A Cosmological Perspective – 4 (Part 2)

India’s tumultuous road to Centre-hood

Part 2

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
July 2014

1975 marked the third passage through the Asteroid Belt for the newly-independent India on the road to forging ‘centreship’. The danger she faced was an incomplete grounding or forging of the ‘axis’ required to secure completion of the passage and not be torn apart like just another asteroid that had failed to see fulfilment as a planet. In the destiny that opened before her this would be the period when the most massive threat to India’s ‘Sun-hood’, or her ‘centreship’, would arise. Once through the 4.5 Orbit the rest would play itself out with more clarity since the tool to locate the nation’s destiny patterns was the Gnostic Circle, whose express purpose is to allow these cosmic harmonies to evolve consciously, thereby making of Time an ally rather than destroyer, as when ignorance prevails. Inadequate as the Emergency may have been, the real threat ignored by all was that Indira Gandhi could have been dislodged from her post as leader of the nation prematurely, and the rise of leaders who did not bear the adequate power of destiny to cope with the situation. As well meaning as their quest to save democracy was – they lacked the appropriate fibre of destiny demanded in India’s formative years to avoid the shattering that the 4.5 Orbit displays.
The issue at hand was axis-forging. But this Axis is even more elusive than that of a planetary body (another of Science’s conundrums). The sacred Axis holding India together is one of time whose contracting action begins on the other side, closed to the tools available to the scientific researcher for the moment; but this too can be fast changing. Presently, science’s measuring devices and mathematical formulae cannot explain what lies ‘beyond the event horizon’. Given the role her dharma obliges her to play, India can bridge the abyss to that other shore and join the two dimensions, subtle and material.1  Forging the Axis means that a series of births take place according to a carefully crafted plan or formula derived from the Sun’s pulsations. The eminent inventor/scientist, Nikola Tesla, understood the meaning of the formula. He is quoted as stating, ‘If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, 9, you would have a key to the universe.’ History records that he spent the final years of his life ‘obsessed’ with the number 3, to the extent that many considered him to be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder! It would not be the first time that genius is so cavalierly dismissed. Nonetheless, when a truth’s time has come there is no stopping it: the Gnostic Circle displays that very magnificence Tesla alludes to, for all to appreciate – if we can but shed the baggage we carry, heavy-laden as we are with rigid dogmas, many of which are to be placed at the feet of Science itself.
In The New Way series I have given all the details of these births involving twelve people of both Lines, Solar and Lunar. For the present analysis, suffice to state that whatever lies beyond that threshold is out of the grasp of science. It cannot explain these calculated births, the ‘control’ of which would have to be another of those inexplicable conundrums. It is with a series of births that the two dimensions are wed in a new way that thereby creates, or makes operational, the Time-Axis by which India can at last be unveiled as the cosmo-terrestrial Centre that she is.
As time moves on the Axis is strengthened. In the early days – or the first passages through the 9-year cycles – the issue is one of ‘holding together’ during critical stages. Leaders must be at the helm of affairs who by destiny can serve in this activity. As the third in the Lunar Line Indira Gandhi’s most important and demanding function was to do just that: to serve in holding firm while the Axis could be set in place, without which India could not fulfil her role of centre. The Line consists of four members beginning with Motilal Nehru, whose complete birthdate 6.5.1861 equals 9 by the mathematics of unity; followed by Jawaharlal Nehru, 14.11.1889=6, and Indira Nehru Gandhi, 19.11.1917= 3. Indira’s period was the most dangerous. She came into prominence as leader in 1967; four years thereafter, 1971 (=9), would mark the onset of the three concluding enneads of the century/millennium and the most important phase of India’s destiny – when all would be won or all lost. The 9-year cycle beginning in that most significant 9-power year, set the stage for the first passage through the Asteroid Belt for Indira Gandhi as leader. The second passage brought an end to her role at the helm of affairs with her demise in 1984.

The ‘seeding’ of Time and the calendar Year
Time moves on as does one’s progression through the Gnostic Circle. The dangers of the Asteroid Belt began to recede with distance (in time), but a more troubling influence set in with the nation’s passage into Scorpio, the 8th zodiacal division of the Gnostic Circle’s 12 segments (its 3rd quarter).2

The 3rd Quarter
Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius
Our Canvas reveals that India was confronted with an unavoidable plunge into the trying times the Scorpio passage indicates. While initially the Emergency was viewed favourably by the public, some even calling it the oxymoron ‘benign dictatorship’, with passage into the Gnostic Circle’s 8th sign (the hieroglyph ), forces usurped the Emergency to carry out less than honourable aims, diverting it from its original and sole objective. But as 1977 dawned and the world moved out of the dark waters of Scorpio and into the ‘open spaces’ of the next, the 9th Sagittarius of the 12 signs (see diagram), the thirst for the freedoms democracy must grant became overwhelming. The Emergency was lifted and elections were called.
India required two and a half years of ‘emergency’ measures to contend with the dangers posed by passage across this difficult section of the Canvas. The threat of an untimely disruption was overcome. When the trial and error of what followed had run its course, elections were again called. Indira was brought back to power in 1980.

