On the nature of Disease and Cure - Part II

 By Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Written for the Vishaal Study Group
19 July 2006
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During the early morning hours I watched an interesting TV programme on National Geographic Channel. The theme was the advancements in genetics and where they are leading. Predictions were made that in about 50 to 70 years the human species would be ‘immortal’. The way progress is being made in detecting the genes responsible for ageing, it is inevitable that very soon that process will be arrested and the ‘programme’ of death in the human genome will be changed at will. Thus, our cells would be effectively re-programmed to live forever.
I was interested and watched through the wee hours of the night because this theme is fully treated in Volume 3 of TNW. The realisation I describe, making use also of Leonardo’s geometric drawing of Man in a Circle and Square to convey the process, actually fixes or imprints a different ‘purpose’ in the consciousness-being of the practitioner. Using Leonardo’s drawing it was simple enough to illustrate the change that would occur once the pivot of one’s being was raised from the sex centre to the navel. In so doing, just as molecular biology now predicts - and bear in mind that my text was written more than 20 years ago - sex will cease to impose the death programme on the human species, and with this change many givens will evaporate, as they are already doing.
There is a difference in our work compared to the biologist’s. The latter deals with the physical cell, and that alone. In the supramental yoga we act on a total consciousness-being of not only the individual but the species in general; and this is intrinsically connected to the cosmic plane: we cannot disengage the cell from its 0 origin. That is, it is a new world we are giving birth to and not simply a mutation on the physical level. As I pointed out in Part I of this series, any work on the physical implies that all four dimensions of reality are involved. We may ignore their existence but that simply complicates matters. Given our present tryst with destiny which has brought us to a crossroads like never before, where we face either Creation or Destruction with no escape or halfway compromises, these issues must be analysed with great care and sobriety. Not to do so would indicate that we are about to repeat a pattern stamped in our cultural fabric of an advanced civilisation evolving powers it could not control and which finally brought it to its end. Our folklore is replete with such tales pointing so far into the past that we consider them for the most part to be mere legends, - that is, not historic in the sense we use the term today. There is Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, the pre-historic Andean civilisations, Easter Island, and so on.
The truth be told, those past collapses are best explained by a careful and more in-depth observation of the present. Our evolutionary progress appears to be carrying us to a similar fate. We cannot deny that we have created the tools for our total destruction by the brilliant preponderance of one of the four planes of consciousness-being, the mental. In other words, the problem lies in the simple fact of imbalance. Clairvoyants such as Edgar Cayce noted that this might have been the cause for the Atlantean civilisation to have succumbed; but his readings seem to indicate that it was an imbalance produced by a mis-use of occult knowledge, a wrong manipulation of occult forces, rather than an imbalance such as I am describing. Nonetheless, though we may differ in specifics, the basic issue remains the same: destruction due to imbalance. But for us it is important to define more accurately just what this might mean. In our Age it is a galloping science disconnected from the sacred. We have lost touch with that hallowed element of reality which alone can create the new balance we need to break these patterns and overcome this apparent collapse into some sinister black hole of evolution similar to what all others of the past have experienced.
Thus, in Volume 3 the shift from the sex centre pivot to the navel, from the Square to the Circle Man, per force refers to this new and integral balance where no single plane dominates. The Circle replaces the Cross - in other words, a glorified body not crucified. There is no caving in due to an overpowering of one aspect of consciousness-being such as the mental.
We are pleased with our wonderful advances in technology which are even bringing us to the threshold, seemingly, where the human being may become immortal. How can this not be? If it is all determined by our genes alone, as science believes, then altering the genetic code has to replace disease and death with good health and everlasting life. But is this the true and full story?
Unless the new balance is achieved imbalance will submerge us just as the legendary Atlantis was submerged. The marvels we create from this mental domination can never bring about immortality because it would be a contradiction in terms. By its very nature immortality implies a perfect growth into the Gnostic Circle: to become THAT. And the Gnostic Circle is threefold and fourfold. This is the new blueprint. It reveals that imbalances such as we have known in the past have been healed. Therefore it is not only safe but inevitable that we attain the goal of immortality in our physical bodies, on this planet Earth - just by the very fact of its revelation in this new Age of the Supermind.

