists of 365 Earth days over a space of 15m20. Applying this particular aphorism indicates that those 365 days are equivalent to 365 years. And so it has come to pass. The Mother revealed the ancient Vedic method (of the Divine Measure as in the Divine Maya, or the fashioning power of the Absolute – maya from the root to measure) applied to those 15m20. In this manner she proved that her revelation is the new vedi for this Age; and that it is based on the Vedic concept which India has discarded in favour of an entirely un-Vedic system imposed by astronomers; this has served to distance the Hindu population from the core of Vedic conceptualisation. Her chamber, as part of the 9th Avatar’s appearance, re-establishes the ancient way in the midst of the circumscribing conditions at play in today’s world, which serve to enrich the earlier systems in ways unimaginable prior to the 9th’s appearance together with his helpers.
Thus, the 6 and the 3 provide the applicable means to update the Vedic Altar, carrying it to heights not attained earlier. As per the input at the third level in the Formula, I will use the Geometry of Time to factually prove the point. With this new revelation, and using the Vedic aphorism a day for a year, sacred geometry is carried beyond anything we can equate with the sacred today. This is a new way, a ‘third thing’ beyond science and the spiritual alike, as foretold by the Mother in 1962.

‘It is that something that we are searching for. Perhaps not merely searching for, but building.
‘We are being used so that we may participate in the manifestation of that which is as yet inconceivable for everyone, because it is not yet there. It is an expression that is yet to come.
‘…. [T]hese positions, the spiritual and the “materialist” if one may call it so, that are believed to be exclusive (exclusive and unique, so that one denies the value of the other, from the viewpoint of Truth), are insufficient, not only because they do not admit each other, but because even admitting the two and uniting the two does not suffice to solve the problem. There is something else – a third thing which is not the result of these two, but something that is yet to be discovered, which will probably open the door to the total Knowledge…
‘For a very long time it seemed to me that if one made a perfect union between the scientific approach carried to its extreme and the spiritual approach carried to its extreme – its realisation – , if one joined these two, one would find, one would obtain naturally the Truth one seeks, the total Truth. But with the two experiences that I had, the experience of the external life (with the universalisation, impersonalisation, with all the yogic experiences that one can have in the material body) and then the experience of the total and perfect union with the Origin, now that I have had these two experiences and there has occurred something – which I cannot describe now – I know that the knowledge of the two and the union of the two are not sufficient; there is a third thing in which these two terminate and it is this third thing which is in the making, in the process of working itself out. It is this third thing that can lead to the Realisation, the Truth we seek…
‘I arrived, by yoga, at a certain kind of relation with the material world based on the notion of the fourth dimension (inner dimensions that become innumerable in yoga) and I made use of this attitude and this state of consciousness. I studied the relation between the material world and the spiritual world with the sense of inner dimensions and by perfecting the consciousness of these inner dimensions – that had been my experience before the last one.
‘Naturally, for a long time, there was no longer any question of three dimensions – that belonged absolutely to the world of illusion and falsehood. But now it is the use of the sense of the fourth dimension with all that it entails which appears to me as superficial! I do not find it anymore, the thing is so strong. The other, the three dimensional world is absolutely unreal; and the other appears, how to say, conventional. It is as it were a conventional translation to give you a certain kind of approach.
‘And as for saying what it is, the other one, the true position? …It is so much beyond all intellectual states that I am unable to formulate it.
‘But the formula will come, I know. But it will come in a series of lived experiences that I have not yet had.’1

Indeed, those experiences did begin eight years later in 1970 when the Mother ‘saw’ the chamber, measured it and gave the plan to her entourage to execute as the centre of Auroville, a plan which was never implemented but rather entirely altered to become unrelated at all to her original. But this was just the beginning. In 1971, the ninth year after the above talk, the very precise formula she anticipated began to take shape through the third in Sri Aurobindo’s line whereby those ‘conventional’ three dimensions underwent a radical transformation. From 1976 onward, through the lived experiences the Mother mentioned, the new position, that ‘third thing’ manifested in full. When that happened indeed the perception of dimensions shifted to a new formula that better explains the reality of our world – both here on this side of the material demarcation, and the other in what is considered beyond or before the singularity of physics. The perception now, as of 1983 as formulated in the new cosmology (see The New Way, Volume 3, Aeon Books, 2005) is three dimensions of Time, the fourth of which is Space – that is, the fourth is the Point (of space).
We cannot expect seekers today – indeed, anything in spirituality after the Vedic Age – to appreciate this newness and to be in a position to understand how revolutionising it truly is. The parameters of our established disciplines are burst wide open with this new revelation. We are faced with a totally unknown paradigm, and the human mind has great difficulty in coming to terms with anything that is outside of its constricting mental cage. Nonetheless, I hereby invite scientists of different disciplines to consider deeply the facts I will now place before them; in so doing, with an open and unbiased frame of mind, which should be the foundation of all scientific enquiry, they may assess the material and come to a conclusion as to which branch of science the knowledge contained in the Mother’s chamber might belong. I can confidently state that they will either trash this text, in a worse-case scenario, or else become silenced by the unfamiliar concepts the chamber presents. Hopefully the few who continue probing will discover a new world that stands right in our midst and that can help humanity discover new ways to deal with current problems. And I do believe that the final assessment will be of something new, beyond both science and spirituality, just as the Mother foresaw.
One thing is certain: the New Way reveals an application of Time to Circumstance unknown to any of our current disciplines – be they scientific or spiritual. Further, the entire body of knowledge as presented in the chamber is founded on four birthdates primarily. Thus, to truly grasp the implications of this new revelation for the Earth, the threshold to the other side, so to speak, must be breached. This knowledge makes a mockery of the barriers we set ourselves – i.e., that ‘time’ begins for the individual at birth and anything beyond simply does not ‘exist’. Further, this knowledge reveals unquestionably the control of destiny at play and how impeccably it has been evidenced in the life of the 9th Avatar of Lord Vishnu and his helpers down the line. Every detail of their combined births and the circumstances of their lives are seen factually to have been pre-planned – by the power we know as Mahakala, the Great Time. These combined details are seen in the chamber to move across a century. But first let us analyse the year in depth and learn just what the Ray reveals about this miracle of measure that is the Earth year.
It is clear that our planet is indeed special in the solar family; it is unlikely that a similar revelation could be done from any other planet in our System. The prominence of the soul as experienced on Earth is the reason for the individual’s ability to appreciate the cosmic harmony as we are able to do from this third position in the solar system. And it must be borne in mind that the soul bears affinity with the number-power 3 – in metaphysics it is the Daughter Principle of the trinity Father (9), Mother (6) and Daughter (3). Countless myths across the centuries confirm this correspondence, especially those we find in Greece and India, in particular the Hindu myth of to the Daughter in her manifestation as Durga. Indeed, the entire nation continues to honour her exploits in a celebration that covers nine nights, with her conclusive victory celebrated on the tenth day known as the Vijaya Dashami, the tenth day of victory. As I write these lines in praise of the Divine Daughter, this celebration is in progress across the country, she who is formed of the essence of three Goddesses, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati of the Hindu pantheon. This essentiality of her triune being once again attests to the Daughter’s affinity with the number-power 3 and hence with the third planet of our solar system.

