Contraction, the Zero and the Speed of Consciousness - Part II


12:04 PM

I am really just beginning to grasp the importance of what is happening. Now I truly feel I have the new paradigm. How to bring this to the world?  Honestly, I see no point in having received this light if it must remain occulted. What would be the point? In what way would that help to change the trend of destruction the world is on? And what good is the Avataric descent if its light must remain hidden? Yes, there is an occult action occurring with each such act of seeing. But at a certain point we must reach a threshold, like now, when the plant pushes up above the ground and becomes visible.
... I do feel that the Formula in its application is complete. I feel that just yesterday a crucial element was unveiled precisely for application. It had been withheld until now. Why? Surely it was waiting for this critical moment, this crossroads of destiny.
I know physics stands on the brink of a complete collapse. One little nudge is all that is needed. But are we to wait for three decades like cold fusion before its collapse and the real Formula is known? Do we have the luxury of so much time?
12:20 PM

Dark energy or matter is not to be uncovered as we would in ordinary circumstances. This is a property of the Zero. It is ‘dark’ because like the compacted Sound in the Zero, which we cannot hear, we cannot ‘see’ this energy – which is actually not an energy at all. It is an all-pervading cosmic direction or alignment. It ‘holds’ by virtue of this contracting direction in counterbalancing the expansion on this side. Clearly the wrong tools are used in measuring because they do not know what it is exactly. And they apply the laws of physics which hold for the One and its expansion. But this is beyond that, beyond those laws. It is the origin of gravity on this side. And certainly gravity is the force that resists integration. It must because its own root or origin on the other side is unknown. To understand the origin of the gravitational force we must know Time. That knowledge lies ‘on the other side’ – hence it eludes the physicist.
Time is ‘measured’ on this side through the process of birth measurable by the calendar which is a faithful reproduction of the harmonies of our solar system. The December Solstice is the doorway to ‘the other side’ when perihelion occurs and there can be contraction to a point; hence in all advanced cultures it was given prominence, like the temple in Karnak, Egypt, when the Sun rises on the December Solstice exactly between two pillars/walls. How exquisitely the passage to the other side is portrayed.
A calendar like the current one used by Hindus completely distorts the experience. According to the Nirayana astrologers that sunrise would be measured 23 days AFTER the event, and of course the synchronisation would fail.
OM, like the raga/Shruti, also provides the correct understanding of the origin of things. And the three stages of contraction (in the primordial vibration) leading to a Zero/One fourth. So accurate, yet so unproductive in this science-maddened society that has lost all touch with its ancient wisdom.
Thus, the harmony of our solar system, and the Earth’s contribution to the composition, is the display of what lies beyond. Our solar system is unique because it faithfully transcribes in space the grand harmony of the other side. And the contribution of the Earth is to offer the key through the December Solstice of the portal that can carry us beyond. Not to heaven or hell, or into the extra-cosmic, but rather into the deepest dimension of our material reality. We are contracted to a ‘point’ in the deepest recesses of the soul where we experience the very same 9, 6, 3 – or Transcendent, Cosmic/Universal, Individual. Only birth on Earth allows us to do so because the soul is the special attribute of this third planet. We can make of our sojourn an Underworld where the Dark Lord Pluto reigns; or we can, thanks to the supramental Truth-Consciousness, bring what lies in the core of ourselves to the surface and then to establish life on Earth according to those triadic principles of the New Way Formula. The Vishnu Avatar comes for this: to open the way by his birth and death and connected rebirth for this foundational experience.

23.15 PM

The embellishment continues on the theme of the ‘cosmological constant’.
I understand the difference between this side and the ‘other’ and why Number is used differently here and there. In the other the issue is essentiality of Being. Therefore whole numbers are used as the measure and the system used is the mathematics of unity. We apply the same system on this side by reducing sums to a ‘seed digit’ in order to arrive at the essentiality.  It is the way we connect to the ‘other side’.
The proof of the system, on this side, is reached through application of the Formula 9, 6, 3, 0-1. This is done by following a series of births equalling those essential numbers. The avataric emanations of Vishnu take birth according to that harmony because they serve as the bridge to the ‘other side’. Without their births we have no non-speculative proof of that essentiality or the bridge linking Essence to Form of this material universe. [See The New Way, Vols. 1, 2, 3. Aeon Books]
The number system universally in use is superbly suited to bringing the highest truth within the easy grasp of humanity. The Zero is of course the prime innovation. When that was ‘seen’ (in India) that seed was planted and the manifestation of Supermind was inevitable. The Zero, like the Shruti, holds the key.
On the ‘other side’ whole tones (in a sequence of triadic quanta) describe accurately the Essence which is carried over to this side in the manifestation of the universe. There is really no separation between the two – essence or essentiality and form, or a creation in matter. We ‘see’ only the latter; the sage ‘sees’ essence or originator and then upholder of Form without division.
So, to discover essential Being in this material creation we reduce sums to their seed digits. That then tells us the Note that resonates through the object or person. But the single-most important aspect of the New Way is the Solar Line. This is how we prove that this harmony, the magnificence of the Formula, originates on ‘the other side’. Without the existence of the Line, falling within the structure of the Formula, or striking these whole tones on this side, in the expansion of that essential Being, there could be no proof of the accuracy of the new cosmology. We do not require complicated mathematics to understand.  We ‘see in understanding’ because we realise the function of the Vishnu Avatars’ periodic appearances to be the proof. With that key alone the proof is presented. Supermind not only creates its own conditions of manifestation, it provides its own proof through the simple understanding of the oneness of 0 and 9.
We ‘see’ the Zero as the womb of that essentiality of Being. We ‘see’ that very same essentiality extended in the universe from that Zero via the reversal that carries the vertical into and through the horizontal. We ‘see’ the Zero as rest, the 9 as motion – but rest born of compaction; and motion born of extension. We ‘see’ both directions as simultaneous features of our universal manifestation – one without the other is separative and delusional. The void, the nothingness, the static peace all describe incomplete perceptions which when the full Truth-Consciousness is unveiled, when the lid of the Sun is finally removed, constitute the Falsehood. They prolong the reign of the Ignorance and the Lord of Death.
That India lies at the centre of the Age of Supermind cannot be doubted. Her role was revealed when the sage first ‘saw’ the Zero. With that, Fullness was ‘seen’ as the womb of creation. The reign of the Void had come to an end in that flash of Seeing. For the rest the 9, on the power of Time, gestated that new creation whose birth occurred in this 9th Manifestation.
The entire drama is explained by the analogy of music: Over there the 9 notes exist as (triadic quanta) whole tones. In that essentiality they are like pulsations – indeed the pulsations of the Sun, 9 in our 24-hour day. The Sun carries this harmonic pulsation into and through its planetary body. But only the Earth, third in the system, is equipped with the mechanism to render the tones/pulsations struck on the other side audible, measurable. After the reversal, because of movement harmonies are possible based on the 9 ‘tones’. The Zero never ceases to be the upholding Womb – even as its tones/pulsations expand in a ceaseless display of Harmony.
Only in the classical music of India of the Carnatic tradition do we find the most faithful expression of the Supreme Truth. Only in Carnatic music of India can we ‘hear’ the oneness of Essence and Form.

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