In this evolutionary growth process what will mean survival this time is that fourfoldness. In metaphysical terms it is the transmutation of the Transcendent Father to the Immanent Son, foundation of all creation - or when the 3 becomes or gives birth to the 4. And since this is an experience only of this 9th Manifestation, naturally the preparatory stages before us have all disappeared, except, of course, the Vedic. In that body of knowledge we discover the way to Immortality. The first step is the realisation of Skambha, the Point, the One.
Without the new balance and integrality, the physical cannot sustain the influx of energies for the attainment of immortality with all that this signifies cosmically. For a while it can as we have proven to ourselves regarding the mental preponderance of our civilisation; but we see where that has led us. Once again we are at an impasse. Unless the fourfold balance is attained by a sufficient, proportionate section of the species, the areas we are opening up by this disproportionate reliance on Mind to take us forward will spell our ultimate doom. In fact, we may go further to state that the appearance of weapons of mass destruction is simply that collective death-wish displayed by our mental prowess. Similarly, we can never reach the dream of reversing the ageing process or halting it entirely in our present imbalanced condition. Somehow or other Mind as the reigning principle will defeat us in this too.
And there is the vital imbalance to contend with as well. Though we may appreciate the liberation of its energies in so many areas of life, imbalance exists and appears to us as a bolting, raging horse, totally out of control. The dominance of Mind does not guarantee control of those Vital forces we have unleashed.
The only solution for our survival is the emergence of a new consciousness, supramentalised, because of which the integral harmonious growth can bring into being in a dominant position a physical structure that will not experience collapse under the influx of increased power that the Supramental Manifestation requires. Hence the symbol of Supermind is the Square and its number is 4, according to Sri Aurobindo. This alone provides the solidity demanded of a creation in matter, a universe of the 9.  Four square is the key.
The answer to survival will not be found in a scientific laboratory of whatever discipline. It is found in the individual’s ‘laboratory’, one’s own physical embodiment. This is the laboratory each of us is provided with at birth; and within our own consciousness-being we find all the answers we need not only to survival but to overcome disease, ageing and ultimately death itself. We will learn to make of our bodies our own ‘pharmaceutical laboratory’; within our consciousness-being we will generate everything we need for healing and good health. But for this we must carry the entire civilisation with us. Given the fourfoldness of creation, that same structure exists for the planet as well. Therefore, oneness indicates that indeed it is only a new consciousness that can heal the physical imbalance we are foisting on the Earth; failing which, the ecological imbalance will overtake us at the same time our technological weapons of destruction will be unleashed.
Above all, one must see the evolutionary process as contiguous on all levels. And never disconnected - the individual as an isolated entity separate from the Earth and the cosmic surround. It is indeed all one, and fourfold.
Immortality is the reward of the supramental yogin and yogini because s/he knows the secrets of the Gnostic Circle.


  1. Hello Thea,

    Having very recently begun to re-read The Gnostic Circle, with a fresh perspective, the following sentence jumped out:

    "In a word, this study is for those who have had the experience of Sakti, the Divine Mother, who herself determines the course of evolution which is nothing more than the play of her consciousness-force."
    ~ The Gnostic Circle, p. 4

    Is this experience of Sakti a common one?


  2. Ian, the experience of Shakti is common, but most do not recognise it as the Divine Mother. We call it different names and therefore miss the point.
    Everything that MOVES is Shakti, as the word signifies. My later books, namely 'The New Way' series might explain the position more thoroughly. TGC describes her cycles and how Time is the motor of evolution and fulfils the Divine Will. But to bear in mind is that experiences of Nirvana, the Void, Nothingness are the NEGATIVE side of Shakti. This complicates matters since experiencers tend to misinterpret their experience and end up flying off in a tangent without realising it. Thea

  3. What determines whether the Nature of the Shakti experience is 'Negative' or 'Positive'?

    The series of books you mentioned will have to wait as available funds are virtually non-existent at this time and may well be for some time yet but TGC covers many compelling topics which require much further personal study & effort to fully comprehend. Quite remarkably, all guidance, assistance & resources required have been provided thus far, Thea, though not always wholly appreciated at the time.

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