On the nature of Disease and Cure - Part III

By Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Written f
or the Vishaal Study Group
  22 July 2006

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Attempts to immortalise the human species cannot succeed without considering that the physical is only a vessel. If we remove the vital sheath, for example, there is no organised life in the cell. The vital sheath animates the body. Considering this, cloning and other such procedures bring up the fact that it is in the womb that these various sheaths take shape and are organised into a single entity. It is clear that the integrated organism of all four planes cannot be produced without it. This process has not yet become activated in the male spermatozoa. ‘As above, so below’ would pertain here because the entire evolution of the universe, as well as individual species, proceeds from the Cosmic or Individual Womb. In the ‘seed’ the compacted content from the other side appears as the first Point (in space); then logically dynamism is required to draw out those contents and in the process of extension other sheaths are formed and other planes participate in the growth process. All are the human being; but this is ignored by science today.
On the individual level, if you move out of your body with your vital sheath where your conscious awareness is placed, you will observe that all ‘physical’ sensation and cognition will be in that vital subtle body. The physical stays behind, completely inert – not dead as such, but inert; the connections are still maintained with the others sheaths, though conscious awareness is placed outside the physical.
In this third stage of the Supramental Descent we are all made aware of the connection because it is only now that the Becoming has been fully integrated into the processes of Yoga. Therefore, if healing is to evolve along with the rest, these more subtle material sheaths must somehow be brought into the process. More specifically, we want illness and disease to become aids in the Yoga because they encapsulate the ‘knots’ in our consciousness-being that obstruct the free flow of the Power as nothing else does.
I am stating here that all physical illness, disease and distress has a history that is very different than what our doctors assume, even practitioners of alternative systems. We have to learn what that is; then not only will healing begin but the illness itself will be integrated into the processes of Yoga in a positive and dynamic manner.*
Indeed, dynamism is central to healing, as it is in transforming everything we know as life on this planet. This means that we have to find the key to experiencing this same dynamism but centred on the problem at hand, - that is, the particular physical distress we are dealing with. To do so we concentrate on the problem in a way that makes it the centre or the ‘central purpose’. It becomes the sun of the concentration, which really means that we do not deal with it in the negative but rather as lying at the heart of an area of our physical embodiment that asks to be integrated. The disturbance we experience in an illness is when the physical rebels and ‘takes over’, as it were. The subtle dimension, the 0 of the malaise, has been ignored or missed for too long; finally a rebellion takes place, a sort of mutiny where the problem (subtle) demands attention, demands to be reckoned with – indeed, integrated into the progressive experience of growth in a harmonious containment and no longer ignored. This ‘mutiny’ will make certain that the 0 of the illness is no longer set aside.
In this light, an interesting characteristic of illness is its self-centeredness; by its very nature it is a phenomenon that owes its existence to the ego. Without that, there is no illness.** ‘Mutiny’ is a rebellion of the ego, and that is where the imbalance has to be located.
Having established the above, we may all agree that behind any illness, if we delve deeply enough, there will be found a psychological (ego-centred) cause and that this must be recognised and dealt with if healing is to take place. All ‘new-age healers’ and practitioners of alternative techniques will concur with this more holistic approach to healing. Where we part ways, however, is how this 0 dimension is going to be treated; or better, what role it will be allowed to play in the process. In a dynamic yoga it is not just a question of dealing with a psychological ‘knot’. We may even locate the disharmony with considerable accuracy through many sessions of psychotherapy, accepting by so doing a connection between the psychological dimension and its physical manifestation. We may even believe that healing has taken place precisely because we accept that there is a root cause medical science ignores while we do not.
But this is only a first step – to accept that there is a psychological dimension underlying the physical problem. Much more has to be done, actively, if the new way of healing is to take place. The positive, dynamic engagement of the disease must come into being in our own healing process. This is done through engaging the Becoming as our aid. And this is beyond the reach of ordinary therapies, including psychotherapy.
I will draw this part of the series to a close by giving you all the time and space to digest the above and perhaps to relate it to your own experience.

[Part IV to be posted]

*   The Agendas quite often reveal that this was the Mother’s approach to her own physical distress.
** The Mother has stated this time and again in her work on the Physical: Illness is an illusion, even death is an illusion.

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