On the Nature of Disease and Cure - Part I

 By Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Written for the Vishaal Study Group
17 July 2006

When we discuss a ‘new’ way that is becoming ever more evident in many areas of life on this planet, we must always bear in mind that this evidence is in the physical dimension; but if it truly owes its being to that newness, there must be a source to its existence on the other side – that is, beyond the 0/1 threshold. We may define the New Way as a manifestation where increasingly this connection is seen. In other words, it can be easily distinguished from everything that populates the old world by this obvious link to the other side. Finally when the Supramental Manifestation itself crosses a certain threshold, nothing that we can observe in the physical plane will be viewed as separate from that Zero Source.
This is what we may term the healing of the separative consciousness. For we must ask, separated from what? We use these words frequently, but rarely do we come across a proper definition that can really explain exactly what we mean when we talk of the separative consciousness. And because that definition has yet to be formulated in the terms laid down by this new Language, the actual realisation eludes us.
In this series I am going to carry you through a process to allow you to grasp the sense of what I write in a more concrete fashion than ever before – made necessary perhaps because we are dealing with the physical dimension and its indisputable concreteness. To achieve this we can start with an area of life on this planet that occupies so much of our attention. This is physical illness and its accompanying pain and distress and disabilities. In this discussion we will take up a particular aspect of healing that is not prominent even in new age techniques. This would be the ability to encourage healing from within.
I am aware that this may seem banal since almost all new-age healers consider their therapies are doing just that – healing from within. They convince themselves of this just because they appear to incorporate other more subtle dimensions in their therapies, thus allowing them to label their efforts ‘holistic’. But to be truly WHOLE we cannot reach that goal if we remain stuck at the 1 disconnected from the 0. That is, if we do not heal the chasms that create the above-mentioned separative consciousness. This is where true separation occurs or has its origin, as well as true healing.
To experience oneness far more is involved than just loving all human beings as we love ourselves, or even all of God’s creation. True oneness only comes into being when we live in the consciousness of this wholeness seen in the light of this new way, - seen in understanding. Indeed, there is no love in its cosmic sense – meaning those great pulsations stemming from the Origin as the Mother experienced – with separation from the Zero, - that compact essence of what lies beyond the event horizon of our material creation. For the source of Love lies in the Zero and Love alone bridges the chasms, heals the abysses that keep us imprisoned in our divisive ways.
When we state that Love heals we want to know exactly how this works in practical terms. Healing comes about when that Zero Source is reached and becomes an integrated part of the process of healing. Only then can we know that healing is from within. Anything else is peripheral and external. In such circumstances cure is imposed not inspired, not drawn out from the source. Implied is that the subject does not participate in the healing.
The interesting part is that even illness partakes of the creative processes of the Formula. At the root of any illness – or any point in space, and even an illness does occupy a space – there is a nucleus. We need to read its contents just as we now read the DNA/RNA of a cell. When this is accomplished the integral nature of the malaise is disclosed, - that is, its connectedness. The illness itself then becomes a means to realise wholeness, integrality, harmony and oneness.
The reason this is so is because anything that involves the physical/material plane must contain involved in its particular form all the other planes and dimensions with the forces operating in those realms. All converges on the physical, all is contained in the physical vessel. This is what alignment holds together. The individual Axis draws to itself these layers. Naturally the orientation or placement of this Axis is all-important; depending on the balance we can bring about, or fail to attain, integration or disintegration occurs.
The point I wish to make is that four planes of consciousness-being are contained in one’s individual physical vessel. Therefore, it is easy to understand that any attempt at transforming the physical has to be integral and therefore SIMULTANEOUS. All four planes become involved in the process altogether. This explains the complex nature of healing and the transformation of the physical substance. A true healer deals with all planes simultaneously.
When that integrality operates treatment of disease or healing also partakes of that integrality. The nucleus of the illness can be a window to the entire universe, as Leonardo expressed in his aphorism that in a point is contained the whole universe. We may state this about almost anything; however, illness has a particular quality that sets it apart and makes it a precious aid: pain and physical distress draw our attention to the issue at hand. We cannot elude it. Pain will not allow us to forget – unless of course we take refuge in medication that helps us precisely to forget, to ignore what that pain is trying to communicate. On the contrary, when pain strikes we need to make it become our ally.

[Part II to be posted]

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