A Cosmological Perspective - 3

The time-bound necessity of War

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 Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
18 December 2013

It is reasonable to question how another conflagration of global proportions could have occurred so close on the heels of the Great War, which ought to have brought an end to the choice of war for all times to come. It is reasonable to believe that the horrors of the First World War were such as to have left imprints on the collective psyche rendering impossible such options. And yet, the Second World War, in the cosmological perspective, was as inevitable as the First, though it obeyed a very different agenda. The former was a process of withdrawing energies to serve a cosmic purpose, when the time for dissolution had arrived; the Second World War obeyed laws attendant on a creative thrust that was to sustain the forward drive into the Aquarian Age.
I pointed out that 12 years had transpired from the beginning of the First World War to the onset of the Age of Aquarius in 1926. Similarly, 12 years after civilisation had crossed the border between the first two Ages of the 9th Manifestation an equal number of 12 would pass and we would find ourselves in the throes of yet another global conflict of even greater proportions.
Readers will calculate that the War started in 1939 and not 1938 – or 13 years from the time-border and not 12. However, an event occurred in early 1938 that made not only inevitable the new war but it also determined the shape it would take. This is not the place to provide facts to support this statement, except to state that a gap was left in the time-fabric of the flow of the Ages that was akin to an invitation to forces of different persuasions to fill. The mechanics of the operation are mathematical; I have provided these details again and again over the years – primarily in The New Way, Volumes 1-3. Here I wish to state only that the 1938 event opened the possibility of a very different Earth – a NEW Earth, to borrow the scriptural phrase (‘A new Heaven and a new Earth’). Not to be overlooked, however, is the fact that together with the new Earth there was the eagerly anticipated new Heaven. I know of no other branch of higher knowledge except the truth-conscious Supermind of our times that has been able to explain the meaning of a new Heaven – factually, applicably – because in the assessment of all philosophies and spiritual paths, ‘heaven’ would mean the spiritual realm removed from the material which, in their opinion, is unchanging, static and eternal, and therefore could not be ‘made new’. These are the qualities that they feel distinguish spirituality from ‘all that moves’ which would therefore be impermanent and hence of questionable value in any higher process of self-perfection. Permanence versus impermanence became fixed on a pole of tension at the onset of the 9th Manifestation that could never be reconciled. To do so would require the new cosmology of Supermind.

