The Future Realisation exhibit - A Video Introduction

An extraordinary video discussing


In January of 1970 the Mother, who, together with Sri Aurobindo, opened the way for the supramental Truth-Consciousness to become established in the Earth’s evolutionary matrix, made the most significant breakthrough of the age. She entered the solar world and saw there a chamber which in sacred architecture encapsulated the entire process of supramentalisation for both individual and collectivity. As never before recorded in the annals of the sacred sciences, the Mother then drew up a plan of the chamber with very precise measurements for its construction in our world of time and space. This left an indelible imprint: the chamber’s exact contours and geometry can never be erased from the matrix after her act of measuring.

In the video Aeon Centre of Cosmology offers, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, its director, discusses for the first time the machinations that for 44 years succeeded in hiding from the public the most extraordinary accomplishment ever recorded in the sacred sciences. In her introductory comments to Aeon Centre’s new series entitled, The Future Realisation, she reveals all the details of this sordid cover-up.

The Mother’s original plan with its gnostic content was recently presented at Aurodhan Art Gallery in Pondicherry (9-27 February 2014), in an exhibition of the same name. Attendees were astonished to learn for the first time of the Mother’s accomplishment, and, moreover, that it had been hidden so successfully for decades.

Why was this cover-up done? Because in the highest tradition of the sacred arts, the Mother had ‘written’ in the chamber’s measurements the details of the continuity of the Supramental Line and the fulfilment of Sri Aurobindo’s mission. His followers, those to whom this knowledge would matter the most, must never know the truth.

We invite all who understand the value of the Supramental Manifestation for the Earth to follow this series and to assist in whatever way deemed appropriate to right this unconscionable wrong. The supramental Solar Line continues, in spite of all attempts by vested interests to hide this fact.