The method (Emergency) to this day is seen as having been the darkest period in the nation’s development of democracy. Indeed, dark as the surface levels were, the danger went far deeper than most imagine. The aid the Gnostic Circle grants lies in the fact that passage through the time-space Orbits is rendered conscious by virtue of the characteristics of the planets occupying the orbits. Thus, the danger perceived through the Canvas’ 4.5 Orbit is conveyed as the Asteroid Belt; its shattered components of what had sought no doubt to be a full-fledged planet, visually convey the real danger – that is, the break up that threatened the new nation at that time. It is legitimate to question if the passage could be interpreted differently, as, for example, that the danger posed was to the democratic process itself which faced a ‘break up’. But in order to avoid misinterpretation, we must often wait for a process to reach a certain stage of maturity, the detection of which is determined by the level of development of each individual. That maturity would then provide the correct understanding. For this series it was necessary to allow the events themselves the required ‘space’ for time to ripen.
Once out of danger and after the need for such drastic measures had passed, the political scene gradually returned to normal. Beneath those external layers and deep into the recondite energy levels of the nation, a serious blow had been dealt to those disruptive forces when they had failed to achieve their desired aim. Observers unmindful of the essential layers see only the surface happenings; on that basis judgements are passed. This series attempts to reveal how a careful control exists over the destiny of India to enable her to fulfil her dharmic obligations in this Aquarian Age, with the tools and instruments available to her at each stage in the development.

In preparation of a new Birth   
Indira’s leadership ended with her tragic demise in 1984. Her son Rajiv Gandhi, fourth and final member of the Lunar Line, took over. He was the last member and though many seek to prolong the ‘dynasty’ through his progeny, this does not receive the sanction or support of the Time-Spirit, according to the new cosmology. Recent events on the political stage proved this to be true. I have written elsewhere that the actual Lines, Solar and Lunar, consist of four members and stages only, who fulfil their contributions unfailingly. I have also written that when the first participants of the Lunar Line came to the forefront, the Congress was the only nation-wide party suitable to the task.3 Thereafter, members of the same family may choose to enter politics, but the final results will always
correspond to the individual’s competence and his or her own destiny, whose participation does not fall within the same category since the period of axis-forging regarding the contribution of the four-member Lunar Line has passed. The tasks at hand were completed successfully and India entered a new and more mature phase thereafter.