India as Centre-Soul

From 1926 onward India would be the focus of both the new Earth and the new Heaven, though unknown to all. If one were to exclude the descent of the Supramental Knowledge, with all that it entails, we would have to believe that whatever was planned for India by way of centreship for the 9th Manifestation has failed. On the surface India presents a grim picture. She is burdened not just by over a billion people but more significantly by the weight of a history that dates back thousands of years and has been carried over into the present in an unbroken line; and for a very specific purpose, I might add. Contrast this with the United States of America, a nation that from its earliest years disengaged itself from the past – a situation that has allowed America to act largely free of historical baggage which might have impeded a certain agility to allow the nation to play a special role destiny had arranged for the two World Wars. America moves forward in a largely weightless condition, with few encumbrances, and therefore finds herself in a better position for renewal almost endlessly. India, on the other hand, carries not only her own burden but the accumulated problems of the entire 9th Manifestation.
Centreship is not to be envied. It is only a civilisation nurtured on the special quality of wisdom found in a text such as the Bhagavad Gita that can sustain a burden such as India carries. The verses quoted in Part 2 of this series describe the onerous task ahead and her cosmic responsibilities – that is, in this Age India has to come to terms with the workings of the Time-Spirit as described in those verses as far back as the 8th Manifestation, prematurely displayed before the tender-hearted Arjun on the battlefield of the war to end all wars. The Gita serves us today, when entering into the heart of the 9th Manifestation, as a prophecy of things to come. But it is a burden rendered far less burdensome when the cosmic key to those workings is in hand, just as the Gita indicates in the revelations of the methodology of the Time-Spirit.
Unfortunately, the same usurping forces that sought to fill the gap left wide open in 1938 have been operating in India – quite successfully, it must be added; these are powers gifted in the art of simulation. It took a world war to counter a usurpation that, if left unchecked, would have not only dislodged India from her central place in the new Age but would have ultimately brought an end to evolution on Earth entirely.
There are Scriptures the world over that tell the tale of great battles which we interpret as a struggle between the forces of Good and Evil. Invariably the Good prevails and Evil is destroyed. But the war in question does not fit neatly into this categorisation; the forces at play and the finality of this war are far more complex and require a synthetic vision to grasp the full implications. The early years of the Aquarian Age were vitally important because we had entered Vishnu’s Age of Preservation – that is, the time for the descent from the solar world of his emanations. This descent occurs every 6000 years approximately – or from one Age of Preservation to the next (yuge-yuge, the Gita tells us). These special periods are highlighted in the Map of 12 by the crosswise axes pointing to the four zodiacal signs of Preservation – called Fixed Quality in astrological lore. They are often depicted in Sphinx iconography to preserve the knowledge of their zodiacal importance, or bearing a certain message such as the Sphinx at Giza.
The specific task of this particular Age of Vishnu would be to implant on Earth the things of the solar world, the superior light of a solar essence. This is the supramental Truth-Consciousness which not only makes all things new on Earth, but discloses the anticipated ‘new heaven’ as well. In this context I have written that the term ‘spiritual’ can no longer be applied to the perceptions of Reality the truth-conscious Supermind provides. In this dispensation ‘heaven’ is also made new, a faithful and fulfilling companion of ‘the new Earth’. However, I must repeat, for this to take shape a more all-encompassing and integrated cosmic vision had to manifest in India – precisely because she has been drawn out of that luminous Knowledge and into the darkness of unknowing, just as the world was led astray by the same usurpers in the beginning of this new Age.
Usurpation is the keyword. The strategy is to use accepted symbols of higher goals based on the sacred sciences. We recognise the tactic without any difficulty regarding Nazism; but how many really question why those sacred Vedic symbols became the emblem of that entire movement? We must now question: How is it that Hitler came to adopt the Swastika as his signature among all the symbols at his disposal to choose from? Nazism was rooted in Christian soil, not Indian; and yet, not only was the Swastika adopted but the usurpation extended to the overall goal of his movement: the establishment of a superior race, the Aryan. This choice touched the heart and soul of the Veda and made the label ‘coincidence’ unacceptable: the only Aryan worth mentioning is the victorious Warrior of the Rig Veda – the world’s oldest Scripture. Some researchers seek to link these prominent selections to Nordic folklore. On the surface this may have been the case, but more often than not the falsifying agenda is carried out through unknowing subjects, unmindful of the real intention.
Here again we are faced with a ‘gap’ due to unknowing, similar to the opening left in the time-fabric by the event of 1938: a cloud hangs over the significance of the Rig Veda. To date there is no consensus on the real meaning of its enigmatic verses. That unknowing, that unconsciousness permitted not only Hitler to usurp the Aryan as symbol of the superior race he intended to establish in Germany, but Indologists joined in the chorus, some of those of most repute from Germany itself. They not only fanned false ambitions by their interpretations of the Rig Veda, they also contributed to a persistent North-South divide on the subcontinent.
The point I am making is to recognise how precariously the Earth was poised on the brink of a sombre abyss at the border of the new Age, due entirely to ignorance – of a cosmic status – indeed, the Cosmic Ignorance that must give way to the Cosmic Truth of the Vedic Age. And India stood then, and continues to stand, at the heart of it all.
Interestingly, both movements, the German and the Indian, involve cosmological issues, recognised or not. Germany usurped the cosmic symbols sacred to India for millennia; but in a sense India had forfeited the right to any exclusivity when she lost the key to the Knowledge embraced by the symbols, when it became, in Sri Aurobindo’s words, simply the ‘body devoid of soul’. The Swastika is entirely cosmic and Earth-centred. Its four arms divide the circle into four quarters just as the ecliptic is divided for the Earth in four parts based on the Equinoxes and the Solstices. But here is the rub, India has ceased to value the role the Equinoxes and Solstices play for Earth inhabitants. The calendar adopted for Hindus disregards them entirely and instead projects the ecliptic Zero Point – entirely dependent for its location in time on the 21-22 March Equinox – far into space, into the constellational sphere where there are no Equinoxes and Solstices. And yet, this is the single most important aspect of the Swastika to consider if the sense and purpose of its soul is to be unveiled in the symbol. As used in Ganesh iconography, the four arms point squarely to the Cardinal Points and hence to the Equinoxes and Solstices, though by usurpation the symbol no longer honours the soul it contains.
The added appendages to the four arms of the Swastika indicate by their positioning – left or right – the direction of the movement, clockwise or counter-clockwise. A widely held belief is that Hitler reversed the symbol and therefore it became ‘evil’. This is not correct and is simply missing the forest for the trees. The Swastika can ‘move’ in both directions, but counter- clockwise pertains to the yearly motion of 365 days as determined by the rotation of the Earth and movement through the zodiac eastward; the other indicates the larger 25,920-year movement of the Ages which, due to the Precession, gives rise to a clockwise progression through the signs, as the Map of 12 Manifestations indicates. Wikipedia states:

‘Left-facing’ and ‘right-facing’ are used mostly consistently referring to the upper arm of an upright swastika facing either to the viewer's left (卍) or right (卐). The other two descriptions are ambiguous as it is unclear whether they refer to the arms as leading or being dragged or whether their bending is viewed outward or inward. However, ‘clockwise’ usually refers to the ‘right-facing’ swastika. The terms are used inconsistently in modern times, which is confusing and may obfuscate an important point, that the rotation of the swastika may have symbolic relevance, although ancient vedic scripts describe the symbolic relevance of clock motion and counter clock motion. Less ambiguous terms might be ‘clockwise-pointing’ and ‘counterclockwise-pointing’. (Emphasis mine).

