On the nature of Disease and Cure - Part IV

By Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Written f
or the Vishaal Study Group
  28 July 2006

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If a psychological factor underlies disease and physical ailments, how do we come to know this is so; moreover, for a physical ‘knot’ to contain more subtle elements it stands that they will elude our detection, otherwise, we must assume, the illness could not have established a foothold in the physical. How then are we to discover what the contents of that ‘knot’ might be? How are we going to be honest with ourselves to the degree required - but according to the demands of integrality?
We may resort to psychotherapy, but this is a lengthy procedure and often with questionable results. It may well cement in our consciousness-being a direction or emphasis contrary to our needs during the long process of analysis. In such a case, the cure may prove worse than the disease.
I would like to discuss several case histories in which I was called upon recently to consider these issues while undertaking to heal certain individuals. The psychological factors were largely unknown to me, but somehow I had to understand what the contents of the physical knot were. To achieve this I had to employ a method I always make use of: the incorporation of the Becoming. That is, I concentrate on the individual and, when known, on the specific area of the malaise, with the purpose of engaging the periphery in the healing process. In other words, the play of circumstances (surrounding the illness) becomes organised; before long it conveys what needs to be brought to my awareness as well as to the awareness of the subject. Within a very short time, often surprisingly quick, a ‘set up’ becomes apparent in the atmosphere or ‘field’ of the healing process which often uncannily reveals the contents of the knot; or at least what keeps it in place defying all attempts at removal.
But at this stage we do not really seek to dislodge the knot; rather, we observe, we make of it an ally who, through pain and imbalance, is brought to serve the cause of transformation but through this dramatic means - as I wrote, through mutiny. By this time, if the malaise is serious enough, the ‘mutiny’ has captured centrestage of our subject’s life.
A word of caution. There are some who encourage the physical to occupy centrestage as a fixed pattern to which the physical quickly and willingly becomes attuned. This is done by an excessive focus on everything that transpires within the body. In my experience as an observer of such cases, I have noted that the physical is not able to do what it knows best how to do, - that is, to keep itself healthy. It experiences continuous interference; it is constantly under scrutiny, constantly under surveillance. Indeed, these subjects are continuously besieged by some form or other of physical imbalance simply because the physical is never allowed to keep itself healthy without interference. It may be thought that this is the way to transform the physical - this constant observation with the objective of awareness, often with the idea that one is following a pattern established by the Mother herself in this regard, but I question whether this is a help or a hindrance.
The ultimate goal of our concentration exercise is to use the ‘set up’ to indicate the road to improvement or even complete cure without undue focus on the illness itself because, it is well to remember, the physical can easily fall prey to excessive self-importance. The infirmity in this part of the process becomes peripheral; we are more interested in the total field and cure may then be indicated through the play of circumstances. This may be through allopathy or any of the other alternative medications and treatments now available; or, as when the immune system needs fortification (the goal of all healing), an externally injected circumstance/ingredient that can provide this boost. For example, my attention was drawn to a person suffering from Lyme Disease. This form of concentration revealed that her physical had become vulnerable due to a failure in her immune defences. The issue was then to reinforce those defences. Medication was not the final answer since the cause lay in a vulnerability caused by psychological rather than physical reasons. Regarding this particular illness, medication can create a semblance of cure for a while, but the symptoms invariably return. When circumstances brought the ‘boosting’ ingredient into the organised field of her condition, its impact was immediately felt with positive results.
A word on the structure of disease. In the case of Lyme, which originates from the bite of an infected tick, the striking aspect to the disease is its total lack of organisation. It seems to have no centre, and by consequence it has no determined course or clearly definable parameters. It is, in fact, sheer chaos. This particular disease, and there may be others as well, appears to the inner eye as a clever method to avoid cure by its erratic, structureless behaviour. It strikes anywhere in the body at any time. Finally it appears to just fade away following an undetectable, hidden ‘schedule’ all its own, but not dependent on any particular treatment or medication. My sense is that it ‘fades away’ precisely when, for other factors, the subject’s immune system has received a boost. It then does the work of healing from within.
The most recent news from the subject (28.7.2006) is that her attitude remains positive and her energy level is good. Her blood tests for the disease itself were ‘finally good’, but the underlying infection (salmonella and strep) was still there - somewhere! The doctors do not know where it is located and hosted. They had already removed the subject’s gallbladder and tonsils, I assume as potential hosts spots, - what next? I advised that she stop removing her body parts and continue the focus on her immune system. I will continue to concentrate on the organisation of not only this uncanny disease that hides itself throughout the system so well, but her life in general, so that it too becomes reorganised and able to provide the needed immune boosts. One aspect of Lyme is the severe joint pains which come and go at random. In my experience joints are ideal for hosting, and hiding.
An example of the above question of organising the play of circumstances which then provides the cure, is given in The Tenth Day of Victory (pages 137-141) regarding P.’s illness. An almost instant cure took place - but not miraculous due perhaps to the blessing packet I had received from the Mother and placed under the boy’s pillow. This may well have caused the cure, but it occurred through a shift in the play of circumstances encompassing the yogic movement which caused a reorganisation of events that then brought the right doctor and the right medication. The periphery had become an integral part of the healing process.
My point is that we cannot be dogmatic if we want to heal in a new way that incorporates the Becoming. Cure is totally an individual circumstance - unless we are dealing with collective manifestations like the medieval Black Death, or even AIDS. But that is another issue. For now we are concerned more with the philosophy of healing. What are the origins of disease in the individual and how can healing take place while respecting the processes of integrality and the need to deal with all four layers of consciousness-being?
I shall analyse the procedures I experienced over these past three months involving several individuals in different walks of life and different degrees of involvement with me and my work; that is, different levels of awareness of the methods I would employ. This ranged from total strangers to the Work though not to me, to a more conscious involvement. In all these cases the more closely the individual was conscious of the New Way background, the more enlightening the process turned out to be for all concerned, including myself. The process gave to the participants as much as the level of conscious awareness permitted. If this was slight or non-existent, the knowledge that evolved from the exercise was similarly constricted and linear. With a more open involvement, the fruits were manifold.

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