A Cosmological Perspective – 4

India’s tumultuous road to Centre-hood
Part I

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Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
July 2014

1975 marked a formidable turning point in the life of newly-independent India. History records it as perhaps the period of greatest threat to the fledgling democratic system adopted at the time the British Raj came to an end. That apart, the new Indocentric Cosmology sees 1975 – and more particularly the Emergency declared by the then prime minister Indira Nehru Gandhi – in a different light. Certainly there were threats of a very serious nature, but these were not only of a conventional sort as the surface phenomena would cause us to believe. Beneath the surface great forces were engaged in a global struggle to arrest the forward movement of India to express, for herself and for the world, the new and unique way she is destined to introduce. The threat was precisely to send her on a path that would cement the old rather than the new. These were forces that were unsuccessful at usurpation during World War II (see A Cosmological Perspective 3). With India as an independent nation, their efforts were this time more direct.
As the third member of the Lunar Line (see The New Way, Volumes 1&2, Aeon Books, 1981 regarding the Solar and Lunar Lines), Indira Gandhi could only follow the path her birth as a part of the Line had established. Ostensibly this was an affront to democracy; however the full story was another. The Emergency, temporary as it was meant to be, served to keep the movement going forward that India was spearheading for the world, using the only means possible at that immature state of the nation’s polity, given the totality of conditions prevailing and the personality traits of the then political leaders. For the fact remains that the contours of that new way had not yet been fully formulated, much less cemented in the nation’s time fabric by the lived collective experience.
Inertia is the tool to impede that fulfilment. In other words, to arrest or thwart the forward direction by securing that secondary concerns would become all-consuming while the greater purpose or dharmic duties are subsumed by peripheral issues. This too has its value as a strategy during a certain preparatory period. What was being prepared for India was then barely in its initial stages, though to be noted is that in 1971 an acceleration had set in to bring the nation to the threshold of monumental changes for herself and for the world. While civic liberties were thwarted, the need of the hour was to combat Inertia by the means then available, as a temporary measure, the imposition of which would ultimately be to strengthen the polity in a manner consistent with the new manifestation for India: with maturity of the polity, never more would such drastic measures be required.
Much of the labour was done behind the scenes, as it were, in dimensions that the ordinary human eye cannot perceive. The forces that sought to divert India from her mission had to be dealt with by yogic means. These are not the topic of this analysis but are noted only to convey something of the deeper levels of energy organisation that effect the outer strata significantly, such as prevailed in the country in the first half of the ennead 1971-1980, which caused a state of emergency to be declared.
To this end there is a division of labour, shall we say, known to Bharat for millennia but never so meticulously planned and cared for in its unfolding and services rendered as in this 9th Manifestation. Briefly, two ‘lines’ have been operating to carry the unfolding of certain higher destiny patterns to fulfilment. In the new cosmology they are called Solar and Lunar Lines. In this discussion of the Emergency and connected matters, we are concerned only with the Lunar – that is, with the visible, external workings; occulted activities, determining as they may have been and continue to be, belong to the Line of the Sun and have been presented in detail elsewhere and need not detain us here (see The New Way, Volumes 1-3, Aeon Books). In the distant past these ‘lines’ manifested separately, as the nation’s epics inform us, with Sri Ram being of the solar and Sri Krishna appearing many years later of the lunar. They were known as dynasties in those times.
In our Age they are contiguous because the 9th Manifestation completes a linear process which is now experienced spherically: In the Age of Supermind convergences of peripheral developments take place, bringing more rapid gains because of the simultaneity now possible, such as the overlapping work of the Solar and Lunar Lines. The goal is to reach the point where so-called negative methods will no longer be required to fulfil destiny. But that goal still remains to be attained in full. However, what has been achieved since 1971 is that positive AND negative serve the purposes of the centre, of the One, and are openly seen to do so. In other words, there is only one Dharma and everything that transpires under the control of Mahakal serves its purposes.

The Gnostic Circle, master key of destiny   
I began this series late in 2013. The first three parts followed one upon the other in December of that year. But this fourth and final portion had to be set aside to await developments in the nation that would provide the effective proof of what I seek to convey. For the first three parts I presented my Map of the 12 Manifestations as a background ‘canvas’ for the analysis. Aspects of the two World Wars of the last century were analysed on that backdrop to view those painful happenings in a very different light, one that would reveal their true purpose in the global unfolding. It was shown how each War played itself out according to the harmonies displayed in the Map, influenced by the then prevailing temporal rhythms. Regarding the topic under discussion, a different map-diagram must be used to bring greater clarity to the analysis, just as the Map of 12 had done. This time it is the Gnostic Circle as background canvas (below), whose 12 o’clock point is the onset of the new year according to the universal calendar in use throughout the world. In this instance it would be 1971 (=9) from which 0/9 point we begin the cycle of 9 years, until we complete the full measure of nine years/orbits and reach the start of the cycle again.  This is done on the basis of what I call the mathematics of unity – i.e. 1971=18=9, 1972=1, and so on.
The facts to follow are necessary technical details which may not be to the liking of many readers. Nonetheless, I am obliged to spell them out, failing which this analysis cannot proceed further. Briefly, this is how the Gnostic Circle operates. There are two divisions of the 360 degree circle superimposed on each other: 9 and 12. The 9 are the planetary orbits extending from the Sun (0) to Pluto (9) in their sequential order; the latter is the division of the ecliptic into the 12 signs of the zodiac. These two divisions are found in the innermost white area; the 9 planetary orbits are closer to the centre, the 12 signs in the next. (The coloured circles thereafter are simply further divisions of same 360 degree backdrop; they are not relevant to the analysis under discussion.) The time factor is captured in the planetary orbits  –  that is, each orbit is either a year or a day or an hour, as the case may be, based on the Vedic laws of Equivalency and Correspondence. Regarding the year, one round of the circle equals 9 years/orbits; added to the first round of 9 is another making 18, then 27, 36, and so on. In each cycle of 9 the horizontal 12 are ‘experienced’, in this manner wedding Time and Space in a unique applicable paradigm.