There are two ‘years’ that figure in the central solar ray extended over a measure of 15m20. One, I call the Year of Space, the other the Year of Time. The former has affinity with the horizontal direction and the number 12; the latter with the vertical and the number 9. These are combined in the single Ray – the horizontal being the 12 months of the year beginning at the March Equinox and to which we allocate a zodiacal sign, Aries (Agni) the first in the series, while the vertical is the 9 planets of our Sun’s family. Over the centuries and millennia we find that Hindu celebrations, ritual timings, and horoscopic calculations have become distanced from the Vedic position because the measure the Earth adds to the celestial harmony has been forsaken. Thus, the Mother’s chamber, insofar as it is central to the re-establishment of the Dharma, does reinstate the two Vedic ‘years’ as they were incorporated in those former times. The Space Year is based on the sequence of 12 sign/months following the March Equinox which in India is known as Mahavishuva; the Time Year is related to the December Solstice and the tenth month/sign of the zodiac which we arrive at counting from the March Equinox. It is known as Makar Sankranti – the Capricorn gateway.
Thus, Equinox and Solstice are the foundation upon which the system of cosmic harmonies for the Earth is based – in the Vedic Age and now, as presented in the Mother’s chamber for precisely the re-establishment of those ‘lost measures’. To lose sight of the Equinoxes and Solstices is to forego the means provided to Earth inhabitants to establish a connection with the cosmos and to experience life in harmony with the cosmic surround.
Lamentably, this is exactly what has happened in India with the advent of science – particularly with astronomy having separated itself from astrology. A system has been adopted – imposed by astronomers, let us be clear – which does just that: it eliminates any real relationship with the four pillars of Earth time, equinoxes and solstices, and has pushed the ecliptic circle within which measuring must be done far out into space, into the Constellations – arbitrary as they are and largely unmeasurable with the accuracy required when dealing with gnostic Time.
There are no equinoxes and solstices in the constellational sphere. These arise on Earth by the planet’s oscillating balance within the ecliptic, sometimes lengthening the day, sometimes shortening it. It is a movement that profoundly influences life on Earth by producing the four seasons, each of which is initiated by one of the four Cardinal points.
The advent of modern science, lacking any higher, initiatic knowledge, is responsible for this gross aberration that has afflicted Hindu society – that is, over 80% of India’s population – by imposing the sidereal circle of constellations for time measurement, in lieu of the ecliptic plane of our solar system, the pathway where all the planets revolve around the Sun. There is no such ‘sun’ to be honoured as paterfamilias in the constellations; therefore, this alone should indicate how wrong astronomers are in demanding that all timings be founded on sidereal measurements. Time and again throughout the hymns, the Rig Veda extols the supremacy of the luminary of our System. In view of this fact, we may rightfully ask why astronomers have taken it upon themselves to reject this clear indication in the Veda to proffer a measuring system that bears no credentials in the scriptures themselves and encourages the faithful to deny what is most exalted in the Veda, the Sun of our system. Likewise, we must question where the pundits were who should have protected the Dharma from this gross intrusion by scientists into a realm far beyond their scope of competence.
However, Vishnu saves the day as he is periodically wont to do. True to the purpose of the periodic appearances of his emanations, the first item for correction on their agenda, if the Dharma is to be effectively restored to its eternal foundations, is precisely to re-instate these ‘lost measures’. We are fortunate to have the Mother’s cosmic model so that we can know exactly what needs correction. We do not discard the ancient precepts, as the current system of ritual timings has done, unbeknown to the faithful; rather, we incorporate what needs to be brought forward from the ancient way, enhanced by the present play of circumstances – all of which are under the impeccable control of Mahakala. This analysis will prove the point amply.

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1 The entire talk appears in The New Way, Volume 1&2, Aeon Books, 1981 as Appendix VIII.

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