Vedic key is mention of motion. But when attainment of the Beyond became the purpose of all spirituality in India, then indeed ‘motion’, directly connected to material creation, was to be dismissed as having less relevance. The writers of Wikipedia seem to be following the trend.
To summarise, the essential point of the Swastika is the division of the zodiacal (ecliptic) circle into four quarters. The dividing lines would extend to the 0 degrees of the four Cardinal Points, the uppermost being 0 degree Capricorn – Uttarayana of Hindu tradition, the most auspicious time of the year in the annual progression; regarding the passage of the zodiacal ages, it would be the Golden Age of Capricorn, or Satya Yuga. However, this is all merely rhetorical now; in practice, the symbol has lost its meaning.
I will set aside the question of right or left-spinning Swastika for the purposes of this analysis of the Second World War and the role of the Nazi movement. The chosen symbol would be either the year of 365 days or the cosmic year of 25,920 years. Given the intent of the forces working through Hitler, it would seem to be the latter since had he succeeded the reign of the Shadow would have extended well into the remaining years of the Age.

In view of the above, even more interesting regarding the Nazi usurpation is the zodiacal signs the Nazi emblem pointed to: the Ages of Vishnu, during which period the innermost truth of each of the 12 Manifestations would become cemented in the Earth’s evolutionary matrix by the appearance of one of the Avatars corresponding to a particular Manifestation, each with a specific task to complete for the evolution. Given the usurpation and the Nazi ambition of not only world sovereignty but domination over the entire evolutionary process for all times to come, it is therefore not surprising that the chosen insignia should indicate those precise Ages, unlike other Swastikas of ancient and modern times that point upright. Disabling the Avatar, not permitting him to fulfil his mission, obfuscating his true credentials as established by the Cosmic Truth so that confusion would reign in India over this aspect of Vedic Knowledge – veritably the backbone of Hinduism – would be the sinister, hidden objective of the inspirational powers working through the Nazi movement.


The arms of the Nazi Swastika
to coincide with Vishnu’s Ages in the Map of 12 Manifestations

Since India has lost the cosmic connection due to the loss of Knowledge in these sacred matters – which includes above all the correct calendar in use for astrological and temple purposes – she can be seen as having sent out an ‘invitation’ to all and sundry: ‘Interpret as you will, I abdicate!’ But the destined centre-soul of the Earth does not have this option, however appealing it may be. Wilful ignorance in such a situation merely draws more weight to the already heavy burden of the Ages she carries – specifically, the darkness India drew to herself during passage through the Age of Pisces. Most important of all, since it stands at the heart of many conflicts across the globe, is the question of an orthodox exclusivism. India took on the burden of exclusivism, a mindset totally unknown to Vedic civilisation. For India of Vedic heritage, the weight of this credo is almost unbearable. Perhaps for this reason the Puranas (prophetically, zodiacally) describe how the Vedas were submerged in the Piscean cosmic sea where, they tell us, these sacred-most texts were hidden for their protection during the time of Matsyavatar, the Avatar of the Fishes – that is, the Age of Pisces in recurring cycles through the Manifestations. This time we are emerging from the Sea with the truth-conscious Supramental Gnosis in hand given the fact that this particular Age of Pisces sets in motion the last round in the cycle of 12 covering 77,760 years – an indication in itself that the 9th Avatar completed his mission successfully and the descent from the solar world has been arranged in such a way as to ‘cover all bases’ (those Cardinal and otherwise) to oust the usurpers once and for all.
Two ancient/modern symbols were central in the Second World War – the Seal of Solomon and the Swastika. The former, apart from Judaism, is sacred to Kartikeya, Shiva’s firstborn son; the latter to Ganesh, his second born – a ‘coincidence’ for sure but not for that any less worthy of mention.

My intention in presenting this unusual treatment of the Second World War is first of all to offer an integrated overview by drawing a direct connection between the two wars of the last century through the 1926 borderline dividing the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius. To better understand why ‘forces’ arose so vehemently right from the onset of the new Age to secure the right instruments in furtherance of their goal of usurpation, we must realise that there has never been a dramatic severance between the two Ages. What we were left with when Dissolution was completed is a distilled residue from the Piscean era. This is on the order of a carry-over, without which there could be no unified perception, no multiplicity in unity, the heart and soul of evolution on Earth. Consequently, the forces that operated with seeming impunity during Pisces were successful in assuring that the darkness they fostered would be implanted in the soil of the new Age, carried over in condensed form across the border into Aquarius. The Second World War was a result of that ferment. It stands that if unity and integration, along with freedom, are the keywords of the Aquarian Age, there can be no stark divide obliterating everything that had transpired previously, however negative; in some way it must leave its mark because it was a necessary ingredient for the conquests in this Age of Supermind. The issue is to understand the sense and purpose of the methodology. In this light, if we analyse the present condition of our world fearlessly, that deeper insight will help us navigate through what lies ahead more trustingly and confident of victory.
The Second World War was a consolidated effort, working through imperialist powers lusting for a place on the fading map of colonised nations, to perpetuate that divisive and demeaning agenda, to secure an indelible footprint that would determine the course of evolution for many years to come. The persistent ‘hot spots’ on the international stage are the result of that ‘residue’. To help counter the objective of divisive forces, the new Age introduced a more mature version of the League of Nations. And thus the United Nations arose from the detritus of the War and still stands in our midst because it was borne along by the creative Spirit of the new Times.