The Gnostic Circle
The Gnostic Circle, Aeon Books, 1975

 In contrast to the prevalent notion of planetary ‘influences’ regarding traditional astrology, the Gnostic Circle simply describes the role of harmony as experienced through the Earth’s evolutionary process. That is, life on Earth is tailored to these orbital harmonies which become tangible through the realisation of Oneness.
This ‘canvas’ was discovered in the mid 1970’s. The book of the same name was first published in August of 1975 (The Gnostic Circle, Aeon Books), just after the declaration of Emergency. The Gnostic Circle of the new cosmology makes it clear that at the time the Emergency was declared (1975=4), the world was passing through a section of the time-wheel corresponding to the orbits of Mars (4) and Jupiter (5), its nadir or lowest section. In the heavens what we find located between the fourth and fifth orbits is the Asteroid Belt. Since that section does not house a planet as such, it is known as the 4.5 Orbit, or the halfway point of the 9-year cycle. The Emergency was declared exactly as the world entered the Asteroid Belt (in Gnostic Time), the third such passage for the new India according to the spatial harmonies and temporal rhythms of the solar system, the patterns of which are reflected in the Gnostic Circle,
In a sense, the effect that this passage has in an individual’s life – for the Gnostic Circle is valid both individually and collectively – is to separate the wheat from the chaff. If the upward journey through the Circle is to be completed one cannot succumb to Inertia through ‘escapist’ tactics. These include techniques in spiritual practices which carry practitioners apparently out of the cosmic manifestation – in the Gnostic Circle this would be through the exit channel (the ‘void’) provided by 4.5 Orbit. The reader’s attention is drawn to its innermost structure where connecting lines between the planetary orbits are drawn; in esoteric schools the resultant diagram is known as the Enneagram. To be noted is the visual impact of the Enneagram, revealing that the pattern drawn by its lines points to the 4.5 Orbit; this is either the birth channel, or the escape route; it indicates the solemn choice the seeker is presented with during this passage. By holding material creation to be an illusion and ‘liberation’ to be ‘beyond time and space’, for instance, the remainder of one’s experience lived in time (as perforce it must be until we die) is undermined:  the concentrated energy generated in the spiritual realiser is withheld from the process that can impact evolution positively, thereby decreasing the store required for the transformation so urgently demanded if conditions on our planet are to be changed.
Other less lofty techniques are drug abuse, so rampant in societies the world over, coupled with many other psychological crutches and buffers to avoid a conscious and more responsible participation in the evolution.  After more than 2000 years of these various escapist methods, are we surprised at the depleted and ravaged condition of our planet and the rapid disappearance of her wonderfully diverse species?  These tendencies burden the human being with ‘excess baggage’ so to speak. To lighten the burden during the 4.5 passage, hardened crusts and stifling habits need to be shattered and dissolved, visually displayed by the actual Asteroid Belt. Once we have entered this magical time-wheel that is the 365-day journey of the Earth around the Sun (at the time of birth for the individual), and once we have accepted to follow the Sun and to complete the circle’s upward movement, rather than opt for the escape route, we can experience life more consciously by shedding veils that cloud the Truth-Consciousness. This heightened awareness comes through the rhythm the Sun establishes for the Earth – that is, on the power of its 9’pulsations’.
In the 1970’s scientists discovered that the luminary has a ‘pulsation’ of exactly one in every 2 hours and 40 minutes – totalling 9 in our Earth day of 24 hours – also referred to as an oscillation. That this should be such an exact measurement, on the order of a similar exactitude enabling eclipses to occur, it ought to inspire awe and even reverence in the hearts and minds of Earth’s inhabitants. However, this exactitude was not enough to encourage scientists to probe deeply into the mechanics and perhaps function of this mysterious pulsation. It seems to have been put aside and placed in the box already brimming with the conundrums left unexplained by Science.
From the perspective of the New Way, the exact 9 solar pulsations in 24 hours indicate that creatures born on Earth bear the stamp of 9 in their cells and in every dimension of their consciousness-being. This rhythm is one of our most intrinsic and essential harmonies. As individuals or as a collectivity we are destined to give it expression in an ever-increasing degree the higher up on the ladder of evolution we go. To this end the first prerequisites are the number system India gave to the world, 0 to 9, and the current universal calendar based on the Equinoxes and Solstices. The two combined and now employed across the globe indicate the advanced position we now occupy on the ladder. Along with other facts gleaned from the eternal spring of this specialised Knowledge, the indication is that India’s role in this expression is central. In the comity of nations she plays the role of the Sun, therefore setting this pulsation of 9 abroad across the globe as she moves through the cycles guided by the Time-Spirit. From this central ‘pulse’ the rest of the nations receive sustenance, provided India has taken full and conscious possession of her centre-hood.

© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet 2014


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