There are two directions active in the evolutionary process; these are contraction and expansion, or vertical and horizontal. The 9 division of the Gnostic Circle is vertical, the 12 division is horizontal. If we were to create a three-dimensional Gnostic Circle it would have to display these two directions: the Vertical 9 (planets) descending into the Horizontal 12 (zodiacal division of the ecliptic); this reflects the actual structure of our solar system wherein the vertical captures Time, and the horizontal Space.4
Regarding the Lunar Line a shift is experienced when the period of engagement reaches the fourth-power stage – Rajiv Gandhi’s term. The political scene thereafter displayed better than any verbal explanation just what that change indicated with his demise. For the first time in the history of independent India, single-party rule had come to an end. It then became clear that coalition politics had set in and, as soon became apparent, would remain a feature of the nation’s politics for a long time to come given the multitude of parties populating the political firmament.
However, recent developments provide even more astonishing proof of the hand of Mahakal over India’s destiny when exactly 30 years of seemingly permanent multi-party rule was brought to an end when voters gave the majority to a single-party in the 2014 general elections. At this stage it is remarkable to be able to observe the manner in which that tell-tale Control offers us a very clear perception of just what the purpose has been of this 30-year swathe of time. In this fourth and final part of the series, I must focus on the purpose of the interlude, because now it is possible to know what its need has been, and what was ‘worked out’ of the nation’s political system so that India could fulfil her dharma as centre and inspirer on the global stage. The entire process, including the more decisive role of the upholding Solar Line in this cleansing operation, is not the subject of this analysis and may be left for another time. India has, in effect, been abiding in a deep slumber over this period, having lacked the ‘infrastructure’ of a political channel that could permit her to occupy the Centre. There were other tasks at hand. But there is one ‘side effect’ of this apparent void that needs to be mentioned. International developments reflected this seemingly vacant situation. The USA (sole remaining superpower), has had to stand in for India, as it were, a task for which America is ill prepared. Her own destiny is another – though linked very closely to India.5
This state of affairs was made particularly evident from the mid-1980s. An event occurred during that most important ennead – 1980-1989: the ‘void was filled’ YOGICALLY in 1983.6  Thereafter it was predictable that the binary balance holding sway over the world from the close of World War II – the period known as the Cold War – would eventually experience a shift to a unitary system. The outer display of this monumental change was the break up of the then Soviet Union and the collapse of the dual (or binary) super-power structure. As history records, this appeared almost miraculous because of its unprecedented swiftness and the ease with which such a rigid and apparently hard-set balance of powers was brought to an end. The problem remained, however, that a unitary system demands the presence of a centre – particularly ‘a Centre that holds’, in the reversed words of the poet Yeats.7  India is by destiny that Centre; her position cannot be usurped. Given this demand, the more obstructions put in the way of the nation taking possession of her Centre-hood, caused by a deadening tamasic sleep, the greater the blows that will be received until those obstructions are eliminated. This has been the purpose of the 30-year cleansing period.8
With the three-decade interlude completed, so pregnant as it was in purposefulness, India is now ready. She is in a position to play her destined role. A proof of the exactitude of the Time-Spirit’s control in this play-out lies in the fact that the recent elections unexpectedly brought in single-party rule, the last one having occurred during the term of the fourth member of the Lunar Line. Indeed, the news reports after the verdict was announced highlighted this fact: for the first time in 30 years, and most unanticipated, voters brought an end to the coalition era through the democratic process. The usual machinations required to prolong the old system, sometimes of an unhealthy sort, were proved to be entirely irrelevant and impotent in the context of India’s new birth. Mahakal indeed stands above all the Gods, as the Puranas inform us.
This unexpected turn of events revealed once again the controlling power behind the surface phenomena. A similar situation presented itself in 2004 when the unexpected results of the general elections that year contradicted all predictions; to this day the outcome remains unexplained. For those schooled in this new cosmology, the electoral outcome then was not at all unexpected. India was still in her ‘flushing out’, or better said, her cleansing period. The anticipated but failed victory of 2004 would have allowed forces inimical to her true and higher dharmic patterns to have reinforced their hold. Another ennead would be required to complete the exacting 30-year term of ‘cleansing’, bringing India to her 2014 victory and the experience of a new future from a new birth.

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1  The technique to accomplish this task has been recorded in the Rig Veda thousands of years ago. I have presented the cosmological rationale in a new and unitary paradigm. (See, Beyond Contemporary Scientific Paradigms, an essay on End Time, 10 June 2012, www.puraniccosmologyupdated.com). 

2  In the Rig Veda this would be the 8th of Aditi’s 12 sons, Martanda, progenitor of our mortal race. Indeed, in the Initiate’s ‘journey’ as mapped out in the ecliptic zodiac of 12 months/stages, starting in Aries, confrontation with Death takes place at this stage.

3  We shall see further on how the final unfolding shifted to another party, a factor that in itself indicates the completion of axis-forging by the Lunar Line.

4  Contrast this with the Nirayana system of astrological computations used in the Hindu Calendar, which is based on the CONSTELLATIONS rather than the ecliptic plane of our solar system. This means that the planets do not touch the Horizontal because it does not exist in the sidereal/constellational sphere, hundreds and thousands of light years away from our System. In many more ways than one, the present Hindu Calendar is inadequate to accompany Bharat into the deeper and higher reaches of her Dharma, and to explain anything of the applicable workings of Mahakal.

5  See The Gnostic Circle, Aeon Books, Chapter 15.

6  The yogic process of the third member of the Solar Line that brought about a shift from binary to unitary, or linear to spherical, is described in detail in my third volume of the series The New Way (Aeon Books). It was written in November of 1983 but was published only in 2005, 22 years later.

7  'The Second Coming', Verse 1: 
Turning and turning in the widening gyre  
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere  
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst  
Are full of passionate intensity.
˗ William Butler Yeats
8 The description of this seemingly ‘heartless’ action is recorded in Chapter 11 of the Gita as a preview of the Power that would descend in the next Manifestation, the 9th, our Aquarian Age; a long preparation was needed before its workings could be understood. The only civilisation on Earth today capable of bearing the burden of destiny Centreship demands is India, precisely because of her unbroken tradition from ancient times, by which this capacity has been nurtured.